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Jade Curtiss


My Content
Jun 2 2017, 03:28 PM

Last month or so it was net issues this month the wireless driver in my laptop has evidently just died >.>
Yeah thats....a thing. Currently I am plugged into the modem which is in the kitchen which i cant really perm use because of family and it being where it is. So that also means I can't be on at night (or super late) any more. I am trying to fix it but its looking like it isn't going to go anywhere soo....yeah....
I am so sorry guys...I know this is going to cut into posting, staff work, and other stuff. i was so excited for the event too ...

I am still going to post as much as I can (though I am not sure how well it will go over on the weekends when family is around) but week days i SHOULD still be able to get on, and at least open my tabs to work on at night in my room... or something.

My priorities will be of course staff stuff as I can and event posts, other posts I will get done as many as i can but i want to apologize for potential lack in length and quality. I am going to look into getting a wireless doodad to try and fix it buuut being moneyless we'll see how that goes. again I am sorry for my pc being stupid. =3=

- Dust
May 5 2017, 02:16 PM
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Contemplation <br> and Coffee

<div style="width:300px; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: arial narrow; font-size: 9px; letter-spacing: 13px; color: #363636; margin-top: -5px; text-align:center; padding-left: 10px;">Close your eyes </div></div>
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The small cafe in Solum had become one of Jade's more usual hangouts. Usually peaceful with just enough commotion to at times keep him entertained. He wasn't needed at the hospital today; which he imagined was a polite way of them saying that his coworkers needed a break. To be honest he wondered how far he could push them before they told him not to come back. The problem nevertheless was that Jade's methods, no matter how unusual, worked and they needed someone of his skill. It had become almost a game to see how many buttons he could press. <p>

Stepping inside the cafe with a few books tucked under his arms Jade reached back to hold the door open for a lady and her two children on their way out. They smiled and replied with a quick 'thank yous' as they passed through. Just because the former colonel enjoyed tormenting those around him at times, did not mean he didn't have any sense of common civility. Allowing the door to swing closed behind him, Jade brushed his unusual crimson eyes over the establishment. It was still fairly early, before lunch rush, none too many people yet. Perfect.<p>

Walking to the right side of the room he found his usual spot toward the corner of the room empty. Pleased with this Jade slid into the booth and placed his books down on the table and brushed some of his light-brown hair from his face. By this time one of the waitresses who knew him Tiffany was her name, she was young with a head full of blond curls and a bright pair of friendly brown eyes. She always came over and spoke to him when taking his order. Though he couldn't quite place the reason for the extra friendly behavior but maybe it was just that. Not to say it was unpleasant but strangers did not often flock to him. <p>

“What can I get you this morning Mr. Curtiss?” she asks politely, eyes drifting over him and his books a moment. “Bring your work with you again?” she giggles shaking her head. “Someone like you ought to be havin' a lovely lady on his arm instead of a bunch of books, but someday?” <p>

Jade chortles softly. “Black coffee, please.” he remarks scans her slowly from head to toe before smiling and folding his arms to lean them on the edge of the table. “Congratulations on the new boyfriend.” he remarked watching her face light up with surprise and question. Jade simply shrugged playfully and the girl shook her head and then offered a small half-bow before leaving to fill his order. <p>

Jade opened three of the books and turned them to their appropriate pages, lying them flat on the table, he retrieved his notepad and began to make small notes. A cup placed in front of him, so instinctively without looking up he reached over and picked it up taking a small sip. Quickly realizing it wasn't what he ordered. Jade lowered the cup peering into it before looking up as a figure joined him at his table, in the booth opposite to him. “Well that explains the taste.” he smirked mildly handing the stranger their cup back. “Can I help you?”


