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May 18 2017, 09:20 AM
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Mikleo felt along the spines on his nape. It was like touching jagged stone. He'd been fighting against the transformation during the course of their journey back to the city (no doubt Dezel must have been surprised by the sudden declaration at the time). While Mikleo had told Dezel about finally wanting to find help for his condition (and by proxy about Prompto's confidante, Lunafreya), he hadn't exactly been forthcoming about the draconic changes -- the hardening of the nails on his hands and feet, the snowy, scaly skin covering his back, and the occasional snagging of his fangs on his lip. Dezel might have sensed the changes in some way or another, but even if he did, it didn't beat Mikleo telling him about it as Mikleo shouldn't have to hide anything anymore.

<p>Emerging from the treeline on the other side of the forest, Mikleo took a deep breath and stared up at the sky. It was heavily clouded, looking about to rain. Then again, Mikleo had seen other reasons for dark clouds to accumulate. He remembered the dragon of the Glaivend Basin and shuddered. He continued forward, letting his thoughts fall there.

<p><b>"Are you feeling okay?"</b> he asked, sparing a glance to his friend. The wolves had mostly left them alone when they crossed the thickness of the forest, and he couldn't sense a speck of malevolence in Dezel (something he was thankful for) but it still felt right to ask him. It was also a way of confirming that Mikleo hadn't yet lost touch with his who he was, wasn't yet the mindless reptile he was turning into.

<p>After some continued silence, Mikleo, once again lost in thought, muttered, <b>"I hope I can be helped."</b> It was still hard to believe he could be helped by someone who wasn't a shepherd and who supposedly wasn't backed by seraphim in a pact. But it wasn't like he had another choice other than to stagnate on the beach. The biggest downside to returning to the city was the risk of spreading the malevolence. <b>"I...also hope coming back to the city is a good idea,"</b> Mikleo added. He hung his head. <b>”All things considered, it’s...worth it. Right?”</b>


May 7 2017, 02:18 PM
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Good evening, Prompto.</div>

<div class="textmessage">
I'm sorry I haven't been keeping in touch lately. A few things have come up, and I'm out of town.</div>

<div class="textmessage">
But I thought I'd check in to see how you were doing.</div>

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Mar 16 2017, 10:30 PM
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Some part of Mikleo felt relieved to see the capital just a speck in the distance. It had taken them half a day to reach the base of the northern mountains, and it would take them the rest of the day to make it to the beach. With each step Mikleo took, he felt the malevolence thinning around him. The malevolence <i>inside</i> him, however -- that remained intact. But that was to be expected, he supposed. This was just the beginning of the journey, after all.

<p>Mikleo declared they'd set up camp in a fairly sheltered area of the mountain. It was a small clearing atop a thin but tall cliff, and couldn't be easily climbed by just any animal. That meant that the Dire Wolves couldn't get them here.

<p>That night, Mikleo underestimated his exhaustion. He hadn't traveled lengthily in over two years, and the lack of exercise had caught up to him. It made his limbs twice as heavy, and his eyelids like lead. It didn't take long for him to sleep under the cover of the stars, and propped up against Dezel.

<p>The usual nightmares didn't come.

<p>Instead, he had a very strange and vivid dream. It had felt so real that when Mikleo awoke the next morning, he was soaked from head to toe in icy water. He remembered the people in the dream most of all. One young boy he'd failed to save, and one tall man who'd persevered alongside him. There was a promise in there somewhere, but...

<p>But, well, that was all a dream, and Mikleo was very well aware of reality.

<p>...which brings us to why Mikleo was sitting up in a puddle of water and staring dubiously at Dezel. It hadn't rained at all, unless a cloud happened to hover exactly on top of Mikleo while he'd been sleeping. And there weren't any oceans around here for several miles. So...how to begin...?

<p><b>"Um...Dezel? You didn't happen to dump a gallon of water on top of me, did you?"</b>

Jan 16 2017, 10:01 PM
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Mikleo and Prompto’s second meeting would fall on a warmer day than usual. The snow had melted, leaving large puddles on the sidewalk, the sun broke through the perpetual grey that had been plaguing the city all month, and overall it wasn't too cold. It was the perfect day to spend outdoors.

<p>In the center of the park was a small hut with a bench. It took a bit of effort to extract the water from the splintered wood, but it was nothing a water spirit like Mikelo couldn't handle. By the time he finished, everything was dry and in seating condition.

<p>Since he'd arrived a little earlier than planned, he busied himself with a book. It was about 4 young men traveling together across the continent to get one of them hitched. It started as a fun adventure between brothers, until he reached chapter 9...then things started getting more depressing. By that point, Mikleo was wishing he could put the book down but had been too emotionally invested. Oh, well. The ice cream could make up for that emotional disparity.

