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 Death of the Endless, The Sandman || Luna
Race: Endless
Age: Ancient
Job: Wanderer
Series: The Sandman
OOC: Luna - CST - Offline


"No. I haven't come for you, Rainie. There was a woman upstairs, changing the light bulb in her kid's room. The stepladder slipped … like I said, I was passing and I heard you crying, and, well, the door was open … "


Everyone thinks they know Death. And, perhaps, in some weird way, everyone does. However, she's nothing like people expect when they see her. What do you think of when you think of death? Is it a skeleton adorned in black cloaks? A elderly man with white hair with an odd taste for mexican food? A creature so shrouded in shadows, you feel like going with them might just be better than making them have to drag you away? Death, to many people, is different things. But when you meet her, the real her, it can often surprise you. She's no man or terrifying creature or skeleton in robes, though. What she is is a woman, short in stature, skin practically pale as snow, and hair dark as a raven's feathers. People's perception has gotten on thing about her correct. She is, more often than not, seen in black, though that seems to simply be a preference to the color. Black hair, black make up, black clothes. While normal, this does not mean she doesn't have a liking for color. It just doesn't usually get used a lot in her wardrobe.

Death, as a being, is a beautiful thing to perceive, though. When she greets you, it is often with a smile. She does not mind answering questions or talking about life as she leads you to the Dreaming. She is warm, happy, kind. Her curiosity about the human world brings her there physically often, even while she is doing her job. Or as physically as she can, at least. She does not mind taking a few moments out of her time to spend it having a drink with friends or family. She does not mind tossing a football back to some kids who are playing with it. She does not mind sitting along a fountain to feed some pigeons and watch as their greedy beaks peck at the ground to get as much bread as they can stuff themselves with. Because, while it might not seem it, she has all the time in the world to do everything and anything she can imagine doing. However, not minding such things and going out of her way to do such things are very different stories. There will be occasions where she will let one part of herself take a small break for these but she tries not to make a complete habit out of it, minus one day a century.

Speaking of which, Death has been known to become human one day every hundred years. This is not something she has to do, it is something she wishes to do. Unlike her brothers and sisters, she has a passion for life and humans and prefers to learn about them, interact with them, see how they change with every century that comes along. She makes the conscious decision to trade places with one of her many charges every century to live a day in the life of a human. On this day, she does not do her job, not even for a moment. She makes friends, she talks, she drinks, she parties, she has fun, all the while learning what it means to be human, to be mortal. What happens to her if she is killed on such a day no one knows. She's never had the pleasure of finding out, though it's very unlikely that Death would properly die. This day every century, she takes a different name, though, usually it seems the name revolves around D's. Seems like a familial thing, considering the names of her relatives.

As stated before, Death is not what people imagine when they meet her. People don't seem to expect her to be happy or outgoing or cheerful, but she is all of these things and more. The kindness that comes from her seems to help sooth some who are about to pass over. Her smile is often the first thing to greet them and she understands the loss they feel. Some people are accepting of it, while others will fight and fight and fight. She doesn't seem to mind, though, not really. She understands the need for it. The struggle for survival, and she will be there through every moment, taking any punch their restless spirit might try to throw her way if it makes them feel better. She will do her best to talk them down and make them understand what needs to be done, though she also knows this. She cannot force anyone to come with her. She may make sure their spirit cannot come back into the body, but they cannot make them come to the Dreaming. It seems rare that she can't manage to get a soul to come with her, but during these rare moments is when 'ghosts' and 'poltergeists' seemingly come into existence.

