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 Clash With Reality, Tag: Prompto!
Lestat De Lioncourt
 Posted: May 27 2017, 09:33 AM
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Lestat De Lioncourt

but this is getting
good now
As much as he missed the world he belonged to and his friends, none of who were here with him, Avalon had slowly begun to grow on Lestat. He had had his fair share of problems when people stumbled across him at the wrong time and discovered he was a vampire. But, for the most part, the people he had met here had been interesting. How could they not be? They all came from different worlds and different times. He saw his past in some of the people he had met in this world and saw what his future might potentially look like.

Most of his nights were spent exploring or seeing whatever the theater happened to be playing that night. He wandered around aimlessly until something caught his eye. Tonight, shortly after the sun had set, he found himself stopping in front of a bookshop. Lestat had been illiterate as a mortal but had taught himself to read as a vampire. He had all of eternity to teach himself whatever he wished after all. He could certainly use a few novels to help him pass some time here, and he was rather curious as to what he was going to find inside--what books from other worlds might exist.

Lestat stepped inside. He walked up and down the aisles, browsing the titles, waiting for something to jump out at him. It wasn't long before something did, and these were books he was very familiar with. He picked up The Vampire Lestat. The smile that was threatening to form on his face was stopped in its tracks when he saw in big, bold letters the name 'Anne Rule.' Lestat was more than used to seeing his and his friends' books in the fiction section of stores and libraries but never had he seen some woman named Anne Rule credited as being the author of them...because she wasn't the one who wrote them.

There were a few mortals in the store and one of them happened to be in the same aisle. Lestat turned towards him. "Can you believe this?!" he said, clearly upset but trying to keep his voice down so as not to disturb anyone else in the store. "I wrote this. Not Anne Rule. I wasn't created by this woman." How could that even be possible? Other worlds existed but to think that he might be nothing more than fiction in any of them...He didn't even want to think about it.

Prompto Argentum

Prompto Argentum
 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 02:33 PM
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Prompto Argentum

Sorry i took so long to get here toots. Shan't make you wait that long again~
The book store wasn't a place that Prompto seemed to find himself all that often. The only books he'd ever really cared for were the comics he used to read with Noctis. That he still read, but that was besides the point. Books always seemed more like Gladio's thing. Or Ignis. And Ignis was the primary reason he was there today. He felt bad that he seemed sort of land locked to Vorick some days. Not all the time, but enough of it that, well, he just wished there was something more he could do for him. He also was well aware that reading wasn't necessarily easy with his friend's current... limitations. But that was what braille was for. Doubtful there would be much in the way of cook books in braille though...

Maybe he could get one of those for himself.

Browsing the titles, he let his finger gently rest on the spines. These probably weren't what he was looking for but if he found one that he thought would be good for his friend, maybe he could ask an attendant if they had it in braille at all. All the books here seemed much more on the fantasy side. 'What sort of stories would he even like?' More things he probably should have actually thought through before actually going through with his place. Surely he wouldn't mind a little.... fiction, right? Or should he be trying to find something more.... what was the word he was looking for?

"Huh?" His train of thought was all but lost to him when the man beside him turned his attention towards the blond. Prompto pulled his hand back from the books slightly, turning slightly towards the man. He seemed rather distressed... should he help? He gave a cursory look around before turning his gaze properly towards the book in the strangers hand. "Maybe it's a misprint?" Although that did seem really weird. The idea of someone just being written up by someone else as if they were fake. "Or someone stole your story." Yeah, that was it! Someone stole his story to write for herself. The made much more sense. Though he couldn't help but catch the title of that book. The Vampire Lestat? That raised a few questions that he managed to bite down on for the second. "Or just a coincidence of titles?"

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