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Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes.  That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes. 
Sep 18 2015, 02:18 PM

Chat Box: Undoubtedly one of the first things you will notice on the site. Members and guests are free to use the chat to their leisure as long as all of the site rules are followed in it as well. You are welcome to ask questions if you need help too.

Rating: We're rated approximately pg13 and need to stay within Jcink's TOS (Terms of Service) this means no sex scenes; though fade-to-black is permitted. Please keep cursing to a minimum, and violence is allowed but please limit the more gruesome details.

OOC Accounts: These are ONLY for staff in order to keep rp and information separate. If you do end up making a OOC account you will be asked to change it to the name of your character or it will be deleted if unused.

Bullying and/or Harassment: Neither is accepted here. We value our members' safety above anything else, and if you are for any reason feeling unsafe here, please talk to us. If you are being picked on by another member, let us know and we will take care of it. If you have beef with another member, let us know and we can talk to the both of you to try to peacefully work something out.

Please Respect the Mods: Mods are members who go out of their way to provide a safe and fair community for everyone here. And like every member, they deserve to be treated like a human being. If you make rude, snippy, or passive-aggressive remarks in cbox, you will be PM'd as though you were harassing any other member. That said, if you have an issue with any of the mods and feel as though you are being treated unfairly, PM Dust or PyroKittyMew and explain the situation, and they will do their best to settle things.

Our Word is the Law: Arguing several times with a mod after they have said "no" will not get you what you want. If one mod gives you an answer, don't go to another mod to try and get another answer. We all have each other's contacts, so chances are it's already circulated to us. That said, we are never unfair and will always work with our members to come to level grounds. If you have a concern, talk to us. That's what we're here for.

No spamming: You may only advertise in the designated advertising section. Do NOT link any other style of RP forum in the chat and try to avoid talking about them very much.

Pestering for posts: We get that posting can be slow for some and moderate for others. People can get busy or museless for several reasons. This is just the nature of forum-based roleplay. Do NOT pester others to post in your threads. Do not even drop 'hints'. Anyone we see doing this will receive a nice little PM in their inbox, or get banned outright. Likewise, if you see anyone pestering you in cbox and a mod is not there, contact the mods and they'll handle the situation.

Plagiarism: We allow the use of artwork but you can not claim ownership and said owner has the right to ask you to remove it from our site. That aside do not steal posts and information from other sites. We don't mind people using other sites for ideas and references but do not directly copy or copy/paste other peoples work. Use your own words.

Point of View: Third Person POV only. Meaning “*Name* did” not “I did”. In applications you may use first person if you want

No godmodding: Do not control other player’s characters without permission.

Writing Mistakes: Spelling and grammar mistakes happen, but there is no excuse for leet/irc speak on the forum. Type your words out.

Word Count: The word count minimum is 250 words. It's not hard to do, it makes sure that everyone has something to reply to.

Absence: If you are going away for a while post in the Away board It is your responsibility to let us know if you’ll be away, characters will be opened after a month of inactivity.

Codes & Templates: We have post templates enabled and give a place that allows people to make 'shipper/plotters' for their characters. However, these things are optional. Also, what is VERY important is that other people can read your text in your codes. Joining means you are agreeing the staff can ask you to change codes if they prove to be illegible.

Characters From the same series: You can have one or two main character from each series depending on if the two are closely related or not.

Number of Characters: You can have as many characters as you can keep track of and keep active. Each has to have their own account. Use the character's full name and use proper capitalization when registering. The staff also reserve the right to deny you any more characters if your activity has been poor.

Canon Characters Only: We only allow canon characters from an actual series, but the possibilities are nearly endless. Animes, Video Games, Books, Cartoons, TV, Movies, etc. Please read the FAQ for banned characters.

Claims: Claims are very important as to make sure your character does not get taken up by someone else as well as easily adding them to the list for a later activity check. You have up to three days to post your claims after approval without good reason why it may be longer. But ignoring this will get your character archived. Do not RP or make more characters until the former claims are done, thank you.

Activity Check: We do this once a month. Two in-character posts are required per character to pass. Of course the more the better, but this is the minimum for those times people are busy. We understand real life is important and can be busy. There are more notes on this in the FAQ.

Powers: Yes your character can have their original powers. But for more details please check out our FAQ.

Mini Profile: You are required to fill out your mini profile from 'Character Age' down with all applicable information. If you do not, your claims will not be accepted. More information and instructions can be found in the FAQ.

Have Questions?: Thank you for taking your time to read the rules. We also have an FAQ for more in-depth questions you may have and we strongly suggest checking it out for things such as banned characters, information on the site and so-on.

© darren criss

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