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 though the heavens fall, slaine's dev thread
Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

This is going to be Slaine's dev thread. I don't have anything to put in it right now, so I'm just starting it off with this. I'll probably bomb it with graphics and headcanons and songs that remind me of Slaine.

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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

Slaine's template!

<div class="jarz">
<div class="jarzimg">
 <div class="jarzt">BUT IT'S ALL A DREAM,</div>
 <div class="jarzti">ENDING WHEN I OPEN UP MY EYES</div>
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post werds things here
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<div class="jarztag"> 561 words for Patroclus || [i]have some trashson to distract you, skops[/i]</div>
<div class="jarzcred"><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?">Jaronart</a></div>

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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

Here are a few songs that either remind me of Slaine or give me muse for him. A good few of them are songs from the anime or taken from 8tracks Slaine playlists.

songs i want to vid slaine to:
imagine dragons / believer
stealth / judgement day
imagine dragons / nothing left to say
otherwise / once in my dreams
natasha blume / ready to fly
claire wyndham / kingdom fall
machineheart / shelter


amalee (english cover)

come on, one more breath

my ravaged voice betrays me mid-shout

will you never hear those final words

i failed to choke out

i tried to survive by putting all my faith in instinct

but now i regret - what have i done?

i say crier, i say liar, i say rise in hell

i am just about to burst as they say war

i'll wage war, i hate war

there's no end to this, can't you see that?

the enemy

of verona

it happened in stages

i was changing, i was changing without you

and i'm falling away, i'm falling away now

and i'm sorry darling, but i've broken it down

and i need to see this through

and how did i become the enemy?

thought this was everything you wanted from me

have i become what you feared

should i disappear this time

how did i become the enemy?


rachellular (english cover)

as you race for the clock, praying it would stop.

walking down the weathered path that you can find.

how long must we bear

all the sadness in the world, this chaos.

meaningless, words are spoken.

stand your ground and face the fate in the end.

be brave, keep your chin up.

did you hit the cross roads in your life?

so today, you choose your way.

judgement day


so strike me down, take me away

debts are due, it's time to pay

face what i deserve

here comes judgment day

i won't run, the guilt is mine

too long denying all my crimes

face what i deserve

here comes judgment day

here to mars

coheed and cambria

honey, it's in the stars

and you're my everything from here to Mars

and every word i say i truly mean

dear darling i hope i'm being clear

'cause there's no one like you on earth

that can be my universe

never going back

the score

i've already hit the low,

i've already felt the cold,

so i'm never giving up, never gonna crack

never giving in, never going back

already fell below,

i fell deeper than the snow,

so i'm never giving up, never gonna crack

i'm never giving in, never going back


the score

all those nights alone

i faced my fears in the mirror

i found my way to show

who i am, won't disappear

the scars from the fights

that came through the years

are constant reminders of what got me here

all those nights alone

they were the start of something great now

here comes the shakedown

who i am

the score

i'm a saint, and i'm a sinner

i'm a loser and a winner

without faith and a believer

i am true and the deceiver

i'm a hero and a villain

i'm a myth, and i'm a legend

without strength and a contender

i am real and the pretender


i'm a poet and a soldier

i am young and growing older

without hope, but i'm a dreamer

i'm the cure, and i'm the fever

i am lost with a direction

i am failure and perfection

without grace, but i am tired

of walking life like it's a wire

nothing left here to burn

lovers & liars

broken record on the stereo

shattered glass from a past i can't let go

i hope to hell this is the last time

i hope to hell this is the last time i ever hurt

what more do you expect from me?

there's nothing left here to burn

the spectre

alan walker

Can you hear me, as i scream your name

do you need me, before i fade away

is this the place that i call home

to find what i've become

walk along the path unknown

we live, we love, we lie

deep in the dark i don't need the light

there's a ghost inside me

it all belongs to the other side

we live, we love, we lie

journey (ready to fly)

natasha blume

when you commit to a path

i guess you were on your own

follow your dreams to a place, a space,

the grace that takes you home

you don't have to tell me once, or twice,

wonder why we're here

we just gotta stop the flood,

before we lose it all and drown from fear

but let me tell you, i'm ready to fly

i survived through rainstorms, sandstorms

i fought the war, now it's time to go home.