While her history is a mystery, and quite honestly would be almost impossible to put down into words, her family is something that is easy to explain. She is one of seven personifications of concepts. The eldest of them all is her brother, Destiny. Blind in the physical sense, with his book and his almost precognitive way of foresight, he can see everything while seeing nothing at all. Death, of course, is the second oldest, appearing when the first bit of life properly appeared into the world. Then comes her brother, Dream. It has always been perceived that she is closest with him, often appearing to give him advice or a good smack and a yell when he's failing at his job. After Dream is the much more confusing to define, Desire. Often times, they are simply called 'Sister-Brother' as desire takes not just many forms but many genders, it simply depends on what they are feeling that day. They, along with their twin, Despair, are probably the most mischievous of the Endless and Death has been known to keep an eye on them. Without any of them having a proper parent, Death, as the eldest sister, seemingly takes it upon herself to be the scolding mother figure when her siblings aren't doing their jobs. Last, though certainly not least within the precious fold that is the Endless family is Delirium. She is the youngest of them all. Once known as Delight, whatever had happened to her to put her in the state she's currently in is still enshrouded by shadows. It was something that happened long ago. She is quite fond of Delirium, the poor confused dear, and would do almost anything to keep her safe.

A theme you are going to quickly find apparent in this is the fact that Death is not all she seems to people. Yet another example lies now. She is the personification of death, as you may be well aware. But she is not just there when people die. No, she is also the first thing every creature sees just as they are born. They simply do not have the capacity to remember her. Not like she remembers them. She remembers everyone she meets, knows everyone by name. It comes with being omnipresent. She is the giver of life and the taker of it. And while she is usually the one to guide souls to wherever it is that they may need to lay to rest, she does allow for various death gods to do this for her as well, so long as they have a specific claim to the soul she is meaning to lead away.

RP Sample

Another day, another few thousand souls already taken to their rightful places. To some, it'd probably be fascinating how she could go from the far reaches of the universe where not even humans have dreamed of exploring to places such as Athens, Greece. I would say within seconds but that would be a lie for she was likely in both at the same time. Where thousands die, where one may be born. It was always different, but she was always there. Here, there, everywhere. So some might find it almost odd the way she peeked in on people. As if she didn't have a job to do. However, that was the thing. Even when she was with someone, she was still doing her job. There was even a part of her feeding her fish back in her personal realm, but that didn't seem to stop her from doing her job.

Today seemed to find her in Los Angeles. Of all the cities in the world, this one tended to interest her the least. A certain fallen angel had a club out here. It wasn't that she necessarily had an issue with him. He could just be a nuisance at times, what with his lacking of responsibility at times. And, while the fact that she had no claim to him was not a bother, his rubbing it in her face still left her a bit miffed. Still, like every city, she had to be there. People died here every day. As a matter of fact, even as one part of her was getting ready to appear in the undead monster's house, another part of her was in an alley on the other side of the city, sitting gingerly on a dumpster as she started to explain to a poor man who'd just been shot down just what had happened to him. He certainly wasn't taking it well.

But he is a story for a different day. For now, the personification of Death appeared on the balcony's edge, sitting with her legs crossed as she looked to the woman sipping blood. She'd heard her speaking before, knew what she had said, though she also knew that she was a few moments late. Still, backtracking couldn't be an awful idea. "Life certainly does matter, Vivian. Without life, there would be no death. Without Death, there would be no life," she said simply. Her hands rested on either side of her, fingers curling around the edge of the banister to keep her balanced, though she knew she wouldn't fall. She could lean back as far as she wanted and still wouldn't fall.

Still, that was a subject that was likely long dead, wasn't it? Forgive the pun. "Sorry if I'm disturbing a moment of peace." Her tone was even some what apologetic as she said that. Though she knew she wasn't. Or, at least, she was almost certain she wasn't. Knowing possible outcomes, that was Destiny's gig, she just got a nice bit of insight on everything going on in the world as it happened.

Canon Point

She is taken directly after "The High Cost of Living" where she ended her day as a human.

Abilities & Weaknesses


    She Is both a symbol of life and death. She Is there when babies are born and when the elderly pass. She can grant life to a limited degree and take It away as well. However, it must be someone time to go for her you take life and escort It to where It Is meant to go. She also is there when people go into a coma or near death, able to either guide them into the after life or help them recover into the land of the living once again.


