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Of course this world wouldn't lack some kind of educational system for almost all grades. Finding teachers to teach is almost harder than finding students. You will find everything from an elementary school to a tiny college.
Never Get Cocky by Märchen von Friedhof, Aug 18 2017, 04:09 PM
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The Atlas building is a tall, black structure with no windows and a large, metallic sign at the top of Atlas's logo. The inside is very sleek and metallic, but made for comfort. The walls are actually screens attached to minuscule cameras on the outside of the building. Atlas is a public force for good and opens its doors to people who need help. The building is broken into different sections for the Divisions of Atlas, with the CEO's office at the very top.
The Color Red by Vaughn, Aug 20 2017, 09:10 PM
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A home built to help house the minors who would otherwise be orphans in Avalon. The home is free to any and all minors who find themselves far from home and with no guardian to care for them, effectively sheltering and feeding them. It is a large building with many small-sized rooms already furnished with simple necessities such as beds, dressers, and desks. Some rooms are a little larger and accommodate two or three. There are large, shared bathrooms and showers for both genders on each floor. The showers and toilets are in separate stalls for more privacy. There is also a large eating hall for all and a shared lobby in the center of the main floor with plenty of couches and chairs to relax at and socialize. It is a rather nice building and is well cared for.
Don't Cry Over Spilled.... by Kindred, Yesterday at 07:10 pm
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If you have a sweet tooth, then the candy box is the place for you. The shop is large and runs far into the back, with a step down to an area with extra seating. There is an array of different ice creams, from peanut butter to blueberry! If you're feeling adventurous, try one of their creations, a delicious ice cream dessert shaped like a teddy bear, or a pirate ship! Alternatively, simply make your own custom order and add on some of the various toppings just waiting to be tried! They also carry every candy you can imagine. Every Thursday they offer a sample of some of their fabulous fudge. And naturally they'd be located so close to the school zones, these kids need their sugar!
sweet dreams by Slaine Troyard, Jul 27 2017, 08:56 AM
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Avalons hospital is top of the range. There are a few specialized Doctors who deal specifically with anyone new who comes to Avalon, this gives them a chance to note anything particular about their physiology that could help others in the future. The building is rather large with multiple stories and more than enough room to help the usual patients.
Burnt out Matches by Angela Ziegler, Today at 03:14 am
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A building which stretches out over a fairly great distance with two stories serves as Sanctum's Mall. Within are all sorts of shops both large and small and it is it where many of Sanctum's people do their shopping that isn't food-related. Clothing stores, electronic stores, small cafes you name it and there is probably a small corner for it. Not to mention a few specialty stores which carry weapons and some armors. There is also a movie theater connected to it.
New Friends in New Locations by Brandon Heat, Yesterday at 02:12 am
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