30 seconds to mars

we're fading faster than the speed of light.

took our chance, crashed and burned.

no, we'll never ever learn.

i fell apart, but got back up again,

and then i fell apart, but got back up again, yeah.

we both could see crystal clear,

that the inevitable end was near.

made our choice, trial by fire,

to battle is the only way we feel alive.

the other side


i don't want to know who we are without each other

it's just too hard

i don't want to leave here without you

i don't want to lose part of me

will i recover?

that broken piece, let it go

and unleash all the feelings

did we ever see it coming?

will we ever let it go?

we are buried in broken dreams

we are knee-deep without a plea

i don't want to know what

it's like to live without you

don't want to know the other side

of a world without you

angel with a shotgun

the cab

get out your guns, battles begun

are you a saint, or a sinner?

if loves a fight, than i shall die

with my heart on a trigger

they say before you start a war

you better know what you're fighting for

well baby, you are all that i adore

if love is what you need, a soldier i will be

the march


i've seen the end ahead

but i still keep marching on

nowhere to go but off the edge

all sense we had is gone

we do just what we are told

no matter what's been done

no consequence, no aftermath

no tell of what's to come


and they leave us standing there

to hold a smoking gun

i don't wanna fight this war

no more, i don't know

what i'm really fighting for

what's it all for?

once in my dreams


as the birds flew by, they ripped open the sky

stars crashed down, across the land

i killed a man once, once in my dreams

i saved a man once, once in my dreams

on an open road, i saw my dying soul

i begged it to return to my heart

i watched my life pass by, through electronic eyes

all i've known is torn apart

i killed a man once, once in my dreams

i saved a man once, once in my dreams

i destroyed the world once, once in my dreams

i saved the world once, once in my dreams

when will this end? i've gone too far again

arms open

the script

i can't unfeel your pain

i can't undo what's done

i can't stand back the rain

but if i could, i would

my love, my arms are open


the script

please, what if i self-destruct

will the world fall to dust?

release, i only need one touch

all my life i looked for deliverance

and all my nights i pray for forgiveness

all my love just for deliverance

and heaven knows you right

be the one, be the one, be the one to deliver it

and heaven knows you right

be the one, be the one, be the one, my deliverance

nothing left to say

of imagine dragons

below my soul, i feel an engine

collapsing as it sees the pain

if i could only shut it out

i've come too far to see the end now

even if my way is wrong

but i keep pushing on and on and on and on

there’s nothing left to say now, oh, oh

i’m giving up, giving up, hey, hey, giving up now

i'm falling, i'm falling down now

the scientist


come up to meet you, tell you i'm sorry

you don't know how lovely you are

i had to find you

tell you i need you

tell you i set you apart

tell me your secrets

and ask me your questions

oh, let's go back to the start

here with me

susie suh x robot koch

caught in the riptide

i was searching for the truth

there was a reason

i collided into you

calling your name in the midnight hour

reaching for you from the endless dream

so many miles between us now

but you are always here with me


i find my way, back to you

meet me on the battlefield


no time for rest, no pillow for my head

nowhere to run from this

no way to forget

around the shadows creep

like friends, they cover me

just wanna lay me down and finally

try to get some sleep

we carry on through the storm

tired soldiers in this war

remember what we're fighting for

meet me on the battlefield

even on the darkest night

i will be your sword and shield,

your camouflage, and you will be mine

echos and the shots ring out

we may be the first to fall

everything can stay the same

or we could change it all


sleeping at last

we were full of life,

we could barely hold it in.

we were amateurs at war,

strangers to suffering.


our questions ricochet

like broken satellites:

how our bodies, born to heal,

become so prone to die?


so we found our way back home,

let our cuts and bruises heal.

while a brand-new war began,

one that no one else could feel.


there is goodness in the heart

of every broken man

who comes right up to the edge

of losing everything he has.


