Suddenly spirited away into some unknown realm with safe cities and dangerous wild lands. Many people have a hard time accepting their lives in this new world, and the phrase spoken from everyone's lips... Welcome to Avalon.

Avalon is a canon crossover/panfandom RP site. We dont discriminate and welcome all types of characters from the well-known to the non and strive to give everyone a comfortable place to have fun and let their imaginations and muses run wild. Possibilities are endless and we allow almost all genres of characters. We hope you enjoy the site and hanging out with us and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak with one of our friendly staff!

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Welcome to our site! Here you will find all of the basic information you need for joining our site. Please read the rules carefully and check the FAQ too. The staff are happy to help if you have questions.
The Plot by Dust, Jul 27 2017, 08:58 PM
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Please check here often for updates concerning the site, characters, events, and so on. The disclaimer, and the Activity Checks can be found here.
Activity Check! by Rocket Raccoon, Yesterday at 09:46 pm
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Member and guest friendly please post here if you have any questions, need something archived, retrieved, or need a new forum added to the board!
Colab Want Ad by Vaughn, Sep 17 2017, 05:29 PM
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Here is where you will find many forms of information about our world and claims. Outside of groups and claims, most of the reading in this area is optional but may help you to better understand our world and the way things work in Avalon.
Locations by Dust, Jun 25 2016, 11:06 PM
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Here you will find all of our applications, pending and approved. Please post in the pending thread once you've read the guidelines and are ready to start working on an application!
Asseylum Vers Allusia by Silence, Today at 12:08 pm
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Come here and post all your plotting desires, be open minded sometimes it is a lot of fun to rp with characters you know nothing about as well as those you do! Please use one thread per character. Be sure to check out group plotters there are always groups looking for new members and such!
Fallen in love with the lig... by Asseylum Vers Allusia, Today at 03:03 pm
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The bulletin board is a place where members can post thread ideas and other requests. You may use this area to post help-wanted notifications for a place of business. Ads for hunters or mercenary groups needing more people. Ideas are limitless! Its an easy way to quickly post an idea and get people signed up for it. Please read the rules and use the template provided within.
Fire Watch (2) by Vetra Nyx, Today at 05:35 pm
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Here is where you will find all of our other character-related goodies such as trackers, open threads, character ads, and a development area whatever else you wish.
Your } Guardian Angel { by Angela Ziegler, Today at 04:52 am
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The northern most area of the city is where the sizes of buildings shrink and there is more room to move around. Here there are often houses for sell in small neighborhoods with small patches of land as compared to other areas of the city. There are also a few smaller business, apartments, cafes and an outdoor market.
Talon Have Mercy Episode One by Gabriel Reyes, Yesterday at 01:57 pm
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The north-eastern corner of the city is mostly reserved for the military or 'Guard of Avalon' and its units. While civilians are allowed in the district most of the HQ is off-limits for their own protection. Many of the buildings are very large allowing for plenty of room for the soldiers. This district is also home to the moderately sized prison.
An Awkward Awakening by Rozalin, Sep 8 2017, 10:26 PM
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The eastern most area of the city is home to the train-station, ever welcoming town hall, a few small cafes and businesses with a small apartment or two looking over. But most of the area is reserved for the train-station and giving people and objects enough room to be loaded on and off.
Testing Taste by Yorha No.9 Model S, Yesterday at 08:30 pm
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The central-most area of the city and home to only a few things, namely being the park and the council's HQ. It is perhaps the most open area of the city, people here are often friendly and helpful.
Two shadows in flames by Brandon Heat, Today at 08:04 am
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The southern half of the city and the most known for more cramped spaces because of the larger buildings filling the area, it is buzzing with busy life most of the time and is home to many of the business and office buildings,schools, and multiple other locations.
You call me from the darkness by Slaine Troyard, 9 minutes ago
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The South-Eastern corner of the city is a bit different the area is a little more spaced out than others. With larger homes and expensive shops and cafes the Impetus district is by no doubt the most lavish part of the city. People tho can afford to live here are often councilmen, the top of the guard, or have some other well-paying job. Other people though are of course free to visit the many shops and diners; if they can afford them.
I'll Be Your Server Ton... by Yorha No.9 Model S, Yesterday at 09:20 pm
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The western half of the city is well known for being where most of the entertainment is located. It has the most to do out of any other area if you're looking for a day or night on the town it is always buzzing with life here. Here you will find a small number of apartments, but a large number of attractions from the arena, bars, arcades, and more.
Growing Pains by Viktor Nikiforov, Sep 19 2017, 11:01 PM
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To the north-western corner of the city the buildings slowly shrink in size. Inops is a poorer district compared to the other areas of the city though not devoid of housing and small businesses, though often businesses here tend to ignore some of Avalon's laws when they feel like it. Depending on the day the area can be a little dangerous as well. And, there is no telling what one might find when traversing Inops' slums.
See You Again by Rocket Raccoon, Sep 20 2017, 09:54 PM
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Located not far from the city is a small town where the train stops allowing people and things passage to and from Sanctum. It is a moderate sized down with a few small business and houses but not much else. It is a good place for those who dislike the loudness of the city without abandoning all modern privileges.
Help me keep you in this mo... by Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Sep 9 2017, 04:59 PM
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To the north is a large stretch of land which is somewhat difficult to traverse, continuing from the chasm surrounding the underneath of the city the land then turns steadily upward and more hilly before becoming mountain peeks and Taiga forest with only a path or two weaving through them. It is a dangerous place, but is also thought to hold many areas people have yet to explore. There is also an area where the mountains thin out just enough to hide a hidden grotto. And traveling even further north there is a thin line of beaches.
the spoils of industry by Takashi Shirogane, Sep 20 2017, 03:36 PM
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To the east is a large stretch of grasslands with a few rolling hills and patches of trees between, but a lot of open space to be explored. There are a few massive jutting rock formations here and there, and the river winds through the area and branches off. If one continues to the south-east you will find yourself coming face to face with a moderately sized desert landscape which can be somewhat dangerous if you're not careful.

