Welcome to Avalon! It is surely the first thing you and your character will hear. We are a canon Panfandom RP. We are an open sandbox set in a modern-fantasy like setting. We allow members to be very plot driven and follow along with events and main plot changes to their own level of comfort. Possibilities are almost endless and we allow almost all genres of characters. Many characters have a hard time accepting their lives in this new world while others embrace it.
FORECAST: 24 hours of nighttime and cold every day.
set in Winter, 2017

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 Extra Lore, What we know so far...
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Avalon's Lore
Welcome to Avalon?
'Welcome to Avalon!' A welcome repeated by most of the people stuck in this world. With none of the people here originally being from this world, much of Avalon is still shrouded in mystery. This isn't to say that over time some things have been noticed or uncovered about this strange world. Here is a collection of lore that some of the denizens whom have been here the longest have helped take notice of. {This is optional reading; though it may help you to understand our world a little better.}

The Currency; Aer

Since life here has flourished due to its people being from all forms of different realms, Avalon quickly found need for a form of currency which everyone could understand. Newcomers can trade their former currency in for a close-enough equivalent exchange, but all other money needs be earned beyond that. Money from other worlds is often put on display at the museum for all to admire its lost value to most. But what is the currency of Avalon? Aer or Aers (in greater quantity). Most often used in coin form but greater amounts are printed.

Avalon's Night Sky
If you have been here any considerable amount of time, you have likely noticed Avalon's sky which rather ordinary during the day, and seems to have the typical day/night cycle. Bright blue, white clouds, and a distant sun. At night however, some will be surprised to notice Avalon has not only one moon, but two. It also houses its very own star system.

--- The two Moons; Vinculum & Victus
Varying in sizes in color with the largest and furthest away being a deep purple color Vinculum, the second slightly smaller one being a more earthy green-brownish tone called Victus. Each of these moons seems to have its own cycle, and yet they sometimes match up as well (IE; each of them being full or 'new' moons at the same time.) While researchers are still studying Avalon's moons there were some things quickly noticed.

--- The Blood Moon
The violet Vinculum moon burns a deep blood red color once every month. At night the monsters become restless, ignoring all of their instinctual natures. They become violent and attack on sight without concern for their own well-being. Even typically non-hostile creatures can become far more easily provoked as well. Be wary these monsters will often try to run rampant and cause trouble for anyone they can. Expect most of the towns outside of Sanctum City to have their windows and doors barred closed on nights of the Blood Moon.

--- Auallonia System
The Auallonia System is made up of a group of six planets orbiting around the star, Hyperioin. Auallonia (Avalon to it's people) and it's sister planet, Nalani are the largest. However, Auallonia is the enigma, the only one of the six that has the correct conditions to harbor any form of life. Outside of the system, the most notable phenomenon is a group of stars to the north known as the Noelani Constellation for their misty appearance in the night sky.

Noteworthy Constellations

--- Vitreus
Hanging over the north is a star like pattern that takes the form of a broken hourglass freeing butterflies or moths as if from their cocoon. These stars shine brightest during the spring months.

--- Itoden
Hanging over the east is a star like pattern that takes the form of a owl-cat perched upon an open book. These stars shine brightest during the winter months.

--- Aerimus
Hanging over the south is a star like pattern that takes the form of a dragon wrapped around a flame. These stars shine brightest during the summer months.

--- Mysterum
Hanging over the west is a star like pattern that takes the form of a spider resting on a rose. These stars shine brightest during the fall months.

--- Star

--- Star

--- Star

--- Star

--- Cloak of Amina
A newly named portion of stars consists of a rather simple line across the sky but as the night grows darker the background to these stars begins to stand out more creating an almost cloak or scarf-like appearance with one red star at the very end called Eldarin.

--- Kevin
An upside stick figure that can sometimes be found shining in the south-west.

Bodies of Water
--- Caerula River
The most well known River in Avalon runs and branches off through out the continent. It runs out into the sea at southern point near Ravenwood and allows easy travel to and from Voick town by boat or ship as it varies width and depth in many areas. It also branches off into the swampy 'sea of ghosts' and also has a long stretch through the area known as 'Dragon territory'.

--- 'Sea' of Ghosts
The 'sea' of ghosts is an area located to the south-eastern area connected close to the river. The 'sea' of course is actually no more than a dense swampy area overcrowded with trees and that seems like endless marsh and swampland. Sailors are careful not to venture down the wrong water canal or else they would end up stuck. Its easy to get lost here and what is worse that the fog never seems to clear. It was given its name because its claimed that you will hear whispers around you and the faces of loved ones will appear in the mist...

--- Aurum & Argentus Oceans
Essentially the gold and silver oceans Avalon which presumably gained their names due to their faint outline and sheen in the sunlight on some days. The Aurum Ocean surrounds the south-west portion of Avalon with slightly warmer waters while the Argentus Ocean almost diagonal from that is found to the north-east and has been known to be much cooler at times.

--- The Low Tide
When the earthly colored moon is closer to the earth once every other month or so, the tides lower a considerable amount. Drawing further back into the ocean the low tides reveal old battered ruins sticking up out of the wet sand. Covered in overgrowth these ruins are mostly worn down to looking as if they were created from stone and some marble. The remains of an old town? Or possibly a large temple? It is hard to say where these structures came from or what purpose they served. (Event Only)


--- The Technology
The technology level in Avalon is semi-modern. Computers, the internet, cellphones, are all a part of the world. Though cars are very rare and there are no planes. A train is used to travel from Sanctum to land, but is steam coal powered. The ships docked here appear to be of an older make as well. In some instances you will find higher tech like that of the stadium, or devices brought here on someone's person. But you will not find anything manufactured that is above modern, nor are you likely to find robots (unless they came from another world), teleporters, space ships, or anything else too high-tech.

--- The Drinking Age
The youngest someone can legally is twenty.

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