sleeping at last

the sparks send the fire down the wire,

a countdown begins,

until the dynamite gives in.

the echo, as wide as the equator,

travels through a world of built up anger-

too late to pull itself together now.

fault lines tremble underneath my glass house.

but i put it out of my mind

long enough to call it courage

to live without a lifeline.


there was an earthquake.

there was an avalanche of change.

we were so afraid,

we cried ourselves a hurricane.


these wildfires grow and grow

until a brand new world takes shape.


sleeping at last

so i patched up

every leak i could,

'til the blame grew too heavy.

stitch by stitch i tear apart.

if brokenness is a form of art,

i must be a poster child prodigy.

thread by thread i come apart.

if brokenness is a work of art,

surely this must be my masterpiece.

i'm only honest when it rains.

if i time it right, the thunder breaks

when i open my mouth.

i want to tell you but i don't know how.

i'm only honest when it rains,

an open book with a torn out page,

and my ink's run out.

i want to love you but i don't know how.


these wild oceans

shake what's left of me loose

just to hear me cry mercy.

a strong wind at my back,

so i lift up the only sail that i have,

this tired white flag.


sleeping at last

after a while, i thought i’d never find you.

i convinced myself that i would never find you,

when suddenly i saw you

at first i thought you were a constellation.

i made a map of your stars,

then i had a revelation:

you’re as beautiful as endless,

you’re the universe i’m helpless in.

an astronomer at my best

when i throw away the measurements.


i was a billion little pieces

'til you pulled me into focus.

astronomy in reverse,

it was me who was discovered.


sleeping at last

i'm short of breath

standing next to you

i'll be the dangerous ledge

you be the parachute

blue and green below

is a masterpiece

but you are beautiful

like i've never seen

hymm for the missing


i tried to walk together

but the night was growing dark

thought you were beside me

but i reached and you were gone

sometimes i hear you calling

from some lost and distant shore

i hear you crying softly for

the way it was before

where are you now, are you lost?

will i find you again?

are you alone, are you afraid?

are you searching for me?

why did you go i had to stay?

now i'm reaching for you

will you wait, will you wait

will i see you again

we must be killers

mikky ekko

and we all know how to fake it baby

and we all know what we have done

we must be killers

children of the wild ones


where we got left to run?


in the end

black veil brides

'cause it's the end

and i'm not afraid

i'm not afraid, to die

born a saint

but with every sin i still want to be holy

i will live again

who we are isn't how we live

we are more than our bodies

if i fall i will rise back up

and relive my glory

in the end

linkin park

i tried so hard and got so far

but in the end it doesn't even matter

i had to fall to lose it all

but in the end it doesn't even matter


linkin park

when you were standing

in the wake of devastation

when you were waiting

on the edge of the unknown

and with the cataclysm raining down,

insides crying save me now

you were there impossibly alone

do you feel cold and lost in desperation

you build up hope but failure's all you've known

remember all the sadness and frustration

and let it go, let it go


rag'n'bone man

maybe i'm foolish, maybe i'm blind

thinking i can see through this

and see what's behind

got no way to prove it

so maybe i'm blind

but i'm only human after all

i'm only human after all

don't put your blame on me

don't put your blame on me

take a look in the mirror

and what do you see

do you see it clearer

or are you deceived

in what you believe


i'm only human

i make mistakes


i'm just a man

i do what i can

don't put the blame on me

breathe again

sara bareilles

all i have, all i need,

he's the air i would kill to breathe

holds my love in his hands,

still i'm searching

all I have, all i need,

she's the air i would kill to breathe

holds my love in his hands,

and still i'm searching for something

out of breath, i am left hoping someday

i'll breathe again

star crossed


it's not enough to lay your head down on my chest

and talk about our future

like we'd ever had a chance

baby, there's no room to grow

we gotta let this go, back away slow

we're not star crossed lovers

falling over each other


moment you laugh

oh, the way you'd say my name

no more hearing rumors,

no more asking for my space

baby, i got no regrets, our time's been spent

we're at the end

how you love me


you get what you give, that's the simple truth.

just lend me your hand

and i'll give you someone to hold onto.

i don't need a second chance, i need a friend,

someone who's gon' stand by me

right there till the end,

if you want the best of my heart,

you've just gotta see the good in me.

