Michelle K. Davis -- let's get this started, group 7. Anyone know what's going on?
Kaname Madoka -- Group#2: Ready to be everyone's friend! Hopefully the feelings mutual...
Edward Kenway -- I can always shoot ya, T.F~
Mateus Palamecia -- Group#1 Welp he's ready to fight
Dust -- Event group post!
Asseylum Vers Allusia -- Post for Ivor - Oops....do we really have to whisper?
Asseylum Vers Allusia -- Post for Inaho - How did you find me?
Dawn Summers -- Post for Yuna and Vergil - I'm in your personal space Vergil deal with it
Katakura Kojuurou -- Proof that farmers know how to parteh, Bontenmaru
Katakura Kojuurou -- Bontenmaru even if your sight is never returned, allow me to be your right eye.