freedom has been duly earned by Takashi Shirogane, Sep 20 2017, 05:04 PM
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The south and south-western lands are more well known for their rise in temperature. There is also a large 'petrified forest' where the trees are turned stone, and rocky valley which then splits leading to a plateau area which hide some lava and tar pits with some smaller mountains and the desert. The other direction continues into a deeper set valley with sheer drop-offs and jutting stone which becomes hard to navigate.

I pray to God he hears you by Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Sep 11 2017, 04:28 PM
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To the west we have some more grasslands, but most of the western region is covered in a thick forest which is a bit difficult to navigate through. You never know what could be watching from the tree canopy, and there are many areas yet to be explored. The ground here takes all sorts of different elevations so watch your step. Continuing to the west you will find another area of grassland, town, and of course more of the winding river.

gushing gold by Mara Sov, Sep 21 2017, 07:15 PM
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On the other side of the continent is a moderately sized countryside town which is far less modern than any of the others, it offers indoor plumbing but little else. It is a haven to those wishing to escape or just are not accustomed to modern life. You can get here by ship or by following the path through Avalon's wildlands, the train-station here has not yet been built.
Just Another Bar Fight by Xayah, Today at 01:56 am
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Avalon is a large island continent with no other known lands nearby, and as such it is surrounded by beaches with golden or sometimes pure white sands. Of course the ocean surround Avalon seems to also stretch far beyond the horizon and there is no telling what its depths hide. The island of Necrocia is also located off the southwestern coast.
Keep my eyes above the waves by Shay Patrick Cormac, Today at 09:54 am
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Cellphones, emails, pigeon, and even messages through magic. Regardless how you choose to communicate with others those threads can be posted here, feel free to post open ones as well consisting of wrong numbers and the like.
the dog days have just begun by Crowley, Aug 23 2017, 04:00 PM
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Have you ever wanted to try something non-canon in an RP? Well this is the area to do it, you are free to have all kinds of wacky adventures and alternate themes here! Other worlds, themes, and other limitless possibilities. Feel free do as you like here but please keep in mind canon threads are very important.
You that weep and mourn... by Shay Patrick Cormac, Sep 15 2017, 05:38 PM
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Here you will find an area to introduce yourself or leave an absent notice, and other stuff. As long as you remain within the rules of the site please feel free to talk about anything here!
The Character Pet Thread by Slaine Troyard, 6 minutes ago
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