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Feb 20 2017, 12:48 AM
[dohtml]<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Libre+Baskerville:400,400i,700" rel="stylesheet">

<center><div class="boyz">
<h1 style="color:#595d77">i wish we could stay together</h1>
<blockquote><font size="1">As a bit of a note, I would like to start this off by saying that I know there is a slim chance of getting any of these characters, but hey, a girl can try xD If I do happen to get one, though, Eu has been taken from the end of episode nine, season one due to the easibility in plucking her away from her friends without her necessarily doing much in an attempt to get back to where she came from.</font></blockquote>

<table><tr><td class="left">
<img src="https://media.giphy.com/media/TT3nvzEqzabzW/giphy.gif">
<div class="info">It’s not that I’m a tolerant person. I just don’t want to think about these troublesome things.</div>
</td><td><div class="text"><h2 style="color: gold">the zombie</h2>
Aka Ayumu Aikawa. This boy is a zombie of her creation. They met in Tokyo when he attempted to talk to her outside of a convenience store and, while the conversation seemed to go well, or as well as it can when only half of you are talking, the night seemed to hold misfortune for the boy. Dying at the hands of a serial killer in an attempt to play hero on his way home, she found him and gave him new life because of his kindness towards her. The only real stipulation was that he was now her servant. He seems to be one of the first people in a very long time to actually understand her and that is something she's been craving for so long. Her fondness for him (seemingly platonic but not really on her side, might I add) is part of why she left, because she thought she was only bringing him more danger. He's kind of pervy, often fantasizing in his head how he thinks she sounds with added 'embellishments' to what she says to fulfill his little fantasies, but he's got a good heart. Oh, and before I forget to mention, he's also a Magical Garment Girl. Long story~ Honestly, he's probably the most important person on this want ad.

<table><tr><td class="left">
<img src="http://pa1.narvii.com/5812/8ca91c644d1121d42de6e984794335a9f31d9ccf_hq.gif">
<div class="info">What? But your face has been crushed. Oh, it's always looked like that.</div>
</td><td><div class="text"><h2 style="color: green">the vampire ninja</h2>
Aka Seraphim. She came quite suddenly into her life and she really didn't care much for her at the beginning. Sera was originally sent to take Eu back to her village and, when Eu refused, decided to stay at Ayumu's house instead. After trying to fight to become Eu's new servant and ultimately failing, at least. She's rather fierce, seemingly uncaring, but has an incredible abundance when it comes to a sense of honor. She lives by her village's code as much as she can and, while she might not show it, cares for those closest to her (that being Eu, Ayumu, and Haruna). She is later tasked to kill Eu, something she admits she does not want to do and even seems to refuse to do, one of the very few times she goes against the Vampire Ninja code of honor.

<table><tr><td class="left">
<img src="http://k36.kn3.net/taringa/1/8/2/2/6/6/10/zombie_kawaii/6B3.gif">
<div class="info">We've got trouble with a capital B comin'!</div>
</td><td><div class="text"><h2 style="color: hotpink">the magical garment girl</h2>
Aka Haruna. She is a spunky young self-proclaimed genius Magical Garment Girl that lost her powers to Ayumu in kind of a freak accident that neither of them really know the true cause for. After her powers were sapped, though, she pretty much made it clear that she was going to stay in his house until he at least finds a way to give her power back to her. he was the second person there, having come some time after Eu. While neither would likely openly admit it, and Haruna would definitely loudly deny the fact, she is a lot like a little sister to Eu and she cares for her the way she cares for Ayumu.

<table><tr><td class="left">
<img src="https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/9b/70/93/9b709345e3433944b76e15a252b4b728.gif">
<div class="info">Loneliness is peaceful, but there'll be no one to share happiness with.</div>
</td><td><div class="text"><h2 style="color:#595d77">the rest</h2>
While those three are the ones that are most important to Eu, and the ones that I would love to see the most, just about anyone from the cast would be wonderful. Whether that's Yuki, King of the Night, Orito, it doesn't really matter. Any face would likely be a welcoming, if not surprising one. King of the Night (or Yoruno, which is his earthly alias) would actually be really nice to have around, honestly. Being that he was the reason she realized she was such a danger to them, it'd be pretty fitting if he ended up finding his way to Avalon, and to her. So would Shimomura (or Anderson as Ayumu knows him), who is an Underworlder with an Owl Megalo as a pet. I could probably go on and on here xD It'd just be cool to have literally anyone.

