Welcome to Avalon! It is surely the first thing you and your character will hear. We are a canon Panfandom RP. We are an open sandbox set in a modern-fantasy like setting. We allow members to be very plot driven and follow along with events and main plot changes to their own level of comfort. Possibilities are almost endless and we allow almost all genres of characters. Many characters have a hard time accepting their lives in this new world while others embrace it.
FORECAST: 24 hours of nighttime and cold every day.
set in Winter, 2017

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 The Weather Outside is STILL Frightful
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Series: Lyfe
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The Sanctum Chronicle

The Weather Outside is STILL Frightful
Author/Subtitle here.

The weather outside is still horrible! First the raging summer heat and twenty-four hours of mid-day sun to infinite darkness. Citizens of all kinds are worried this might be the start of something so much worse. Its a good time to stock your pantries and keep extra scarves on hand because Winter has officially hit Avalon and unlike before this time there is no sunrise in sight to melt through that icy chill in the air. Does that mean nothing can be done? As far back as anyone existing in Avalon now can remember the change from season to season has never been this crazy. Yeah, you new people to Avalon are missing out on usually rather moderate seasons when some sunscreen or a sweater would keep you comfortable. of course different areas of the land have slightly different weather but for the most part it's been what the majority of people would call 'normal'. When speaking with the Councilmen of Sanctum most reply with a simple "we're looking into it" which probably means they're just as confused and at a loss as we are. Fair enough but if is you guy's job to keep everyone safe. Unless stuff is going on behind the scenes maybe some of you need to put that magical power to use! the guards are also 'doing their best' sure, at least they are out there fighting monsters that have decided to take advantage of the infinite night hours. Both groups are probably doing their best, if we're honest, but in the end their best only means so much if this continues. This harsh weather is dangerous! Many crops and forests burned during summer only for the winter to make things difficult to grow as well as keep away the ice. One thing after the other. Will Avalon actually make it through this winter? People are getting scared. On top of it all everyone has some new theory to share from the world ending to some god's wrath, to this being somehow normal every blue-moon. Its really hard to say which might be true, it isn't like this world is one most people here know all that well. C'mon Avalon throw us a bone! Is this divine wrath or if someone just leave the freezer door open. Regardless here we're hoping we don't all drown when April showers get here.

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