Welcome to Avalon! It is surely the first thing you and your character will hear. We are a canon Panfandom RP. We are an open sandbox set in a modern-fantasy like setting. We allow members to be very plot driven and follow along with events and main plot changes to their own level of comfort. Possibilities are almost endless and we allow almost all genres of characters. Many characters have a hard time accepting their lives in this new world while others embrace it.
FORECAST: 24 hours of nighttime and cold every day.
set in Winter, 2017

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 The F.A.Q
Race: Crow Birb
Age: 9000
Job: Cheese Birb Overlord!
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Dustbirb - Central - Offline
Character Groups?
Your character fits into more than one category? This is likely the case with most characters, we're not overbearing about what group you choose to place them in. The idea is to choose the group that describes your character the MOST.

Technology Level
Our world is set in a semi-modern setting, most of the world's towns have electricity for lights and indoor plumbing. Though there are no (or very few)cars in this world, but people can travel via train, ship, or on foot.

Real life faceclaims for a anime/game character?
For the most part no. We ask that you use your canon appearance artwork for characters because it helps to keep track of who the character is. We're more lenient with IRL faces for book characters because often artwork is very hard to find, but if they do have a movie or tv series with a face try to use it instead of picking your own, unless the book version you are going for is vastly different.

Obscure Fandoms?
You love some series no one else seems to know? Bring them along! We're more than happy to have even the most unknown fandom characters out there! Do be warned that many people may not know them so extra work might need to be done in plotting with them, but we're just as accepting of people from unknown fandoms as much as we are characters from well-known ones!

Different Versions of Characters
In most cases only one version of a character is allowed; for example there will only be one version Peter Parker/Spider Man allowed though its up to his RPer which version they use. In other cases where characters might have the same names but are NOT the same character; for example Dante in DMC vs Dante in DmC. They are nothing alike in character and series so both would be allowed. Other characters who are based on the same character but are completely different 'characters' (for example an Original Disney character and the Once Upon a Time version) will likely be allowed. This is very case-by-case, so there is no harm in asking the staff.

Dating-sim Characters?
Want a character from your favorite otomate or other dating-sim game? We allow these! We do allow the main characters as well, as long as they have a basic personality and can be given a canon name. Relationships with these characters of course are up to whoever plays the main girl/guy being 'canon' all other characters can be played as if they never got close to the main, or are from an alternate universe where they are, but will never get to be with them here.

Sandbox Characters
This is a case-by-case basis and we will most likely ask that you use their default names and images if they have one, or use artwork if you have the option of choosing gender. We also ask that you stick to their main story (rather than every faction that may be available in game.) The same goes for personality, while some of these characters are mostly open to interpretation, some do have some default personality traits. Such as Hawke from Dragonage.

Playing non-human characters?
RedXIII, Baymax, Pokemon, etc. Unlike most sites we don't have a problem with people playing non-humanoid characters! We do however want people to understand that these characters are not always easy to rp or for some people to rp with, and with many there might be communication barriers, but need to have some way of communicating with others. That aside, we more than welcome these characters but just want people to understand that it may take more creativity and patients on your part. We don't allow gijinkas because of their non-canon nature. The same currently goes with giving non-humans human form. While we love all characters there are often those non human characters that do not fit well into our environment. Characters from Lion King, MLP, Transformers, Cars, and other non-human characters would be difficult to blend into our world, while we would hate to use the word 'banned' for the characters it will be very case-by-case on which we allow. Nonspeaking strictly animal-like characters may be disapproved because it can be difficult for their roleplay partners to communicate and often forces them lead the thread. Read the two entries below for more information.

Banned Characters?
We don't have many limits on characters, one of the most basic being that your character has to be from a series with an actual set universe and canon plot. For example Tom & Jerry or SpongeBob wouldn't work because sometimes we're left wondering if the characters are even still alive. We also don't allow characters from series to that are created just to be crude or overbearing such as South Park and Family Guy. We do not allow characters from parody-esque videos such as 'don't hug me I'm scared' for example. We would also likely say no to documentary people 'characters' and likewise based on purely someone from real life. Though characters based on them such as a Disney or some anime version is fine as long as their series has a (preferably) fictionally adapted story. Also depending on the character we are likely not going to allow them to be taken up before their series is released. We're also unlikely to approve any vague background NPC or quest-giver like characters. An example of this would be an unnamed NPC who only appears to give quests and has little or no personality or known history. It is likely that 'entity' characters with no actual personality, history or in short 'character' to them, will not be allowed either. Porn-based characters are also on this list.

