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 I'll Be Your Server Tonight [Open]
 Posted: May 14 2017, 06:46 PM
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Out in Daylight

My Potential

”Hmm, I’m not sure what to get. Do you have any recommendations, miss?”

”Oh, well, I’ve heard some wonderful things about the…gigot d’agneau,” Pearl replied, giving a hesitant smile. She had honestly never eaten a thing at this restaurant, mostly because she just never ate food period. Apparently though it was expected of waiters to have some familiarity with the menu for occasions such as this, so she had at least tried to pay attention to what others recommended. Having now been put on the spot, she just went for the fanciest sounding thing on the menu in hopes it’d take the pressure off of her.

It apparently worked, however, as after a moment the young man nodded and confirmed that it sounded ‘delightful’. An exchange of a few more pleasantries, a statement of when the food was estimated to arrive, and it was off to the back to deliver the order and pick up another. Take order, bring it, deliver. Take order, pleasantries, bring order to cook, deliver. This was the routine she had gotten down pat in no time flat. Of course, that she had quickly become one of the top waiters here was no surprise : she was, after all, a Pearl. Serving others was what she was literally made for. Part of her though was just itching to take a thing of crème brulèe and shove it in the next snooty customer who whispered about her behind back face. The rest of her, however, recognized that for all the trouble this really wasn’t a bad job, and without a Temple to go back to she kind of needed money to pay rent so she had somewhere to go back to. Or at least, so she had somewhere to stay till she could get back to where she really wanted to go to

So here she was, dropping off a that crème brulèe covertly to a young couple that was in the middle of a kiss before turning towards a table that was just recently filled by the next customer of the night.

”Hello, and welcome to The Bell. My name is Pearl and I’ll be your server for the evening.”

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Yorha No.9 Model S
 Posted: Jun 12 2017, 01:18 PM
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Yorha No.9 Model S

Fancy restaurants had the stigma of being too snobby or high-browed. 9S had personally never been to one before, so his knowledge really just stemmed from word-of-mouth. "They frown upon kids your age!" "Don't go there if you're hungry; rich people go there because it's convenient!" "You'll be browbeaten by the staff the whole time you sit there!" words like those almost deterred him from going -- but in the end they were just words. Not hard evidence or personal experience.

(And also he really wanted to know what expensive desserts tasted like.)

When he entered, he took in the entire restaurant in a glance. It was clean and warm, with a quiet confidence that suited a high-class establishment. The waiter greeted him kindly and directed him to the seat of his choice.

Since he’d arrived earlier than Jade, he took the time to sift through the menu, ignoring the prices as best he could. The pictures helped, because every plate looked visually stunning. 9S hummed thoughtfully as he contemplated the drinks. That was when a tall and slim waiter approached his table.

“Hi, Pearl! I'm 9S. I'm actually waiting for someone, before making my -- oh, there he is!” 9S excitedly waved Jade over. He waited until the fair-haired man sat down, before turning back to the waiter. “My friend might need a minute here, so I’ll start. Some animal oils can really mess with my wiring, so I think I'll go meatless, for a change. Maybe something with Mushrooms instead? What do you recommend?”

Jade Curtiss
 Posted: Jun 13 2017, 12:04 PM
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Jade Curtiss

I'll Be Your Server Tonight
Close your eyes

Its a date. Jade sighed softly to himself, in truth he'd almost forgotten, not that it was like him to be late. A glimpse to the clock said he still had a few moments to spare. Though it was far more tempting to continue scribbling away at his findings rather than actually go ingest food. Still, he would hate to disappoint his non-machine very machine-like robotic coworker. There was perhaps no way to truly know if Jade cared at all, but common courtesy and all that. Well, maybe.

Smoothing out his dark green shirt Jade questioned just how formally he should dress. As if he would put all that much effort into it. He checked and adjusted the buttons and then pulled on a black vest and did the same again. Still simpler than his former uniform. He mused momentarily before putting pulling back his hair and then adjusting his glasses. Oh well, its good enough. He told himself with one lass glimpse in a mirror on his way out.

Jade arrived at the Bell reasonably close to the desired time. A few moments before or after wouldn't harm anyone; unless it did...which was something he was sure he wanted to see with is own eyes if so. With a polite smile to the waiter he mentioned the younger man he was to be joining, and as guessed 9S was already waiting on him. Of course he was, 9S seemed far too excited to not arrive on time, if not several minutes early? At least Jade assumed that might be the case.

Being led to the table Jade pulled his chair out and seated himself quietly all while offering 9s a sweet smile. “Hello.” As if he couldn't see him waving. “I almost didn't see you.” he teased, though the tone of his voice never changed. He then offered a small nod of greeting to Pearl before picking up the menu and adjusting his glasses. Mushrooms. Jade smirked softly and then continued his reading briefly while waiting for 9s to finish with his order. Placing the menu back down he laced his hands together and rested them on the edge of the table. “I will try your special then for evening and an ice tea, thank you.”

Jade then returned his red gaze to 9S and gave his head a small shake. “My apologies for being perchance a bit late. How are you this evening?” Sit down, order, pretend to care, maybe good food, and ah yes smile and be polite.

Too tired for gud posts...sorry x_x
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