<div style="background-color:#c2c2c2; width: 280px; font-family: arial; padding: 10px; font-size: 10px; text-transform: uppercase; color:#fff;">

Open // Oops hoped you dont mind sharing~

<a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/A_THOUSAND_FIREFLIES/index.php?showuser=12"><div style="font-family:arial narrow; font-size:9px; text-shadow: #fff 1px 0px, #fff 0px 1px, #fff 0px -1px, #fff -1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase;">template coded by always and forever of atf</div><p></center></a>
Nov 9 2016, 03:32 AM
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<div style="width:300px; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: Raleway; font-size: 30px; letter-spacing: -2px; color: #fff; line-height: 100%; text-align:center;">In Better Health</div>
<div style="width:300px; text-transform: uppercase; font-family: arial narrow; font-size: 9px; letter-spacing: 13px; color: #363636; margin-top: -5px; text-align:center; padding-left: 10px;">Close your eyes </div></div>
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“Well, if people spent less time trying to fix themselves and came here first, they would probably be far better off than they usually end up. Though I am not really sure why they bother surviving in the first place.” Jade's voice chimed sounding innocent enough. Despite the dark notion that seemed to creep over his fellow doctors and nurses. <p>

The crimson-eyed man wasn't wrong, but he was known for not sparing any warmth when telling someone they had done more harm than good. Honestly, it wasn't his fault people were stupid. Weak spells or some sloppy stitching could really do more harm than good in many cases. He understood it made them uncomfortable, and that is probably the only reason he butted into whatever they were talking about to add his two cents. <p>

The doctors nor nurses were ever sure if the man was serious or just had a cruel sense of humor. Moving past them he came to a stop and refilled his mug with coffee. Honestly, he had no idea what they had been previously been talking about. Something about wounded mercenaries or some sort. Those rugged types who could take a few jobs and succeed so it obviously meant they could take on the world with little or no effort. Look a quick healing spell or why sear the wound closed with a bit of fire magic. <p>

People were soooo silly.<p>

Maybe at this point Jade was also wondering why he was still around. Probably because of his skill as a doctor, no joke he was certified, though the people of this world were far less knowing than his own. Oh if they only knew. He hummed to himself while stirring a spoonful of sugar into his mug. It was still early, he had a few moments before the wounded people started limping in. “It is a good day to keep a few people from dying, with any luck of course.” he smiled as he turned back around to face his coworkers, though it seems a few of them had already made themselves gone while his back was turned. <p>

Very well then. He thinks to himself as he walks across the room to sit and enjoy his coffee while looking over papers attached to a clipboard. A few of the usual patients he needed to check on, and few more new faces. Perhaps they felt inspired to give Jade the people they didn't want coming back. Maybe they would try to take better care of themselves after meeting him. The thought brought a smile to his features as he sipped his coffee. Maybe so. <p>

It wasn't much later that he reappeared in the hallway only the clipboard in hand as he knocked gently on one of the doors before opening it after approval was heard from the other side. Opening the door and stepping inside Jade hummed softly and spoke calmly and yet friendly enough. “Good morning.” he looks up from his clipboard and offers a all too friendly smile with those crimson eyes glued on his new patient. “What seems to be the problem today?”


<div style="background-color:#c2c2c2; width: 280px; font-family: arial; padding: 10px; font-size: 10px; text-transform: uppercase; color:#fff;">Ask - Ech do I get points for trying?</div>
<a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/A_THOUSAND_FIREFLIES/index.php?showuser=12"><div style="font-family:arial narrow; font-size:9px; text-shadow: #fff 1px 0px, #fff 0px 1px, #fff 0px -1px, #fff -1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase;">template coded by always and forever of atf</div><p></center></a>
Oct 6 2016, 03:08 AM
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WElP this is Jade frickin Curtiss and he's here for everyone to hate. Jade has been in Avalon a little while now and has taken up as position as a doctor and part-time scientist when the mood strikes him, because why the frick not? Of course he hasn't. gone back to his old experiments as if yet so no reason to worry about him doctoring on you okay. Of course back home he is a well known Colonel in the Malkuth military (so yes he doubles as a soldier and can probably kick your butt) and is quite the powerful mage to boot. go figure. Basically he is super smart everyone back home was afraid of him at some point, and is a smart-butt to boot, but of course uses his 'power' for evil and frustrates people rather than using it for good most of the time.