'cause i could be the rain in your desert sky,

i could be the fire in your darkest night,

i could be your curse or your angel,

it's all in how you love me.

this is where you can reach me


soldier, soldier

we signed our lives away

complete surrender

the only weapon we know

soldier soldier

we knew the world would never be the same

solider, this is where you can reach me now

what i've done

linkin park

in this farewell

there's no blood, there's no alibi

'cause i've drawn regret

from the truth of a thousand lies

so let mercy come and wash away

what i've done

i'll face myself to cross out what I've become

erase myself

and let go of what I've done

i'll be good

jaymes young

i'll be good, i'll be good

and i'll love the world, like i should

yeah, i'll be good, i'll be good

for all of the time

my past has tasted bitter

for years now

so i wield an iron fist

grace is just weakness

or so i've been told

i've been cold, i've been merciless

but the blood on my hands

scares me to death

maybe i'm waking up today


i'll be a better man today


jaymes young

the brightness of the sun, will give me just enough

to bury my love, in the Moondust

i long to hear your voice,

but still i make the choice

to bury my love, in the moondust

nothing can breath, in the space

colder than, the darkest sea

i have dreams about the days,

driving through your sunset breeze

but the first thing, that i will do

is bury my love for you

keep on keeping on

colony house

wake up brother lift your eyes

feel the sun see the light

there's a reason you're alive

come on brother lift your eye's

life is fragile don't you know

life's a battle for the soul

here today here to go

don't waste time here feeling low


when the devil's arm seems strong brother

keep on keeping on

ode to sleep

twenty one pilots

i'm pleading, please, oh please

on my knees repeatedly asking

why it's got to be like this

is this living free?

i don't wanna be the one

be the one to have the sun's blood on my hands


i'll stay awake

'cause the dark's not taking prisoners tonight

why am i not scared in the morning?

i don't hear those voices calling

i must have kicked them out

i swear i heard demons yelling

those crazy words they were spelling

they told me i was gone


what have i become?

i'm sorry


theory of a deadman

i’d go to hell and back with you

stay lost in what we found.

worlds apart we were the same

until we hit the ground

maybe i’m crazy, maybe i’m weak

maybe i’m blinded by what i see

you wanted a soldier but it wasn't me

'cause i could never set you free


walls are built to keep us safe

until they’re crashing down

let you go

katie herzig

i wished you here, i wished so hard

i wished your smile in the dark

you came for me, you came so true

you gave all this hope to lose


but i'll take pain to know this love

to feel alive, to feel enlightened

i would rather take the fall

than never love at all

help, i'm alive


help i'm alive

my heart keeps beating like a hammer

hard to be soft, tough to be tender

come take my pulse,

the pace is on a runaway train

help i'm alive

my heart keeps beating like a hammer

beating like a hammer

everything is lost

maggie eckford

my hope is blood on broken glass

a shattered hole, a scattered past

and i can't wake up cause the darkness won't let go

and i can't wake up cause the darkness is taking hold

everything is lost

and this nightmare's closing in

everything is lost

there's a sorrow beneath my skin

this is the end... of me

this is the end of me

there are angels and demons at war inside my chest

the good and the evil are fighting to possess

and i can't stand up

as the ground shakes underneath

and i can't stand up as the earth gives under me

space walk


is there anybody out there, I've come too far to go

is there anybody here, never been so far from home

is there anybody out there, another few miles to go

is there anybody here, man, it'd just be nice to know

'cause all i'm thinking what the world is all about

all i've floating along through the sun

falling into orbit with the satellites

fall into a sea when I am done

weight of living (part one)


there's an albatross around your neck,

all the things you've said,

and the things you've done,

can you carry it with no regrets,

can you stand the person you've become,

ooh there's a light

what a catch, donnie

fall out boy

i got troubled thoughts

and the self-esteem to match

what a catch, what a catch


cold war kids

first you get hurt, then you feel sorry

flying like a cannonball, falling to the earth

heavy as a feather when you hit the dirt

r.i.p. to my youth

the neighborhood

and you could call this the funeral

i'm just telling the truth

and you can play this at my funeral

might go to hell and there ain't no stopping

might be a sinner and i might be a saint

i'd like to be proud, but somehow i'm ashamed

sweet little baby in a world full of pain

i gotta be honest, i don't know if i could take it

everybody's talking, but what's anybody saying?


