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set in Winter, 2017

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 Lord Shaxx, Destiny || Oats
Race: Human | Guardian
Age: Hella Old | Appears Mid 30s
Job: 1st Captain of The Avalon Guard
Series: Destiny
OOC: Oats - EST - Offline


They say we are what we are, but we don't have to be. I'm bad behavior, but I do it in the best way. I'll be the watcher of the eternal flame, I'll be the guard dog of all your favorite dreams.

I am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass...
I try to picture me without you but I can't - 'Cause we could be immortals, immortals -
Just not for long, for long.
And live with me forever now - you pull the blackout curtains down, just not for long, for long...

Sometimes the only pay off for having any faith is when it's tested, again and again, everyday. I'm still comparing your past to my future - it might be your wound, but they're my sutures.

   We could be immortals, immortals,
          Just not for long, for long...



"Conducting scans 7^159. I think I'm finally getting closer... only been searching in this sector for eight years. It's been rough; the Fallen left this place in shambles. Pretty sure this was London, I think. Or close to where it used to be, in any case.
I've crossed paths with a few other Ghosts in my time here; haven't seen them since. Found their Guardians, I suppose. Either that, or... y'know what, I don't even want to consider the alternatives.
Anyway. Recently - as of exactly thirty minutes ago, actually - I've been picking up significant pings, so I've begun a proper recording I don't intend to trash this time."

[muffled static]
"Moving along... Hmhmm... Oh!!"
[excited chittering]
"I... I think this is it? I think I've found him! Ouch, you had it rough, my guy - how'd you get under a bus?! Ah, doesn't matter, I'm so excited! Okok, here we go, let me just make sure you're not waking up under a bus axle, hah - ahem. Stand by for Resurrection!"
[extreme static interlaced with a low hum]
[muted scrambling and loud cursing]
"Woahhh there, big guy! Easy now, you've been out of commission for a long time--"
"What... augh, my head... what...?"
"Yeah, a valid question. Before I answer it though, look at me - that's right, you're doing great. First, hello! I'm a Ghost! Your Ghost, specifically. Call me Angora. You've been, ah, dead for a couple hundred years. Clearly you are no longer dead, thanks to yours truly. I need you to understand that you're breathing again for a very important reason, but that won't mean a damn thing if we're killed out here. You picked a very unpleasant neighborhood to leave your bones lying around in - it's not safe, so let's get moving, shall we?"
[further silence, broken by impatient chirping]
"Let's go, big guy! Didn't bring you back just to die again!"
"It's... Shaxx."
"My name."
"Shaxx, huh? Strong, brrrusque. It suits you."


[a heavy sigh can be heard, followed by the sound of shifting limbs]
"I still don't understand the details of what's happened to me, but I've made my peace with the blurriness. Even so, I still find myself asking questions I have no real answers to. Angora told me this is not the world I remember. Truthfully, I don't remember much of anything from before. This place is wild, uncharted - but no doubt just as barbaric as it has always been."
[a low, pained hiss as Shaxx shifts his position]
"We were able to take refuge in a cave for the night. 'Hole in the ruins of a building' would be more apt, but I don't care what it is so long as we're safe from the Fallen.
I shouldn't have underestimated them. Tried to steal weapons and supplies from one of their caches that had appeared unguarded. Angora warned me. I didn't listen. They swarmed. Punched quite a few of their heads right off with the only weapons I had, but I... I died. They impaled me on a charged lance. Arc energy. Never felt pain quite like that before. Then again, never died and started breathing again a few moments later."

[a soft breath]
"We got away without my dying again. I cleared the rest of them out, their glowing essence hissing out of them. Still trying to get it off my hands.
I've got myself a gun and additional armor, but I find little satisfaction in that; instead, I find myself frustrated by how clueless I am. Angora tells me that, in time, I will be able to hone this Light inside of me. I felt it simmering like a white hot flame beneath my skin while I fought the Fallen, begging for refinement, for release. Though, since having that Arc lance shoved through my chest, the feeling's changed... like an electric current is running through my veins."




You stare blankly at the monitor before you, bewildered by the sudden slew of error messages - particularly the last one. A prickle of discomfort runs across your scalp.
That's when you realize there's someone on the other side of the door. Alas, a moment too late, because that someone has effortlessly bashed the door in, right off it's hinges. It clatters to the floor in a deafening crescendo of noise that makes you recoil violently.
The hulking outline in the doorway chuckles lowly - a bemused, somewhat disappointed sound. He's not angry, but you can tell he's not entirely thrilled either. He plants massive hands on his hips and tilts his helmed head, a single curled horn nearly scraping the ceiling.