Calm, collected, mature, Jade's ever-pleasant smile seems to remain plastered across his features. While the smile is real-enough most assume it isn't after a short time of knowing him. And he enjoys pushing everyone's buttons.... <p>

<p> <br>

<p> <h4>Friends</h4>
Friends? Though Jade would deny it to anyone to say something along those lines, he does feel a sense of 'bond' with people who have somehow managed to stick around him long enough. Jade is a hard person to read, maybe even impossible, due to his teasing, dark sense of humor and smile that seems to remain even in front of his enemies. He loves nothing more than to press buttons and pull strings, teasing others before they even realize it is happening, while other times it is blunt and sometimes even rude. Most of the time Jade's picking leads others to dislike him, while others it seems to amuse. When it comes down to it Jade may not be friendly at all, or very friendly depending on how you look at it. He at least always seems happy around people? It is up for others to decide if Jade is incredibly nice or cruel. If his smile is genuine of a false mask used to hide something deeper.
Maybe Jade himself isn't sure if he is capable of really caring about people, but knowing he should might be enough. Who really knows. So its hard to say if Jade is really good at faking emotion or really terrible at it??<p>

Pretty much nothing changes for Jade's enemies, unless you manage to somehow get under his skin just enough to drive him to wanting to kill you. So, there's that. Even when facing an enemy Jade's smile rarely changes and his way of treating people does not seem to either....unless maybe someone were to awaken the old Jade, but that's another story. He is more likely to just ditch you if you whine too much.

is this a bad time to mention he is sort of an...uh ex-sociopath of sorts???




Did I miss somethin? Well share any ideas! Always open to hearing them!


<div class="assbutt003">Jade Curtiss</div>
<div class="assbutt004"><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=3415"><b>xxx</b></a></div>
Oct 6 2016, 02:15 AM

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<div class="sblink2">Tales of The Abyss</div><br>

<IMG SRC="http://i833.photobucket.com/albums/zz258/Vergil_DNC/Jade%20Curtiss/3636abc8-0358-46a4-b77f-67c2a7a22345_zps5bc47578.jpg"width="150" height="100">

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<p><div class="mainname">Jade Balfour Curtiss</div></p>

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<p>'I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, command thee who opens the gates of hell! Come forth divine lightning! This ends now! Indignation!'</p>

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{M Rated warning}

<p> They don't understand. They never will. <p>

In the beginning it scares him.

<p> The young orphan finds a small animal lying on the snow, its entrails pulled from its belly to decorate the immediate area around the creature. It had probably been some wild animal or monster's dinner late last night. A rabbit, or what was left of it. The creature's lifeless eyes stared up at him without feeling, and yet almost as if blaming him. The blood has soaked the snow crimson as if the ground is slowly trying to absorb the fallen creature. 'Nephery would cry.' he spares his sister a small thought as he continues to stare. 'Why?' staring at this dead animal he felt nothing, no pity, no disgust. Though he had watched adults long enough to know most would find the corpse disturbing. Instead he looked on in interest examining the exposed mechanisms of the creature without touching. At least until someone, an adult comes to pull him away. <p>

'The boy is simply in shock still.'<br>
'Don't touch that its dirty!'
'Aww...the poor creature.'


He is an intelligent youth, at the age of six he has read almost every book in the library, and completed many of his studies. He has shown impressive knowledge and control with magic and mastered basic fonic control if not surpassed most of his peers. Unlike most youths, Jade's first experience with death had not upset him, only sparked a profound curiosity. What are living things? What makes them 'tick'? Left to his own devices the boy found the easiest way to cure his curiosity would be to find another dead animal, but when he could not, he had another thought... <p>

It was much easier than he believed it would be. A simple wave of his hand, a twist of fonons, and a swift end to a small neutral monster. It died with only a small squeak of surprise before its life was cut short. Maybe it had died too quickly. Crouching down he inspected it. So fragile this thing they call life. And as much as he had seen them in books, nothing was quite as profound as seeing the inner-workings of life, in person. Humans were almost the same, very few differences, at least according to the books. But again, Jade felt nothing as his curiosity was fulfilled but hardly quenched. <p>

Nothing at all...