<p>Speaking of ice cream, he'd already prepared the ingredients at home, and tucked everything into an aetherial pocket prior to leaving. All that was missing now was Prompto's much-anticipated arrival. Until then, Mikleo would bury his excitement under a cool exterior and turn the page as necessary.

Dec 27 2016, 12:16 AM
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<center><div id="fire"><div class="echo"><div class="thestorm"><img src="https://i.imgbox.com/U0lwWwjA.png" width=100%></div></div><div class="inside">

If he could describe happiness in colors, they would be Blue, green and white.

<p>Blue like the skies that dome over two boys playing in the ruins.
<br>Green like Sorey's eyes when they catch in the sun.
<br>White like <i>(DAGGERS--)</i> the granite stones they call home.

<p>Elysia is his happy place, even if it's just a place behind his eyes now.

<p>He doesn't remember exactly when the changes take place. At first, it's little things. The trees begin to diminish, and the air seemed to peter out. Then the grass shrivels, becoming painful under each footfall. He'd look back to find Sorey no longer chasing him in their game of tag, his laughter just an echo in his head. Dread murmurs in his chest, and he stops running. He knows what this is. He knows what it is, and it's happening again. Again and again and again and again--

<p>The sky shatters into a million fading crystals, only to be replaced by deep scarlet, the color of blood and anger and <i>(I'LL KILL YOU--)</i>

<p>The stars flicker out and fall all around him, chittering like insects as they scratch their way into the ground. In their places emerge tall beings - black and viscous like crude oil - that tower up to the sky. They open in a myriad of branches, bearing fruit on the tip of each appendage, ripe and dripping with fresh blood. Decapitated heads.

<p>Gramps. Maisen. <em>Sorey--</em>

<p>They stare at him, unblinking, accusing, -- <i>(YOU LEFT IT ALL BEHIND--)</i>

<p>He sits up on his bed, throat raw and sheets drenched in sweat. He draws his knees in and hugs them, and just stays like that for a while, staring blankly at the trees outside his window. He’s been telling himself the nightmares will leave on their own, but by the third week, it feels like he’s just kidding himself. It’s not like he knows what to do about it, or who to turn to for answers. Dezel and him had been doing so well at their new lives. He can’t tell him about the nightmares and risk breaking that peace. Dezel deserves more than that.

<p>Sleeping is becoming a liability, he knows that now. He thinks maybe he should stop sleeping for a while, see how that turns out.

<p>Elysia <em>was</em> his happy place.


<p>Afterwards, he doesn’t sleep for a week. Time not spent in university or at work is poured into visits to the library, or if it’s too late, a book in the living-room. Not once does he touch or look at his bed. Although the nightmares stop plaguing him, his focus never improves. He finds himself either distracted, or fidgeting too much. He doesn’t feel as safe as he did before. But still, he stays strong and keeps quiet for Dezel’s sake.

<p>...He's been distancing himself away from the wind seraph whether he likes it or not. He knows Dezel could sense the shift in his person, but he does his best to pretend there's nothing wrong. He also knows that it’s straining their relationship. With the emotions running high, who knows which of them is going to snap first. Mikleo hopes to Maotelus it won't be him.

<p>He decides to salvage the dregs of their friendship by making it up to Dezel on a certain human-based holiday. By the time the wind seraph comes home, he’s greeted with sweet smells and a counter full of red and green pastries to go with it. Mikleo stands by the counter, wringing his wrists awkwardly.

<p><b>“I’m not well-versed on the customs of Christmas, but I thought we could give it a try,”</b> he starts, looking to the side. <b>“So...Merry Christmas.”</b>

<p>He doesn’t even know what ‘merry christmas’ even means, come to think of it. Maybe it has several interpretations based on the people saying it, and who they say it to. Be safe. Be happy. Let’s have a good time. To Mikleo, it mostly means ‘I’m sorry for being weird all month. I care about our friendship.’

<p>Catching himself before he lets his thoughts trail on guilt, the water seraph momentarily disappears into the livingroom and reappears with a few small boxes in his hands. <b>“I also came across a few movies while I was out shopping today. They suit the season. I was wondering if you wanted to watch some with me?”</b> He hands some titles to Dezel. ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’, ‘Home Alone’, ‘the Nightmare before Christmas’, ‘Batman Returns’...okay, he isn't sure exactly how the last one is relevant to Christmas, but the store clerk knows better than he does on not-archaeology and not-history, so he's willing to take her word for it.

<p>He looks up at Dezel’s face for some kind of approval. Or any reaction, really; it’d be nice just to hear him talk again, like before. <b>“...What do you think?”</b>

</div></div><div style=font-size:8px;color:#919191>✚Curio</div></center>[/dohtml]
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