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 let them burn in your { l i g h t . }, it's ya boi, lord shaxx
Race: Human | Guardian
Age: Hella Old | Appears Mid 30s
Job: 1st Captain of The Avalon Guard
Series: Destiny
OOC: Oats - EST - Offline

lord shaxx
fierce ♛ valiant ♛ passionate ♛ cautious
Living fully to his title, Shaxx truly is a titan of a man. Standing at nearly seven feet tall and built like a brick shithouse, he's all muscle and sharp edges. There is no such thing as a partial effort from him - he gives his all to everything he does. Honest and straightforward to the point of being savagely blunt, Shaxx does not speak in riddles nor sugarcoats anything he has to say with frilly language. If there's one thing that characterizes him most, it's his ability to make himself heard. After all, he's been hollering at inept Guardians for a few hundred years in his Crucible arenas.

Shaxx can be an absolutely brutal fighter, holding nothing back when it comes to defending himself and the people he cares about. There is no mercy in him for any who would harm innocents.
Despite his capability for great violence, however - Shaxx is, deep down, far softer than he would ever let anyone readily know. At the end of the day, he just wants to see a world without fear, a world that knows what peace feels like. If fighting forever is what it'll take to see that come to fruition, so be it.

friends .

Shaxx can be pretty harsh when he sees someone not reaching their full potential, and very abrasive with people who waste his time with petty matters, but he tends to start off as a very jovial and open individual. It's a little difficult for him to make conversation with civilians, but he tries his best. He could tell you stories of his life and companions for hours if you let him, and he's just as eager to hear exciting stories from others as well.
So long as you're not readily antagonizing him or innocent bystanders, it's not difficult to socialize with him. Prove your mettle in a time of need, and you'll absolutely have a friend.

enemies .

Do you harass helpless bystanders? Do you try to steal from the less fortunate, murder the unsuspecting? Do you have insidious plans to wreak havoc? Are you just a plain 'ole disrespectful douchebag with a bad attitude?
Then Shaxx is the enemy for you! He'll kick your ass and relish doing so!

lovers .

Shaxx does not have an active interest in starting any intimate relationships, but he is also not entirely opposed to the idea. Even so, this is foreign territory for him, and he'd need someone exceedingly patient as well as obvious about their attraction to him.
Shaxx has a particular liking for individuals with respectable reputations who are headstrong but dependable, able to hold their own in any situation life throws at them. More importantly, they aren't intimidated by him, and are unafraid to show it.
Basically, if he feels you are capable of dominating him for a change, he will be smitten.
Race: Human
Age: twenty
Job: photographer/hunter
Series: Final Fantasy XV
OOC: luna - cst - Offline

I am so ready for Lord Shaxx, have my characters. Have them all.

Edit: I'm weirdly pleased that I was the first to manage to attack this.

Prompto Argentum (Final Fantasy XV) && Shaxx
So I feel like Shaxx could probably he a really good mentor for Prompto. Prom is oddly a lot of things in Avalon, a hunter being one of them. And while he's decent at it, he's always been better in a group. Couple that with the fact he's probably the weakest member of his Prince's crownsguard (especially when it comes to unarmed/sword combat), it could probably be a nice surprise for whatever Noctis we may eventually get for Prom to skill up a bit. And I'm pretty sure that he'd do well under Shaxx's tutelage. Or just a meet up. They'd be pretty fun to just throw together in general xD

Stefano Valentini (The Evil Within 2) && Shaxx
Obligatory toss of the criminal at you. He's already messing with one of the guard but I'm sure he'd love to play with more~ I know, not much but honestly shoving the serial killer is all I got for this one ^^;

Dante Sparda (Original DMC) && Shaxx
Just imagine them meeting with me. What could possibly be more epic. Or very terrible because Dante can certainly be both the shining example of both exceeding potential yet also kinda just seem like he's not even trying to reach it depending on the situation. Not to mention, sassing Shaxx will go horribly and I need this. Perhaps his assistance could have been begrudgingly required to aid a guard thing due to his knowledge of the supernatural investigation work he does a well? I dunno but something would be so fun.

Idoko Ehrenberg (Sound Horizon: Märchen) && Shaxx
This probably makes no sense to toss at him but she is my smol. She's a tiny German girl whose major motivation is to be the very best she can be in everything she does. She's someone who constantly strives to meet her potential because she promised her father she would before he died. She's adopted by one of the Council members currently and she's honestly just my favorite? And I just think there is adorable potential here. Plus, I can just imagine her looking up to him and I kinda love shoving her into trouble of all kinds so saving threads are possible.