It only took a little while for his peers to take notice of the young boy's newly found interest. His sister notice as well. The adults attempted to scold him only to be met with the same uncaring eyes he had when looking upon the dead lifeforms. He frightened them, which at the time held very little to no amusement for him. They were adults, they should be quite used to seeing things die. Why did it bother them so? They were just so horrified. Why? He pieced together that humans reacted this way out of pity, but what of human beings? He drew the line there but wasn't so sure he would mind crossing it. He didn't really care, he couldn't care. Jade tried to see through their eyes and for the sake of his intellect alone was he able to build and understanding of sorts based on multiple peoples reactions. <p>

They all viewed him with the same fearful eyes. His sister. And the two boys who were often glued to calling him friend. He really does not care... Nephery cries a lot, Saphir cries even more, and Peony is obnoxiously charismatic. He knows the adults hope they will change him. But they cannot. And Jade cannot fathom why they want to be around him. Saphir clinging to him like some form of bodyguard at every small shadow or tiny creature to cross their path. It pathetic, disgusting, how can a human being live so fearfully. And yet cling to someone so frightening. His so-called friend.<p>

Life means nothing, and death means even less....and he is almost sure he can prove this. So he plays along, pretending to listen and have fun with the others even though a smile never graces his lips. On the outside he builds things out of the snow, on the inside his mind is forever calculating and creating one formula after the other. He uses his skills to wow the other children, though it is far from his intention. Adults are afraid of him, and more afraid he will never be adopted, as he washes the crimson from his hands. <p>

When he is nine his sister was afraid of him, which surprises him as she comes to him eyes overflowing with tears. He stares, still unfeeling as he watches her, and yet his eyes scan her. She appears unharmed. 'Why is she crying?' He finally sighs and asks her to which, between sobs she says she 'broke' before holding out her favorite doll. It does appear broken, not that he ever doubted her, though looks back up to her reddened face and running eyes and nose. Much like living things, it seems objects expire over time as well. Why does it matter? At first he tells her to buy another to which sounds like a laughable notion even to him. “Stop crying.” he tells her. “There is no need to cry...over something so trivial.” he took the doll from her and looked it over. Maybe he couldn't fix it with his fonic artes, but.....<p>

The way she looked at him afterward...he would never forget it.

Shock, horror, confusion, and a conflict of other emotions swirled about her red face. Still teary-eyed but she had stopped sobbing in order to stare at him. In one hand he held what appeared to be her doll, as if it had never been damaged at all, well...because it hadn't been. Jade stood there as empty-eyed as always one hand extended with the perfect doll while the other hand still held the broken one she had previously been crying over. A perfect replica. Soon she started crying again, to which Jade blinked in confusion. Upset she snatched her original doll from him and dashed away leaving him with the 'new' one. Turning the doll over in his hand he stared at it. Flawless. He didn't understand why she still wanted the broken one... would he ever understand?... <p>

Nothing has value...

Feeling a hand on his shoulder he looks up and is greeted by someone he had never met before. He is met with bright clear eyes that offer no judgment. And the warmest smile anyone had ever offered him. Maybe it is a mistake? But her voice sounds smooth, warm, and sweet when she finally speaks. <p>

“Hello Jade..... I am Gelda Nebilim.... I will be your new teacher.”


</div><p> <table><tr>

<td><div class="profilehead">Canon Point</div></td></tr></table>

<div class="profilebody"><p> The end of the game.</p>

</div><p> </center><p> </div> </div> </div>

<div class="tab"> <input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"> <label for="tab-3">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</label> <div class="content"><div class="tabcontainer"><table><tr>

<td><div class="profilehead">Abilities & Weaknesses </div></td></tr></table>
<div class="profilebody">

It is interesting to point out how he can make his lance disappear while he isn't involved in battles. He basically disassemble the fonons of his weapon to make them be assimilated by the most external layer of his arm. It isn't an easy process, only someone exerted as Jade, in fonic arts, can be successful. <p>

<b>Physical Abilities</b><br>
Jade's physical powers are above most average humans, but nothing immortal. despite his age, Jade is very fact on his feet, athletic, with great reflexes, and very proves to have a lot of stamina.<br><br>

