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 be a strength to the weak, Father Anderson's Plotter
Dash Parker
 Posted: Yesterday at 05:20 am
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Dash Parker

Anderson & Dash

Dash is an ex-orphan/lab rat himself so I imagine he'd take an instant liking to Anderson. He's hella socially awkward, generally lost, and too much of a do-gooder for his own good. He could do with the patience and guidance of someone like Anderson, having never really had a mentor-figure before! He also sees the future and has terrifying murder premonitions that he's rarely able to stop on his own. This isn't something he typically talks about, but after their friendship has developed a bit I can see him coming to Anderson in desperation and abruptly discovering that his kindly friend is actually a total badass. o-o

But first happiness? Maybe Dash foresees one of Anderson's kids getting hurt on an outing and intervenes before it can happen? Or, if you're in the mood for something quieter, Dash plays chess for money in the park (always easier to win when you know the moves ahead of time.) They can have a game and a nice conversation about the evils of gambling or something. XD Or maybe some combination thereupon. Always up for other ideas too! http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/laugh.gif
Alexander Anderson
 Posted: Yesterday at 06:26 pm
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Alexander Anderson

Dash Parker
    Do-gooders kind of make Anderson happy, even if he's not much of one himself - he's used to breaking rules for the greater good, but IDK HE FINDS IT KIND OF CHARMING WHEN PEOPLE DO WELL. Like aw look at you. Following the law. Bless. Anderson does still tend to side-eye people with powers, but tbh he's much more open about humans - after all, he has some abilities himself that would really qualify as magic. SO IDK DASH IS SO NICE THAT HE'D LOOK BEYOND IT? MOSTLY? It's kinda turned into the same thing as him looking past people not being Catholic - he sometimes gets held up on it, but usually he can get past it.

    omg pls save one of the kids that would get Dash so far up in Anderson's good book that he'd legit kill for him because the children are everything. I mean, I'm sure initially he might get prickly, assuming Dash has some nefarious purpose but srsly that would last like... a minute or two and it'd only be because he'd be freaked out like WHAT HAPPENED HOLY SHY WHAT THE HELL
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