"I'd say I was impressed if I were not so offended." There's a smile in his voice, but somehow, it gives you no comfort.
"Pick yourself up, Guar-- ah, right. Excuse me. Old habits. Besides, a Guardian would know to ask me questions up front rather than go snooping through my classified files like this. I won't bother interrogating you as to why you're going out of your way to know my life's story; frankly, I lack the patience for shabby excuses, which is all you likely have."

The Titan takes one step forward and is already across the small space, towering above you. In one fluid motion, he's reached down and hauled you to your feet, only to shove you - gently, you realize, or as gently as someone like him can manage - back into your chair.
He remains standing, moving his massive armored arms to cross before his wide chestplate.

"I'm going to let you in on something my files never would have - I love stories. Listening to them is a treat of it's own, but telling them - that's my favourite. Now that you've made it abundantly clear you're interested in knowing every little detail about me, I'm going to tell you mine."

- - - - - - - - - -

"You already know more about me than most people, living and dead. Very few know how my story began. Hell, even I have trouble remembering the details these days. It's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to sit back and reminisce that far back." Shaxx leans back into his heels, shaking his head.
"That being said, I'll continue where what you've read of my files left off. Comfortable? You and I are going to be here awhile." You nod tentatively, preferring not to show the Titan any more disrespect than you already have, and thank your gods that he's taking this security breach so well.

"Do you know what it feels like to travel thousands of miles by foot? Ah-ah, don't answer that, it was rhetorical. Anyway. That's what it took to finally find some semblance of safety and civilization again, all huddled in the shadow of the Traveler." You blink slowly and crease your brow, wordlessly conveying your confusion. Shaxx responds with a bemused chuckle.
"Explaining the Traveler to you is a story for another time. Perhaps while you're locked up for hacking into classified archives, I'll pay you a visit and tell you that one." A rumbling growl of a laugh rises from Shaxx's chest at the horrified expression that's crossed your face.
"Oho, you thought I'd let you walk away with just my verbal biography as punishment? Cute."

Shaxx purposefully clears his throat before he begins again.
"The Traveler doesn't even hold much importance in this story; it's the people that were brought together because of it. The lessons learned, battles won and lost, alliances forged - all because we Guardians are inexplicably, intrinsically drawn to the source of our Light." Shaxx pauses, briefly lost in thought. He doesn't seem to care whether or not you're listening at this point.

"I've known and fought alongside many respectable Guardians in my time. Watched them fall their last, too. Many live on only in my memory - I can only hope that the ones I last saw amongst the living have been staying that way." Shaxx seems to peer at you closely for a moment, realizing what he's said - and that you would know nothing about it. It seems to upset him more than he lets on.

"That first day 'neath the Traveler was when I met the first Speaker, as well as my mentor." A hint of some unspoken emotion enters Shaxx's voice. You can't place whether it's frustration, respect, or both. "Lord Saladin Forge, Iron Lord. One of the first true Guardians. Ah, the stories I could tell you of him... Saladin will never hear me admit this out loud to his face, but without his tutelage, I wouldn't be half the Titan I am now." You can tell there's a distant fondness in Shaxx's tone, but you can't be sure, because he's already moving forward with his tale.

"Next was Zavala. He didn't arrive in our little camp for some years after I had, but when he did, I took immediate notice. I've an eye for talent, you know." Shaxx hums in approval, pleased with himself.
"After that, things truly began to change. More and more pilgrims arrived in our camp with each passing year, Guardian and civilian alike. Seemed like The City went up overnight after that." If you were able to see Shaxx's expression, you were quite sure he'd be looking rather distant about now. Instead, you only had a horned helmet to stare at.

"I helped build the Walls. Every Titan did, but only a few of our names are remembered for it. I gave my life to defend them too. Six Fronts, ah, that was an unforgettable battle. One of the first since the City was a proper city. The Fallen were hungry for the Traveler, you see. Threw themselves against the wall - then at the Titans who rose to defend them. At me." A bellowing laugh sounds from Shaxx as he recounts the memory. "They didn't stand a chance. I can't even tell you how many fell to my fists that night. Enough to send them scattering, and that's all that really mattered."

"Twilight Gap, though..." A sudden somberness seems to fall over Shaxx, all the gusto draining from him. You think you hear him sigh, a soft and quiet sound, but you can't be sure.
"The Fallen were everywhere. I'd never seen so many of them swarming like that before, and I've seen many things. We lost many Guardians that day. Nearly lost the battle as well. Saladin, he ordered a fall back and regroup. Zavala backed him. Nobody was shouting over the comms, but I felt my ears ringing. Saladin hadn't said it aloud, but I heard it in his voice: "all is lost". I refused to believe that." Inhaling sharply, Shaxx clenches his fists, continuing.
"I went against orders, with five others. We died, and died, more times than I care to recount - but, with the six of us, the walls held. With the six of us, we were able to repel the Fallen and seize the day. I led the counterattack that won us back our ground, and Saladin hasn't forgiven me for disobeying his orders since. Which is well and good - I don't need his forgiveness anyway."