Jade is highly intelligent and can adapt almost immediately to any given situation, as well as learning things very quickly. He is a great tactician in the art of war. When it comes to using Fonic Artes, Jade is extremely skilled and can preform them easily most of the time.<br><br>

He is able to create replica of almost anything (on a normal sized scale) however forbids this practice, even though he had created a machine for this. Due to a accident that nearly killed him, Thus this is also forbidden, he will take its secrets to his grave. But aside from this copying matter wears heavily on the body. He refuses to ever use this ability.<br><br>

It was said that he once had some control or magic over the dead and was able to bend them to his will or bring someone's corpse (but not their soul) back to live temporarily. This has remained to be unseen and a power he will NOT use. <br><br>

<b>Sonic Spear</b><br>
Jade simply thrusts forward with his spear.<br><br>

<b>Crushing Spear</b><br>
A crystal appears where the target is. Jade then thrusts through the crystal, exploding it as well as impaling the target.<br><br>

<b>Thunder Lance</b><br>
Jade slices upwards, and a bolt of lightning strikes the same area.<br><br>

<b>Lightning Tempest</b><br>
A tornado of lighting strikes and shears at all within its reach. (one post warmup one post cool down).<br><br>

<b>Impaling Heaven</b><br>
Jade thrusts forward, lifts the enemy, then impales it whilst in the air.<br><br>

<b>Goring Hell </b><br>
Jade thrusts forward, lifts the enemy, then the tip of his spear explodes with fire and lava.<br><br>

<b>Sovereign Gale</b><br>
Jade thrusts his spear into the ground, creating a whirlwind to cut up enemies close to him.<br><br>

<b>Mighty Deluge</b><br>
He thrusts his spear into the ground, and powerful waves of water crash onto the enemy.<br><br>

<b>Energy Blast</b><br>
"O mighty explosion... Energy Blast!" Energy is concentrated onto the enemy, then exploded. <br><br>

"O brilliance, show your wrath... Photon!" Light energy is concentrated onto the target, then exploded.

“O maddening gale of the spirits of the earth… Stalagmite!” Spikes of rock burst from the ground, stabbing or slashing enemies as they do so.

"Crimson fury, burn! Eruption!"An opening to the fiery mantle is created, and blooms of lava sear the enemy.<br><br>

"O violent torrent...Splash!"Powerful waterfalls pour their load onto the enemy. <br><br>

<b>Icicle Rain</b><br>
"O frigid blades, pour forth! Icicle Rain!" A cloud appears and it showers down icicles that skiver multiple targets.<br><br>

<b>Drain Magic</b><br>
Drains a small amount of TP (like magic points) from target, and restores TP to caster.<br><br>

Drains Target's TP, and Restores TP to all.<br><br>

A burst of wind tears at all caught up in it.<br><br>

<b>Flare Tornado</b><br>
"O flames of hell, bring unto them the wrath of the lord of fire... Flare Tornado!" A cyclone of flame burns all caught in it.

<b>Flame Burst </b><br>
Streams of fire close in on a target, then flare up in an inferno.<br><br>

"Bring all to ash and ruin... Explosion!" A falling spike slams into the ground and explodes.<br><br>

<b>Ground Dasher</b><br>
"O roar of the earth, bring forth the fangs of the mighty dragon... Ground Dasher!" A fissure opens up in the target area, sending wave after wave of spikes that puncture enemies. (one post warmup one post cool down)<br><br>

<b>Frigid Coffin</b><br>
"Slumber in this horrid sepulcher of merciful ice. Frigid Coffin!" A area of ice envelops targets, then a large lance of ice crashes onto the target. (one post warmup one post cool down).<br><br>

<b>Blessed Drops</b><br>
"Arise, o violent waters, to rout mine enemies. Blessed Drops!" An innocent-looking bubble appears, slowly drifting to the ground. then it hits, a swarm of painful bubbles pop and crack, destroying all weaker enemies within. (one post warmup one post cool down).<br><br>

<b>Divine Saber</b><br>
"O sacred will, strike down those who would be mine enemy. Divine Saber!" Supercharged bolts of lightning crash around the enemy, and a final coup de grace strike finishes off the spell.<br><br>

<b>Thunder Blade</b><br>
"O darkened storm cloud, loose thy blade and run mine enemies through... Thunder Blade!" A sword of lightning smashes into the ground, and then explodes, releasing its charged material.<br><br>

<b>Gravity Well</b><br>
"Suffer within this oppressive force... Gravity Well!"An enclosed dome traps all inside, whilst extreme pressure crushes.