</div><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=8549"><span style="font: bold 8px/20px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center;">BY MITZI</span></a>


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Feb 19 2017, 11:55 PM
[dohtml]<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Karla:400,400i,700" rel="stylesheet">

<center><div class="baptism">

<img src="http://pa1.narvii.com/5779/2ec65ff0ec467a31c327d2d963b6c2856db3a5e0_hq.gif">

<div class="bar">
<div class="title">lady hellscythe</div>
<div class="words">ancient | vitreus | is this a zombie?</div></div>

<div class="box"><div class="scroll">
Eu (pronounced Yuu) is a necromancer who has an inability to speak. Or, rather, chooses to not speak due to the nature of her own powers. Her abilities are something that is unstable, connecting most to her emotions and her own words. Because of this, she often communicates by writing things down on her notepad and holding it up for people to read. On the very rare occasions she does speak, it is often in a very hushed tone or because she is actually using her power, something she does not care to do. Being a necromancer, she has a certain kinship with death in that she is connected deeply with it. She does not care for it, however. It is painful, it takes away loved ones, and she has spent so long losing friends because she has created death around her without meaning to. She fears herself, what she may do to people by accident, and yet craves company, two things that don't mix very well. Quiet and emotionless as she leads herself to seem, she is a rather kindhearted and sweet individual who will do anything to protect the ones she cares about.
FRIENDSHIP is a bit hit and miss with her. She does not (or rather will not) speak out loud, so it is partially dependent on people being able to read what she writes to them. Furthermore, it also requires them not mind so much that she is a bit on the quieter and more reserved side. She's not a bad person, she's just not entirely good at expressing herself to others. Having a friend in her, however, is certainly a good thing. She's protective and loyal, even if she might run away because of her own fear. She cares for people, for the living, as she understands too well the woes of the dead. She could certainly use the friends, though.
ENEMIES likely aren't going to be so easy as she doesn't really view anyone as her enemy. Sure, people may see her as their enemy (though why would be anyone's guess) but it would rarely go the other way around. There are people she may grow to not be fond of because of the way they may treat someone she cares about, but never far enough to think of them as a real enemy.
I'm just gonna leave LOVERS blank because i'm not sure what to put here xD She's already afraid of herself, she's not likely to truly open up to someone on a romantic level. On a trust level, sure, but a romantic one? This would be pretty difficult I think.
I understand if she might be a bit more awkward to PLOT with but once you get past the constant holding up notes thing, she's a rather sweet and caring individual who found herself in Avalon after trying to leave her only friends' sides in order to keep them safe. She could use a guide around this new place, people she might be able to 'talk' to or just help her. She's going to end up being quite a wanderer/explorer, so it should be easy to toss her places~ So c'mon, ya know you wanna throw someone at the sweet li'l necromancer.

</div><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=8549"><span style="font: bold 8px/20px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center;">BY MITZI</span></a>


/*** ACCENT ***/
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.baptism:hover .box {
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optional reply code

[dohtml]<CENTER><link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lora' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

<div style="width: 240px; text-align: center;  font-family: 'Lora', serif; font-size: 35px;  line-height: 80%; color: #595d77; text-transform: lowercase; letter-spacing: -5px; padding-top: 5px; padding-bottom: 3px;"> eu & name</div>

<div style="width: 240px; padding: 10px; background-color: #ddd; border: 1px dotted #bbb; ">

<div style="width: 200px;  text-align: justify;  font-family: tahoma;  font-size: 9px;  line-height: 95%; color: #000; padding: 10px; background-color: #eee; border-right: 10px solid #595d77; border-left: 10px solid #595d77;">

plotting stuff here~
Feb 19 2017, 08:29 PM
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<center> <div class="blah">
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<div class="sidebarimage"><div class="great"><center><br><br>

<div class="sidebarname"> EUCLIWOOD HELLSCYTHE </div>

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<div class="sblink2">VITREUS</div><br>
<div class="sblink2">IS THIS A ZOMBIE?</div><br>

<IMG SRC="http://i.imgur.com/W23hqm8.gif"width="150" height="100">

<div class="sblink2">LUNA</div><br>
<div class="sblink2">EST</div><br>

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<center><p><img src="http://i.imgur.com/kiYvULo.gif"width="220" height="120"><br></p>

<p><div class="mainname">LADY HELLSCYTHE</div></p>

<div class="lyrics">

<p>The beauty of the stars never changes. However, stars that change are beautiful as well.</p>

