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 Meet the Staff!
 Posted: Jan 20 2016, 12:33 PM
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The Staff
Welcome to Avalon


Hey guys I'm Dust. I would like to think I am friendly and patient but know when put my foot down. I am extremely nosy interested in everyone's characters and love making new friends. Be warned though I love to tease and likely have a bit of a derp sense of humor. I love writing (obviously), drawing, gaming, anime, movies, manga, comics and all that great stuff!

I love to rp though and hope to be able to thread with everyone at some point. Warning you now though my plotter posts are terrible at best but that does not stop me from trying to do so. I'm in a central timezone and can be found online usually during the day, but I'm always on at night unless something weird pops up. Anyway feel free to poke me if you ever need anything, I pretty much handle whatever staff jobs need to be done!



Mew! You can call me Kitty! I'm a moderator here on Avalon. I've been Rping since 2010 and have staffed for a few sites through the years. I love helping out and will gladly answer or help anyone I can so don't hesitate to ask!

I love Rping but I also love to play video games, read manga, watch anime, and draw. If you want to know about any particular series I like, you can go ahead and pm me! I will gladly answer any questions you may have. I'm also up for plotting so feel free to go poke me on that as well.

I generally work most of the day through the weekday but I am more often than not on at night till late. I also have weekends off so you can generally find me on most of the day then. My time zone is Pacific. I'm pretty easy-going and friendly but do like to tease more than I should. I like to eat things or hide in my hidey hole at the corner of the chat box sometimes, so be warned or I might pounce you. I'm also a Nekomata and will accept fish or penguin treats, as well as pets.



Greetings to many old and new members alike. You may refer to me as Peng or just go with my full username which is Penguinistic. Though, if you want my full title, it is "Tyrannical Penguin Goddess" because no matter how friendly or nice I may be, there is a small sliver of tyranny within these very bones of mine especially when I want to exact retribution upon troublemakers. So take care not to be troublesome, yeah? But, anyways, don't be afraid to ask me any questions or if you need my help then I'll be glad to do so.

Well, let us start off with a few of my likes, shall we? Although, I have way too many genres that I like. I enjoy writing {obviously}, video games, drawing, anime, music, manga {reading in general}, and may other things but if you want to know specifically what I like then just ask. I suppose I could tell you I am a huge fan of Hellsing though, more so Hellsing Ultimate that follows the manga story line, and I like playing Alucard so don't be surprised when he comes around and harasses your character. Or maybe I just use him to satisfy my inner sadist but who knows?

I'm not certain how long I've been RPing but I know I started in my middle school years so I'd say I've been doing this for a good amount of time. Though I was in retirement for a little while from the forum community and personally roleplaying with a friend of mine until I finally decided to mingle with forum RPers once more as well as enjoying my time with my friends here.

Anyways, I live in the central timezone though you'll mostly catch me on really late at night because I close most nights for work. Or, sometimes, I'll be on before my work hours which is in the afternoon if I'm not making up for sleep. And I'm always trying to make up for lost sleep because a lot of my friends are night owls! Just so you know? Even if I'm not speaking in the chat at most times, I am always watching.

Well, I hope ya'll have a fun time in the forum! : D



Hey! What's up? My name's Kiya and I'm a friendly neighbourhood mod! I'm also Dust's stalker shhh I love anime! And I'm a super big fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, of course I love roleplaying too or I wouldn't be here!

I live in the UK so that's GMT timezone, so I'm not always on the same time as everyone else I can't stay up till 3am I'm on pretty much everyday, and I live in the chatbox, that's why there's teeth marks in the bottom left corner.

If you wanna chat, you can PM me! I won't bite honest except when I don't have my minion treats I hope you all have a super time roleplaying here ^^



Hey there, I'm Silence! The name is a bit of a lie. I usually come in shrieking or shouting into the abyss (it spoke back to me one day, it's quite nice). I'm trying to remember when I first started rping, but I can't really remember anything other than: it's been a few years. As for what I'm into, it's mainly books and tv shows. I'm starting to get into anime so if anyone wants to dump a list of things for me to watch, feel free. Oh! I'm also really into writing - I'm sure that comes as a surprise.

I'm usually hanging around in the chatbox, if anyone needs me though during the week I'm at school from 7:30 to 2:30, Eastern timezone. I usually come and poke around during my free periods so you should be able to catch me if needed. Though, I'm also big in my school's theater program so some days I won't be on until late, but I try to keep everyone informed of when I'll be scarce so we can work around it!

I think that's about it. If you wanna chat or plot, throw me a message or something and I'll be more than happy to throw one of my many nerds at you! Might be worst plotter ever though. Be warned.



Hello! I go by Curio on here, but you may nickname me as you deem fit. On my free time I like to game, draw, and write. I also spend a lot of time on the cbox (when I'm not working) so you'll see me around almost every day! I'm totally approachable, so if you have any questions or concerns, address me on cbox -- or better yet, PM me.

PS: Thread with me.



Hi there, I'm Luna, though I'll answer by a fair few names. I am the resident chocobo and cheerleader, always happy to help any way I can. And this will be actually written up in a little bit but hi none the less


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