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 Akizuki, Kantai Collection | WuYixiang
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Race: Kanmasu
Age: Eighteen
Job: Unemployed
Series: Kantai Collection
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Library Quote:

"Designed for the fleet's anti-air, Type-B first class destroyer, Akizuki-class 1st destroyer, Akizuki.

As an anti-air ship equipped with 4x 8-barrel Long 10cm guns and anti-aircraft fire director, along with Hatsuzuki and the others, we formed the 61st DesDiv.

I'll do my best!"


Silence permeated the seas as the kanmasu fleet approached Ironbottom Sound. There was a sudden burst of radio chatter. “Abyssals ahead!” Shokaku reported.

“I thought they’d already cleared out the enemy," Zuikaku yelped in surprise. Unable to give an answer, Akizuki simply nodded and signaled her sisters to get into a defensive position. With Suzutsuki to port and Teruzuki to starboard, DesDiv 61 fanned out and began scanning the horizon for hostiles. Though it was but a mere minute before the enemy fighters came into view, each tense second felt like an eternity.

And then, all hell broke loose. Shokaku’s reconnaissance planes and Abyssal fighters were engaged in a fierce dogfight ahead of the task force. Zuikaku and Shokaku wordlessly drew arrows from their quivers and let fly several squadrons of fighters to provide support for their allied fairies. “DesDiv 61, hold your fire,” Akizuki commanded. Surely, the fighters were a distraction; the true threat remained unseen.

Akizuki’s intuition proved correct: not long afterwards, a large squadron of torpedo and dive bombers came screaming from port. Choujuusenchihou-chan brought all four guns to bear on the incoming bogeys. Reticles began to appear in her field of view as her anti-aircraft fire director began to highlight the most dangerous bombers. Patience… she thought to herself. Fire too early, and they would only provoke the enemies to take evasive maneuvers.

As the enemy bombers began their descent,Teruzuki cast a fearful glance at her elder sister. Not yet… Suzutsuki grit her teeth and placed a hand on a shivering turret. Almost… Akizuki could nearly see the gruesome details on the Abyssal planes. “FIRE!” She finally gave the command. With gleeful chittering, both turrets jumped up from their holsters and let their initial shells fly. Two shells connected, sending their targets spiraling into the darkening seas. “Choujuusenchihou-chan, don’t let up!”

And so the barrage continued as plane after plane came crashing down around them. Explosions rocked the group as the the few bombers that survived began to drop their payloads. One torpedo dropped into the sea, heading directly toward Zuikaku, who was too distracted by the ongoing dogfight to evade.

Yara semasen!” Akizuki shouted as she dove in the path of the incoming fish, taking the brunt of the explosion.

“Akizuki-nee!” Teruzuki hurried to her side, but Akizuki waved her away.

“It’s okay. I can still fight.” More accurately, she had to continue fighting to protect the fleet. It was her duty as an escort destroyer to at least ensure Shokaku and Zuikaku’s safety.

And then came the echoes; the defeated Midway Princess’s harrowing voice filled the air. “So you’ve come again. Well, no matter. I’ll sink you this time!” The Abyssals’ shrieks crescendoed with the return of their leader.

Retreat!” Secretary Ship Nagato’s voice sounded tinny over the radio. “We’re sending Kaga and Akagi to reinforce you. I repeat, reinforcements are inbound to your location.

“Shokaku-san, Zuikaku-san, you two head back first. We’ll buy you some time.” Akizuki shouted. With a grim nod, Shokaku turned and sped away with Zuikaku following closely in her wake. “DesDiv 61, pull back, but keep the barrage up.” Though she maintained a brave face, Akizuki knew her injuries were catching up to her. Her familiars chattered nervously: they were both out of ammunition. The last thing Akizuki heard was the screaming of a new wave of Abyssal Hell Dive Bombers - proof of the Midway Princess’s return.

Canon Point

Akizuki appears after the Fall 2014 event from Kantai Collection - also known as when she was first introduced. Therefore, she has not yet been remodeled into Akizuki Kai.

She was transported to Avalon some time after the anime's Battle of Midway and the movie's Battle of Savo Island.

Abilities & Weaknesses

- Type 98 Dual Purpose Gun ("Choujuusenchihou-chan")
- Dual Type 96 Anti-Aircraft Gun
- Quad Type 93 Torpedo Launcher
- Type 95 Depth Charge

Akizuki's boots allow her to stride across the surface of water using movements similar to ice skating. Her primary armament is a pair of Long Ten Centimeter Gun familiars, whom she calls "Choujuusenchihou-chan". Unfortunately, their firepower is quite lacking, and their barrels' service lives are relatively short. She is also equipped with dual Type 96 anti-air mounts. She carries with her a single reload for her quad Type 93 torpedo launcher and a handful of Type 95 depth charges - powerful weapons that only work when she's on water.

Given that she is a regular human being without her equipment, Akizuki's abilities only truly shine through when she's on the water. Using her equipment leaves her extremely hungry afterwards, so she usually takes time to eat a large, albeit simple, meal between sorties. She currently does not have the ability to resupply spent ammunition, and though she can repair minor dings and scratches, major damage to her equipment is permanent due to a lack of repair facilities.

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Race: Nekomata
Age: Twenty-Seven
Job: Avalon's Overlord
Series: Avalon Staff
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