Banned Cont. Case-by-case Characters
Every character on the site goes through the same approval process, applications and character choices are reviewed by more than one if not all of the staff. We will be as unbiased as possible but when allowing character choices onto the site. But we can also disapprove apps or characters for any reason. A banned list of characters could go on forever, and while we hate restricting people's creativity it has come to our attention that not every character is rp friendly. Despite our personal views and hopes for Avalon we have to choose to do what is most comfortable for our members as a whole and sometimes this may mean turning down a much beloved character. If asked you will likely be directed to the FAQ. Characters we, as a whole , agree as being difficult to socialize, interact with, take seriously to some degree, or will likely make other people uncomfortable, will not be allowed. Again our feelings will be unbiased, we understand that you may be able to add to a character and conform them into something usable, but it is best for the site that every character it taken case by case and paired with the 'banned' rules above. This of course is not a call out to you as a roleplayer, or trying to rule out everyone's fun based off something someone else did. It is simply that in the grand scheme of things we believe this to be the best choice for our site and member-base and hope you understand. We are likely to deny characters who lean more in the direction of cartoon-y instead of something more easily meshed into the realistic setting we are trying to portray. While comedy and humor in threads is welcome, it can be difficult to set the stage for something when the character has no serious undertones. Or characters who would very vastly out of place and isn't very humanized or would have a lot of trouble fitting in, we will often ask that you make another choice to make it easier on others and yourself.

Canon character NPCs?
Another a case-by-case basis in which the staff will carefully consider any requests. The need to NPC another canon character from the same series is rare and we want to keep it need-only. We also hope whoever is NPCing the other character would consider allowing their partner to possibly be taken up if someone who wishes to rp them is found; but this will usually be optional. Examples of characters with expected NPCs are those who cannot live or communicate without the other, share bodies, or is considered more of a pet. IE. Ash would have his pokemon and Pikachu, a Digidestined would have their Digimon, Sango would have Kilala, Link would have Navi (or other companion). Soul Eater and Noragami characters for example however are expected to be played individually because they can usually function apart from their companions.

Characters that (you) don't know?
We created this site for multiple fandoms to join, its more than likely you're going to see a lot of characters you do and don't know. Try to plot and rp with characters you do and don't or you really will be missing out on the experience. While we can't force you to rp with so-and-so if you joined and expected to ONLY rp with 'series X' characters from the same canon as yours you will be missing out and maybe should have joined a site for that particular fandom/s.

Language Barriers?
This is up to the Rper of that character, while most people brought here are imbued with the ability to understand each other. However there we'll allow it if you want your character to be unable to perfectly understand or speak the main language; English. Animal characters that are seen speaking in their series might be the exception between human-animal speaking; Disney characters are a good example of this, but any other creatures such as Toothless or Pikachu still can not 'communicate' through english.

How does one character perceive another?
You might be wondering this because of our mass amount of different types of characters. In Avalon to keep everything simple and sort of on the same page, each character simply sees the other as they would in their own world. People from a TV series with real life actors would simply look at an anime character as a really good cosplayer for example. Varying animated styles would simply see them as one of their own in return. Nonhuman creatures of course would mostly look the same only with slightly different styles.

Full and Taken Names?
Please use your characters full name when registering. Sometimes we'll run into a bit of trouble where a two characters share the same name such as Gaius(FE) and Gaius(ToX) neither having last names. In cases like this we ask that you - to the best of your ability- try to give them a 'last name' if the other is taken. If needed a character could be called Bob 'of [Kingdomname]' or maybe use some kind of short nickname as their surname. Something to differ the accounts because no two names can be the exact same.

The use of NPCs?
Yes you are allowed to NPC random people around the city, essentially "OCs' n a matter of speaking. Allowed to use these in moderation and even kill a few of them if you so desire, but please keep things realistic.