    In her world (or Worlds rather), she is fully omnipotent. She knows everything there is to know about the people she comes into contact with. Being in Avalon, though, her knowledge is no longer instantaneous. In fact, it can hardly be thought of as omnipotence anymore. She can learn about people through exposure to them or talking to them. It is only in those who are dead that she sees all now.


    Like her omnipotence, her omnipresence is a bit different now. She can be in a couple places at once but no longer everywhere. And it is not at physical form that is in multiple places, it is more an Astral illusion she can see through and verbally interact with. (Unlikely to ever be used). She can, however, teleport as she used to, so long as she knows where she is going or she has someone's death to cling to and move towards.


    She will live forever. Though forever, I suppose, is relative. It has been said by Death herself that, someday, every universe comes to an end, and she will be the last one there so she can, and i quote "put the chairs up and close it down for good." However, just because one Universe may die does not mean her job is over. She, in some way, is in every universe known to existence and in practically in charge of them all. A lot of work for such a little lady.


    Due to her omnipotence, she can understand practically any language she comes across though being in Avalon, there may be a few she will have to learn. These languages do include an understanding of animals.


    While Death isn't the sort to resort to magic, if she needs to, she is able to use it. Magic done by her, however, is ritualistic, it takes time and resources. She finds it to be trickery and unnecessary personally. However, the one magical thing she can do without care isn't one she necessarily controls. Her physical appearance is known to shift slightly as times go on and when she is in different universes or communicating with different species, she tends to be seen as that species. Being in Avalon, this isn't necessarily the case anymore though. It'd be something she would have to control, though she is unlikely to do so.


  • Due to the nature of Avalon itself, Death's immortality is not nearly as finite as it once had been. While it would take more than what would kill a normal human to kill it, she can still die. Magical banishings, full on decapitation or dismemberment, or even incredibly potent poisons may do it. The idea of her own death isn't something she's ever really thought about and the idea she can be killed in this world had hardly occurred to her yet.
  • Unlike most world's or universes in which she has knowledge and an understanding of, Avalon is something else entirely. As if it has been out of her reach for the entirety of her existence. Because of this, her usual omnipotence is greatly decreased and she finds herself at quite the disadvantage in this land.
  • Being if the Endless, she has a set of rules, bylaws so to speak that she must abide by. First, and foremost, is that she may never bring harm to another of the Endless. Doing so, even if it is the smallest trickle of blood shed, will lead to the same being allowed to happen back to her. Harm shall befall her and no one needs that. The second rule is she may never fall in love with a mortal, for it could very well cause the downfall for that mortal. Nothing good ever comes of an Endless falling in love with a human. Just look at Dream's track record.
  • Death has always been incredibly keen on the human condition and incredibly caring of it at that. For someone who is often portrayed as dark and brooding in media, she is quite the opposite, making humans themselves kind of a weakness when you think about it. She is far too willing to stop what she's doing in order to lend an ear and, with her omnipresence not being what it used to be, it can very much put her into a trap.
  • While they might not be here, her family is a big weakness for her. Especially her little sister Delirium and younger brother Dream.
  • Every one of the Endless have a sigil. And this sigil can be used to actually control them or become them if someone actually knew how to use them correctly. For Death, it is an Ankh. She wears her sigil around her neck everywhere she goes. However she does not seem to have much of a mind when people take the sigil, as when people take it, she can simply get a new Ankh that then becomes her new sigil. The sigil is her symbol of power. The true power it holds is unknown because of the nature of the sigil being able to go from one physical Ankh to another, unlike with Dream's sigil, the Dream Helm, which cannot be so easily replaced. Her sigil, or symbol of power, can also be used to summon her. (Or, at least, the symbol being used, not her personal sigil, for getting your hands on that isn't exactly the easiest of feats.)
  • Being that she can be summoned, she can also being magically trapped, which can make her telepathic practically useless.

Race: Crow Birb
Age: 9000
Job: Cheese Birb Overlord!
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Dustbirb - Central - Offline

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