</div></center></div> </div> </div>

<div class="tab"> <input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"> <label for="tab-2">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</label>

<div class="content"><div class="tabcontainer"> <center> <table><tr>

<td><div class="profilehead">Freeform</div></td></tr></table>

<div class="profilebody">

<p> Sadness filled the necromancer's heart as she watched her three friends start to walk away, her hand following the monotonous motion of waving back and forth. Her ever expressionless eyes never left one person in particular. Ayumu. She could still feel his hand on her head. Her servant, he didn't have a clue. She could still hear his words in her ear. "Don't stay out too late, okay?" She didn't say a word, didn't nod or shake her head, didn't write a single note. She just let him pat her head and walk away. Without their eyes on her now, though, tears started to stream down her cheeks. How could she ever be so foolish? She was a danger to them all, she could never truly be their friends, especially not with him around. Still, it hurt to say goodbye, even if she wasn't saying it to them directly. They would see it when they all got home.
Her hand slowly stopped it's motion as she tried to wipe the tears away from her cheeks. She slowly turned to look at the store front. This was where she first met him, when he was still alive. Was it her fault that he died in the first place? Was that why she'd felt the need to keep him. The words 'Don't Die' stained her lips still. She'd brought new life into him and for what? Because he tried to actually talk to her? She could just imagine the way she'd felt then. She almost laughed, he was funny. But she couldn't laugh, she shouldn't even be crying. For just a moment, she sat down there again, staring forward blankly. She needed to leave before he found the note, but she also knew she had a little bit of time left. Was she not allowed to be selfish just this once? Was she not allowed to try and re-imagine that moment?
She pictured it, him dancing and hurting himself just to try and get her amusement. So blankly she'd stared forward, watched him until he fell before finally writing something. That was funny. He had almost seemed happy for a moment. Don't do it again. The expression on his face had changed rather quickly, but it was at least the start of a somewhat friendly conversation. It had felt so nice to have someone actually talk to her, to feel like, for just a second, she wasn't exactly alone. It was such a pleasant feeling, and yet she also knew those moments of happiness had led to something much more. At least, though, through his death, she had managed to gain what she'd always wanted. Someone else to stick close by her. He'd listened to her even when she had wrote to him about the nature of her powers. Thinking about that moment in and of itself was enough to bring the tears back again. He'd been so accepting, so reassuring.
And yet now she was turning her back on him.
Rubbing her eyes again, she got to her feet and took a few shaky breathes. She had to push down the emotions, had to just get a move on. Eucliwood felt as though she could almost hear Ayumu calling to her, but before she could even confirm it, before he could find her if he was, she was gone, back to her own realm. Back to where she belonged. She would be forever alone, it was how she was meant to be.

Eucliwood does not often speak when she communicates with people, which is something that can put her at something of a disadvantage. This is not because she cannot speak, however, it is because she chooses not to. She doesn't like to speak because in doing so, she can end up using her powers without meaning to, which is something that she fears immensely. Because of this,s he also doesn't tend to use many facial expressions to show how she is feeling either. This leaves her often being viewed as someone who is not only mute, but emotionless. She has spent so much of her time alone that she does not necessarily know too well how to communicate properly with others, even when she is writing. This can lead her to come off as blunt and maybe even a little rude, but she doesn't mean to be. She, in truth, feels very strongly about things, she simply cannot allow that emotion to actually take hold or show through. Because of Ayumu, however, her emotional guards have started to drop a bit more, something she is currently trying to rebuild now far away from her servant.
While Eu can seem to be emotionless, she is incredibly caring with a very kind heart at her core. She wants to be accepted by others and wishes to even help them to some degree, but knows that she ultimately can't. She is loyal to those she cares about, wishing only to protect them and while she may try to keep herself guarded, her wish to be accepted, to have someone there makes her someone who does not mind trying to interact with others and make some sort of connection with them, even if she knows it is not allowed to last. She does not wish to bring harm to others, nor does she wish to create or be around death. Her feelings towards death are so strong, in fact, that she cannot stand to even hear the word spoken aloud and taken lightly by others. They do not understand the power of such a word to her, the sort of thing such a word means, and when such happens, it is some of the rare moments that she can actually seem to get noticeably frustrated and upset. While she will still not speak, she will write it down to let people know how she feels.
Deep down, she suffers from low self esteem because of the nature of her powers. She has done so many things to bring harm to others by accident in her past that it leaves her terrified that it will be something that constantly follows her. She even thinks of herself as a monster, even though she is far from such. She is ashamed and terrified of both who and what she is, filled with many insecurities that she hides from everyone else. She left her own friends in the first place because of this fear in her heart, something she feels incredibly bad for.</p>