I also play a few others and I wanna throw all of them at you but I don't have that many ideas xD however, if you want them or can think of anything, my other babes are as follows: Bunji Kugashira (Gungrave), Death of the Endless (Sandman Comics), Ellen Reid (Folklore), Ellegaard the Engineer (Minecraft: Story Mode), and Sherry McDowell (Gungrave Overdose).

user posted image
bootiful signature by silence <3
Race: Eldarian
Age: Twenty-Seven
Job: Avalon Guard 4th Captain
Series: Star Ocean 4
OOC: Dust - Central Standard - Offline

Schwann Oltorain & Shaxx
Schwann is a bit more reclusive, shy, slightly secretive. In all he is a very good person at heart while sort of believing he isn't. He's also from a more mid-fantasy type world so some modern things are still pretty beyond him. Any who since they're both captians they've without a doubt 'met' and know-of each other (unless you'd like to do first meetings I'm down for that too! Same does for Arumat below instead of repeating myself.) But also smoll and (probably tall?) pals i could see a sort of mutual respect and potential for a friendship here because both are pretty relaxed unless you antagonize them.

Arumat Thanatos & Shaxx
Arumat is also of course likely to be known but unlike the above he's rough around the edges (and clearly so) also from a sort of techy space adventure so they'd have that in common? He's sort of antisocial but if approached he wont usually ignore people out right. He likes his space (no pun intended) and is kinda growly but like he's a firm and serious soldier but also a very just and (deep down) caring person always putting others above himself. Long story short 120% edgelord of course but hey. Mutual respect and maybe Shaxx would remind him of just WHY the heck 'humans' so weird??? Does not like being touched, probably dying, thinks he's death, and will also kick someone's butt when needed or not needed...who really knows.

Mateus Palamecia & Shaxx
Idk he's your questionable councilmen with a bit of a ... higher-than-thou attitude he hides pretty well most days? Mostly sticking him here because he's in a sense kind of related to the guard through council work so its possible they would have met or something. Probably some more in depth plotting or if Mateus is feeling the need for guard aid he could come to Shaxx IDK. This a good time to mention I am very bad at plotting???
Age: 25
OOC: LYNN - PST - Offline

Michelle && Lord Shaxx
Hi, fellow Avalon Guard Captain. I find some commonality in the fact that they can both be brutal when it comes to doing their job. Michelle has had to be brutal against the powerful enemy of her world, because they were brutal in retaliation. Also, there are space things. I haven't played Destiny in forever but I've been told there's a bug-type race out there...I need to play Destiny more lol. Maybe there could be suspicion on that at some point I don't know I'm throwing ideas out there and I am terrible at this and you can say no to everything.
Race: Awoken
Age: Unrecorded
Job: Avalon Council
Series: Destiny
OOC: Ysa - Central - Offline

Lord Shaxx & Mara Sov

I'm so hype for this, I'm?!

I mentioned this in the chatbox, but I want you to know that my knowledge of Destiny stops and stops basically with The Reef and Oryx. It's hard for me to follow the timeline because there are a million gaps and I'm eternally bitter that they took the grimoire cards away to do next to nothing with lore in D2. Anyway. So, as far as my limited understanding goes, the Battle for Twilight Gap was prior to Petra ordering the airstrike that killed three fireteams and caused the Speaker to condemn the Awoken. Possibly the end of it?? But it seems like it was after that battle. I think that is probably the most important thing to make sure I'm on the same page with? Since Shaxx was there or at least involved in that war and I imagine he had some of his own opinions on that. Mara is not bitter, but she does not believe in being burned twice. I think she probably did not expect to be turned on so quickly after what she'd done to protect them, regardless of motive. Whatever the case, it's been a billion years and we've already been through like 90 other super bosses. She has bigger fish to fry at this point, honestly.

Obviously, she's going to be very interested in his arrival. I'm pretty sure his Ghost is now one of the most advanced pieces of tech and space magic on Avalon now, not to mention is familiar to her. She's honestly desperate to go home and having another person that has some working knowledge of their homeworld is a godsend. She's 100% going to try to get him on her side and get information about what happened after she left and after Uldren's departure. She doesn't have access to The Veil here and is cut off from her noopathy. She's more alone than she's ever been and lacking information, which are both very new and both The Actual Fucking Worst.

She's in a position of control here too, but it feels weaker to her, so I think that she would come to him on almost level footing. She can offer him a lot, just not here and she knows that makes it less effective. She would think he would want to go back home too -- despite all her issues/confusions/etc. about Guardians, she knows that they protect their own for the most part, especially those that make their home in the Tower. Honestly, if he didn't, she would think less of him???

I really don't think she has any love for the idea of the Crucible. She loves her people and the idea of pitting them against each other would honestly sicken her. Even with their ability to come back, I think the concept itself is barbaric to her. Like Fallen ripping off each other's arms. She just doesn't get it.

Overall, I think they could get along pretty well?! Especially if he's willing to help find a way for all of them to go home. That's a one-way ticket to her heart at this point with the added bonuses of her knowing he has loyalties to his people.

Lord Shaxx & Corrin

AND, considerable less congested, I have Corrin. She's the fifth guard captain, actually a dragon, and would absolutely love everything about Shaxx. She's young and naive and hasn't seen much of her own world, let alone this one, but Corrin will help anyone, anytime. She grew up sparring with her siblings in an effort to become strong enough to leave basically a prison her father made for her so she's used to fighting opponents stronger than her and trying to overcome that adversity. Corrin is an optimist and energetic. She would thrive on Shaxx's jovial attitude and try incredibly hard to impress him. Notice me, senpai.
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