"Twilight Gap made me realize just how unprepared we all were for a battle of such massive scale. It birthed an idea in me that's shaped me into who I am now. The Crucible is my attempt to hone every Guardian's Light into the fine, razor sharp edge it could be. And know this: I am the Crucible."
Shaxx's tone sends a chill down your spine. The dedication and conviction in his voice is truly admirable, despite your relative cluelessness about what it is he's talking about.

There's a long moment of silence as the two of you stare at each other. Shaxx may have been wearing a helmet, but you can feel eyes burning into you.
"Hm. You're an impressive listener. I almost regret that I have to incarcerate you," Shaxx chuckles, a dark, almost mischievous sound.
"Angora also passes along her regards for playing nice with the firewalls she put up in the system you kindly hacked into." He gestures at the still inert monitor you'd been staring at previous to his arrival.

You shrink down into your chair as he strides toward you, far too aware that he is more than fit for the title of Titan.
"Come along now, little Dreg. Let's make this process nice and easy, shall we?"

Canon Point

The conclusion of the main events of Destiny 2.

Abilities & Weaknesses

► guardian;; First and foremost, Shaxx is a Guardian - and what that is is an individual resurrected from the ancient dead to wield a mysterious paracausal energy known only as Light. This Light can take many forms, but the weaponized forms that Guardians wield all stem from one source: The Traveler.
Shaxx in particular is a Titan - as the name implies, they're the juggernauts of the Guardian classes. Raw strength is their hallmark, and Shaxx displays it well. Guardians have 'subclasses' in which they further refine their Light - Void, Solar, and Arc, respectively. Shaxx is practiced in all three, though his Light shines truest through the Arc subclass, "Striker".

► striker;; As mentioned above, Shaxx is a Striker, wielding electric Arc Light with graceful volatility. Strikers are capable of channelling their Arc Light in a number of ways, though the trademarks of every Striker are abilities known as Storm Fist and Fists of Havoc. The former is an explosive, electrically charged melee ability that can be delivered via punching or kicking. It typically requires momentum to deliver the strongest blows.
Then there are Fists of Havoc. Light constantly builds up in Guardians, eventually able to be unleashed in a devastating show of force. When Shaxx chooses to unleash it, it's best to run in he opposite direction. The ability itself charges his entire being with overwhelming Arc Light, boosting his speed and agility in the process. Launching themselves into the air, Strikers bring an entire storm of electricity back to the ground with them as they smash their fists into it. Wherever they land, Arc energy lingers for a few moments, damaging anyone or anything fool enough to be in the way.
Shaxx is also able to channel his Light into projectile 'grenades'. His in particular are referred to as 'Pulse" Grenades. They are thrown like a typical grenade, all bundled up in the shape of one, but upon detonation, it explodes into Arc electricity that leaves a pulsing field of static behind. The effect lasts only a few moments.
All of the abilities Shaxx utilizes his Light for take a short amount of time to recharge, excluding his Fists of Havoc, which takes at least 15 minutes to build up enough Light to let loose.

► swordsman;; Shaxx is one of very few Guardians who studied the blade and Sword Logic, and is actually responsible for introducing swords to the general Guardian populace in his home world. He is not only an expert at swordplay, but is very well practiced in forging them as well.

► weaponry;; Shaxx is very well rounded when it comes to weapons, able to wield all manner of gun types. However, he now only has the three weapons he arrived in Avalon with. They were a hand cannon, a shotgun, and a magnificent solar sword forged by his own hand - Raze Lighter. As soon as his hands touch the hilt, his Light causes flames to dance across the blade.

► ghost;; Shaxx's Ghost, Angora, is a highly advanced technological construct created by The Traveler in it's dying breath. Capable of hacking into just about any piece of tech, ancient or new, as well as offering a trove of knowledge and advice, her primary directive is literally bringing Shaxx back from the dead. Shaxx cannot truly die while Angora still functions. However, Angora is not only his greatest strength - she is also his greatest weakness. Should anything destroy her, Shaxx will become mortal again. If he were to die without Angora, it would be permanent.

► darkness;; The mortal enemy and antithesis of Light. Anything related to Darnkess will have a negative effect on Shaxx, be it magic or weaponry. If a powerful enough wielder of Darkness were to confront Shaxx, they would be able severely restrict him and his abilities - and, if a truly fearsome agent of the Dark - subdue him entirely.

Race: Awoken
Age: Timeless
Job: Whining about pretty girls
Series: Resident Evil: Avalon
OOC: Ysa - Central - Online

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