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set in Winter, 2017

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 As I Try Avoiding Failure, {Slaine Troyard}
Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

Ghosts danced through his brain all too often to think of much else than home. How he missed Asseylum, had been missing her for sometime. Every morning brought her sweet memory to the mess that was his brain and he would crash and burn beneath the rising sun, staring at his hands and pulling the chain from his neck to simply few the pendant. He had memorized the feel of it in his palm sometime ago and it still fit perfectly, as though it had been crafted to sit there. There was a weight to it now, a reminder of the life he had lived and the things he had done. But for a time it had been Asseylum's and some semblance of her remained on it's smooth surface, some part of his father remained in the etches and he held it close, wishing for a time when they were both with him.

Though he feared what his father would think of him now. What a sweet and docile child he had been, turned to a tyrant because a bullet struck the wrong person, because the world scorned a boy for the blood in his veins, for something that he never had control over and would never have control over, a boy who had outlived his usefulness the moment his father died, for he hadn't been quite old enough to understand much of what his father studied and perhaps he could have learned, to take his father's place but there was no one there to teach him what his father had known, just empty halls filled with the tapping of a cane the paranoid beating of his heart, occasionally lightened by the sun as she came to his side to curl her fingers through him and question after his picnics in the park and the birds that tried to steal the crusts of his sandwiches.

Now the heels of his shoes clicked softly against the pristine hospital tile, his pace leisurely but his poise somewhat professional, from the way his hands hung at his side and his back was straight. Eyes and mouth were sad, the former vacant, only showing any warmth when the teen spoke to the other man and his lips only twitching up when he softly redirected their path after a moment of mapping out the hospital in his mind. Accompanying the thought with his uncertainty, words thrown in as if he felt they needed to be, as though he feared backlash should he have forgotten the way to the cafeteria as well. Fortunately, they did make it there and after a moment of basking in the frosted air blowing from where the ice cream sat, Slaine too went with the vanilla and slowly sat adjacent Schwann, unexpectedly being thrown back to his dinner with Saazbaum after the... incident at Cruhteo's castle. He swallowed down a lump of white coldness to block the memories.

"Of course, you are very welcome, Schwann," a soft smile as he lifted the spoon to his mouth and slowly ate the ice cream from it, letting it melt on his tongue. "My father only ever ordered strawberry," he said softly to fill the silence between them, though the cafeteria itself was alive with others ordering food and talking across from loved ones or friends. "I never liked it much..." He remembered tasting his father's cone was and claiming it tasted fake, to which his father had laughed and Slaine and cleansed his pallet with his own chocolate. It was a distant memory. He stabbed at the vanilla in the bowl watching the soft bit fall away from the bigger chunk and sighed before eating it.

613 words for schwann || ugh this is a mess, i'm sorry

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Race: Human
Age: Thirty-Six
Job: 3rd Guard Captain
Series: Tales of Vesperia
OOC: Dust - Central - Offline

As I Try Avoiding Failure

The black of night is closing in around you. The crippling fear moves in as they strap you down. Will you let a moment get the best of you? Will this situation bring you around? When the blood stains dry. Will it bring you around? Will it pass you by? The days have turned to weeks but its not over. The bandages rewind you to where you've been. These memories will remind you. When life takes you out will it bring you around. When its said and done. Will it bring you around? What will you become? You're bruised and bleeding. I see the hurt within your eyes. I know your pain is for a reason. You need to feel just to know that you're alive.
He wasn't particularly fond of sweets, every now and then as fine, though this should be fine. It had been a long time, he sort of missed traveling with people who ate whatever they wanted when they wanted. One of the upsides to being young he supposed? He took a bite of his own and savored the flavor. Not too bad. He could only imagine the others in his previous traveling group adding different things to the top of theirs. Of course their ice cream was never served like this.

Ah the wonders of the modern world.

Looking back up at Slaine the knight offered a small smile and nodded. So polite, raised in a royal court perhaps, but one filled with knights or jesters and assassins?

He could not help but find them somewhat similar.

Strawberry. He managed a small smile. “Well no need to eat anything you dislike.” he smiled. “Sometimes....things are good and sometimes they aren't when mixed with other things, it depends on everyone's taste. I suppose much of the same is said for cooking not just sweets.” he stared down at the frozen treat and twisted his spoon into it to scoop up another small bite and let it melt inside his mouth slowly.

”Have you ever had a sundae though? With real strawberries, chocolate, and well...all sorts of toppings. There is a shop around here that makes real ice cream I suppose you could say, it isn't packaged like this. I have not tried it myself but maybe that is something you could enjoy? It would be a good place to take a friend.” he nodded softly before pausing and hoping he wasn't speaking out of bounds.

Surely the boy had made some friends in this world?

sorry this took forever and is ...well meh and omg SO SHORT...
girlwhowaited @ (​shine)(cttw)

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From the amazing Silence~
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