Being a panfandom site we allow characters from multiple universes and from whenever someone desires to take them from. So yes you will run into spoilers here so here's the official spoiler warning when reading threads, profiles, etc. However, please use digression when talking about a series someone might have said they are watching, please do not blatantly blurt out spoilers to them. We also ask that while in chat you try not to spoil things for an upcoming or recently released series. Thank you.

Characters Powers
Can my character have their original powers? Do I need to limit them any? Etc. Of course! We're not too strict on characters powers and wont typically ask you to remove any. We ask in the application that you try to explain and balance out your powers and weaknesses. This can be something as simple as 'using X skill/magic tires them out' or you can give cooldown/warmup times if you like. For characters with greater or world altering or obliterating powers we do ask you weaken them considerably to allow for fair play. For plot value it is very likely who or whatever has brought characters to this world has weakened some of these abilities too. Other abilities such as mind control or any form of manipulation can remain (if you want) however these types of abilities can only be used with the agreement of the fellow Rper. Just keep in mind here every character can die, try to weaken some of the more extreme abilities or add weaknesses (even if head-canoned) and keep fairness in mind when role-playing.

Canon Point
Typically we allow any characters to be taken from any point in their canon story. However there are some instances when this cannot be allowed. Any characters taken from their intros or first episodes are most likely to be turned down because they have not had a chance to show any development at this point. Please choose them from a point where their actual 'character' has been expanded upon some more. This is a case-by-case basis, characters who have very in-dept detailed pasts, or prequel games, movies, novels, etc will likely be allowed. But in cases were little more is known than 'they traveled the world for 1000 years' before the events where you take them it is unlikely to get approved as this requires too much headcanon and its hard to say if the character is OOC or not considering you've taken them before their actual development. Consider taking them from another spot where they have some. It is frustrating to other people who might rp your canon mates who have put more detail into theirs, or to anyone who might want to have taken the character when they have some development. There is also the likelihood someone could Wiki a character's intro or first few paragraphs of their canon and applying as them without ever really playing/watching or knowing anything about the series as a whole.

More on Activity
Don't forget you can ask for the return of characters and threads, which are archived after every AC, with staff's discretion. If you lose several characters in an AC and you have not been known for being very active in the past the staff reserve the right to limit the characters you may have returned to you until you prove you can be more active. If you constantly only pop on the site to post the week of AC and only the minimum the staff will discuss removing some of your characters from you. This is to keep wanted characters from potentially being hogged, and threads that other people work hard on from losing interest or dying. If you are caught only posting on the week of the AC for two or more months you will likely be asked to drop some of your characters until further notice. The staff also reserve the right to deny you any more characters if your activity has been poor. You can only lose a character a total of three times before you lose them for good. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.

Characters that have been lost may only be reclaimed up to three times. If it is lost again, you will have, unfortunately, lost them for good on the site. This is to prevent members from being inactive and simply reclaiming a character as a means of preventing character-hogging. You are free to pick another character and continue rping here but you will not be allowed to reclaim the character that was lost.

Mini Profile
Filling out your mini profile is mandatory. Claims will not be accepted until the required information is filled in the mini profiles. If you do not fill the information out within the 3 days of the claims, you will lose the character. If you do not know how, you can simply click USER CP located near the INBOX link. From there, you click on EDIT PROFLE INFO located on the left side in the list, under PERSONAL PROFILE.

*The sections that are required to fill are as follows: Race, Link to Profile, Series, Rectangular Image (It auto resizes), Job, Timezone, Alias, 250x400 Avatar, Age.

*The following fields should be filled if they exist: Link to Shipper, Link to Tracker, Link to Character Dev, Link to Character Ad

Rapidfire Roleplays
Yes we allow rapid-fires as long as they are marked as such in the title (or sub/description), these are basically free for all to do whatever you like. The only real rules behind this are; 1. They can't be your only threads. And 2. only one rapid-fire thread can be used in the Activity check for that character. . Other than that have fun but please try to keep this in mind.

Plotters and Trackers
While plotters and trackers are not mandatory, they're still a nice addition to keeping your character and your plots up to scratch. Remember that Plotters are one character per thread and Trackers are one player per thread.

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