<b>Infernal Prison</b><br>
"Oh flames of hell, cremate my enemies in a cage of fire. Infernal Prison!" A glyph appears and fiery jets blare up all around, scorching those within. (one post warmup one post cool down)<br><br>

<b>Raging Mist</b><br>
"Partake of boiling water...Raging Mist!" Both a cloud of ice and a scorching pool of fire appear. They mix and create hot-spring mayhem.<br><br>

"Rest in a merciless silver embrace. Absolute!" The target is often snapped frozen then blown up. Stronger enemies are likely to just be slowed down instead of fully frozen. (one post warmup one post cool down)<br><br>

<b>Prism Sword</b><br>
"O sword of conviction, loose the might of your brilliant colors! Prism Sword!" Many sharp shards of crystal land to form a binding glass-like prison, until the coup de grace comes crashing on the construct.

<b>Meteor Storm </b><br>
"O countless falling stars, come forth! Meteor Storm!"The sky rains with huge balls of rock, annihilating weaker enemies across the entire battlefield.<br><br>

<b>Mystic Cage</b><br>
"O admonishing melody, arise in the name of the Necromancer! Mystic Cage! Now know what true power is!" Jade binds the entire battlefield in a sphere of energy, then at his command it explodes in a flash of light. (three post warmup one post cool down)<br><br>

"I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, command thee, who opens the gates of hell. Come forth, divine lightning! This ends now! Indignation!!" Jade literally calls upon the thunder of heaven to channel its power (a gigantic bolt of lightning) onto unsuspecting enemies. (three post warmup one post cool down).<br><br>


Jade is mortal, surprisingly enough to some people. He can get hurt in battle and has to deal with it like most normal people. He can suffer great wounds, die, and get sick. Age is also getting to him.....we think.<br><br>

This is sort of left up in the air, Jade isn't unemotional, though he rarely shares any of his thoughts his feelings are often even less known. One can't really be sure if Jade merely sympathizes because he is intelligent enough to fake it and knows better, or has really grown to. He may never completely understand the morality and emotion of other people. Lets face it he was a bit of a sociopath in his youth. <br><br>

<b>Healing Artes</b><br>
Jade cannot use the seventh fonon, the one often used for healing. He cannot use it on himself, others, or any other way what so ever. Any time he has tried, it has ended badly for him and others around him. Thus he does not attempt it.<br><br>

Jade has banned use from others and personal use of this skill. It won't be used in battle at all only in plot though unlikely.<br><br>

Jade no longer delves in that kind of magic. Won't be used in battle. Plot only.<br><br>

Using artes of any power will slowly wear him down, the stronger ones he uses the faster he is to tire out though. He also has to focus and chant often meaning he can be interrupted. <br><br>

<b>Lower Physical Strength</b><br>
While he is by no means weak and is still stronger than the average human, for what he has in speed he lacks high physical strength making him slightly weaker.

He is loyal to people who have earned his respect and friendship. If someone like Peony IX really needed his help, Jade will always do what he can for those few he truly he cares about.<br><br>

<b>Mystic Artes</b><br>
Used rarely, using these Artes tire him out more than the others and often take longer to focus and cast.<br><br>

Jade is often too smart for his own good, sometimes this gets himself or others into trouble when it blends with his almost-cocky attitude. Or confuses stupid people.<br><br>

His childhood and memories are things he keeps at arm's length. Though he has come to accept them it is likely that during rare moments it weighs heavily on his mind.<br><br>

</div> </div></td></center></center></table></center></center>

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