</div><p> <table><tr>

<td><div class="profilehead">Canon Point</div></td></tr></table>

<div class="profilebody"><p> Season one, end of episode nine, when Eu has them leave her at a convenience store to 'shop' so she can slip out of their lives before they find the farewell note she left for them. Due to the fact that she is rather mute and I have not been able to see the second season of the anime, there is a lot of headcanon-ing and inferring when it comes to this character. Her take away point would not have changed, either way, as this seems like a good place to have a clean break from her 'friends'.</p>

</div><p> </center><p> </div> </div> </div>

<div class="tab"> <input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"> <label for="tab-3">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</label> <div class="content"><div class="tabcontainer"><table><tr>

<td><div class="profilehead">Abilities & Weaknesses </div></td></tr></table>
<div class="profilebody">

<p>Reality Warping
    This is her main ability and it is something she pretty much never uses anyway, though it is worth noting. Her heart, her soul, her being generates magical energies of it's own accord that are, as she puts it, tamper with the strings of fate and alter reality. Her powers are something she does everything she can to hide, to keep held in, because she fears them. Not only does she fear them, but she feels as though they may over take her some day as they aren't exactly in her control as it is. Her ability to seemingly warp reality is tied to her words and what she says. Not only that, but they are also emotionally tied to her. Because of these two reasons, she does not usually talk and does everything she can to be emotionless. Even still, she has been seen to use her powers on very rare occasions:
    <li>Resurrection - She would not be a necromancer if she could not or had not raised the dead and, as such, she has been able to grant life. She has only done this a couple of times, however, and the life she grants is not necessarily a rebirth. Rather, when she grants life to the dead, she creates a zombie. She cannot necessarily completely control it, but she can try to care for it, which she has done both times she has been known to actually create a zombie. </li><p>
    <li>Death Inducement - Due to the nature of her powers, she can induce death upon someone with a word. She does not do this, however, or does not do so without taking the circumstances at hand lightly. Death is painful, and using her powers are even more so. Still, she can, if she wanted to. But that's just it, she doesn't want to. Nor will she ever likely do so if not entirely provoked.</li><p>
    <li>Healing - She is also able to heal, and this is thought to be apart of her ability to warp reality. However, healing others is not so easy as it might sound. When she heals someone, she is not necessarily healing them, she is, instead, taking their injuries upon herself, meaning she feels their pain and deals without herself to relinquish it from someone else. This isn't necessarily something she does too lightly and it tends to take someone she wishes to help to do so. In order to properly heal someone, she must take off one of her gauntlets, as they are used to suppress her power.</li><p>
    <li>Telekinesis - Likely apart of her tethers to fate and reality, she has telekinetically brought things towards herself with a small gesture before, though, like with most things, does not do this often, only during dire circumstances.</li>
    Something she thinks of more like a cure, really. She has been granted a sort of immortality and eternal youth, though her silver hair certainly has a way of showing that she is far older than she physically appears. She has lived for eons, watching as time passed by in mostly solitary. She is able to be killed, of course, she is simply not likely to die from old age herself.
Magical Manifestations.
    Because her body naturally produces magic, and likely will continue to even when she dies, she has some magical abilities that she does not tend to use. <p>
    <li>Barrier - Firstly is a barrier that is meant to protect her body. This barrier is not something she necessarily has her own control over as her magic seems to have a will of it's own and seems to rather keep the source alive. The barriers can be powerful, but do not necessarily last long and even she can suppress them if she wishes to. Furthermore, the barrier is something is weakened by her own armor, which means, not only is it not a constant, it is also not a guarantee to work. </li><p>
    <li>Masou-Shoujo Transformation - She has been shown to be able to manifest the powers of a 'Magical Garment Girl' so long as she holds onto Mystletainn, something she does not have in this world as it never truly belonged to her. With the powers of a Masou-Shoujo, though, she could potentially fly and manifest energized attacks, neither of which she actually seems to care to really do.</li><p>
    <li>Sight - Whether this is because of her being a necromancer, having magical abilities, or being an Underworlder just in general, she has the ability to see other underworlders that may not be noticeable to the human eye and sense them. This means she is likely able to see other spirits as well.</li><p>
    <li>Magnet - Because of magical abilities, she has a tendency to attract monsters and demons alike, especially when she is actually feeling heightened emotions of any kind. Because of this, she tends to think of herself as a danger to people she grows close to and fears what could happen once she does.</li><p>
