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 Watching the shadows, {Open} {RF}
Late Thirties
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Vergil Sparda
"Foolishness Dante.....foolishness...without power you can protect nothing."
Oct 13 2017, 12:37 AM
Watching the shadows

Vergil cast himself away from the busy pathways and groups of people. Why was he here? He had a few reasons. One being it was an ideal time for demonic activity, and another being that Dawn and her friends were likely visiting? But he had also been asked to keep an eye out for monsters by someone willing to pay for it. A silly task to be charged with considering how many other powerful creatures and guardsmen were keeping an eye on things. But pay was pay.

Breathing in deeply of the cool air the half-demon leaned against the walls of one of the small temporary booths. Icy eyes occasionally flicking to the side to watch the life as it flowed through the streets of the festival.

Is this what normal people did? Humans and non seemed to be enjoying themselves without worry or care. No fear of the strange weather, monsters, or otherwise. They just wandered around without any particular goal in mind. He almost envied their ability to cast away their thoughts and enjoy themselves; something he could not easily do. He was on the job so to speak, though his employer had told him to enjoy himself, Vergil could not seem to easily steel his thoughts.

For now he watched as the bodies moved past like shadows.

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