    <li>Travel - She can travel between not just 'realms' (limited to her own Underworld and the Earthly one, though even that isn't something she can do in Avalon), but between locations so long as she knows where she wants to go. Meaning she has to know the place beforehand. In her own world, this was easy as she knew most of Earth from her time wandering. Now, however, it is not so simple as she doesn't know Avalon too well. And, like most abilities, it brings her pain, so she is unlikely to use it in Avalon often if she does not necessarily need to. She'd rather walk, anyway.<p>
    <li>Writing - She has been shown to be able to write what she wants to say with a thought into the ground. The words tend to look almost fiery and are only done when she can't get a hold of her notepad as speaking hurts. They don't seem to damage the earth, however, able to easily fade away just as easily as they had appeared.</li>
    <li>Scythe - Being a necromancer, she has a scythe of her own that she keeps on her person at all times. This weapon, however, does not always look like a scythe. It is normally kept on her person as a pen that she uses to write what she wishes to say on her little notepad. Only when truly provoked, does she let it take it's true form.</li><p>
    <li>Armor and Gauntlets - Her armor and gauntlets are very important to her as they are enchanted. This enchantment is not necessarily to make them stronger, though. No, what they do is not protect her from others but to protect others from her. As stated previously, her body generates unstable magic, something that she fears with all of her heart. Because of this, she has this armor to suppress all of her power and keep it from lashing out on it's own. It weakens her power to what she thinks are at least safe levels, but even still, she takes several other precautions to keep from bringing harm.</li><p>
    <li>Notepad - Her notepad is very important to her and is always on her person. Without it, she could not communicate with others. She is a very fast writer, which makes up for her inability to speak to others. Though it does mean she is lightly limited to communicating with others who can read.</li>
    <li>Her powers in and of themselves are a bit weakness to her for several reasons. Firstly, they are incredibly unstable when not kept in check, something that terrifies her quite a bit. Because of this fact, she constantly needs to wear her armor to make sure that nothing happens. Her body creates this magic and because it is not something that is of her own accord, she understands that even when she dies, it will continue to generate magic. This in and of itself is something to be afraid of her her. Not only does her powers scare her, though, not only are they out of her own control, but they are also incredibly painful to even use. She has learned to not show the pain, but it is there. She can do nothing without feeling pain, manifesting most concentratedly in her head. She doesn't like the pain, never has, and it is a reminder that she can never be normal.</li><p>
    <li>Not only does her powers cause her pain, but speaking in general. She must be extremely careful of every little thing she says because when she speaks, her powers can make what she says happen, and she hates that. She fears what they can do. But when she speaks, it also starts to create that pain in her head. And she can't stand it. Yes, she can likely say some words without her powers doing anything, especially if she focuses enough on keeping everything reined in, but that never stops the pain, the agony that it can put her through. Which is why she chooses to be a mute.</li><p>
    <li>Being a mute in and of itself can easily be deemed a weaknesses. Speaking tends to be a very important part of most people's lives and being unable to do it herself makes it hard to express herself to others if they are unwilling to read what she says. She can make some gestures like shake or nod her head, but these aren't always enough to get her point across. </li><p>
    <li>She has a deep seated fear of being alone forever, especially because of her powers. What she wants is to have someone she can rely on, that she can care for, and that will care for her in return. But she believes that people will always grow to hate her because of what she is and what she can do.</li><p>
    <li>She has incredibly low self-esteem because of her powers and because of the life she has lived. She constantly believes that people hate her and she can't seem to stand that. However, she also knows she cannot change who and what she is. This sort of ties in to her fears.</li><p>
    <li>She must keep herself from feeling emotions and tends to do all she can in order to do so. Her powers are connected to her emotions more than they are connected to the woman herself and as such, often times when she starts to feel genuine happiness, bad things seem to happen to her and those around her. This is also likely tied to her fears. Because she believes it will happen, it tends to.</li><p>
    <li>The ingestion of fruit rinds are incredibly poisonous to Underworlders. Strange, yes, but this is definitely something that can do her some genuine harm.</li><p>

</div> </div></td></center></center></table></center></center>

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