close my eyes and then cross my arms

put me in the dirt, let me dream with the stars

throw me in a box with the oxygen off

lonely lullaby

owl city

symphony of silver tears,

sing to me and sooth the ring in my ears,

overcast these gloomy nights wear on,

but i'm holding fast because it's

darkest just before the dawn

i sang my princess fast asleep

'cause she was my dream come true

oh believe me, i loved you

but now these lonely lullabies

just dampen my tired eyes

because i can't forget you

because i can't forget you

i'll dissolve when the rain pours in

when the nightmares take me,

i will scream with the howling wind,

'cause it's a bitter world and i'd rather dream

be the light

one ok rock

you have seen hell and made it back again

how to forget? we can’t forget

the lives that were lost along the way

and then you realize that wherever you go

there you are

time won’t stop

so we keep moving on

yesterday’s night turns to light

tomorrow’s night returns to light



i'm saying i love you again

are you listening?

open your eyes once again

look at me crying

if only you could hear me shout your name

if only you could feel my love again

the stars

in the sky will never be the same

if only you were here

helpless / bloodlines part ii

sir sly

it's not that i'm lost

i know exactly where i am

i'm in the middle of a mess that i don't understand

why does it feel like the world's stealing

every single thing that i have?

i only got the air in my chest

and even that won't last


hiroyuka sawano


hiroyuka sawano


hiroyuka sawano


hiroyuka sawano


hiroyuka sawano


hiroyuka sawano

as inaho

hiroyuka sawano

Widow's Peak

at caution

user posted image
Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

These are my headcanons for Slaine. More will definitely be added as they come to mind.

* he's demisexual and i want to say he's biromantic

* he has so many nightmares that are so made he wakes up screaming and/or crying

* so much self loathing that he's working through

* he's very self conscious of his scars

* he suffered from severe night terrors as a child

* as a child most of his nightmares were about his own death; now all his dreams are about the deaths of others

* he takes quick, cold showers

* he tends to flinch when people raise a hand towards him, like if someone went in for a high five, he would flinch because he's used to a raised hand meaning abuse

* he enjoys cooking and is actually very good at it. it comes from all the times he had to make meals for him and his father when his father was too busy

* the one place that he and his father would go to together was the park, which is why he enjoys it so much, though at the same time it makes him sad

* he's good at the poker face look. he's too considerate of other's. it's rare that something will surprise him enough to let it slip through, but there are moments

* he doesn't rest well and tends to sleep curled in on himself and wears loose clothes (a t-shirt and sweatpants)

* as a child his father would always put a hand on his head and slaine views that as comforting

* he over thinks a lot, especially when nervous or flustered or just in a situation he doesn't want to be in

* his mother was irish and his father was french, making him half-irsh, half-french ^

* if he ever had kids he would be super careful with them and always make sure they knew they were loved

^ from what i could find, "slaine" has Irish origins, while "troyard" is French.
Some headcanon he's Norwegian but all we were given was 'Northern Europe',
so we don't know for sure.

user posted image
Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

Silence made a graphic.
(big surprise, right?)

But it's a pretty gif graphic. (okay not pretty because my son is hurting but hush)
This took far longer than it was meant to because the crying gif had 51 layers
(AKA KILL ME) but it's done and i'm proud
because i don't usually attempt shit like this because ugh too much effort.

Lyrics are from Amanda Lee's English cover of aLIEz, which is [here]
(gifs are not mine, were found on google/tumblr)

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edit i want to edit slaine to this entire song

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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

cross out what i've done
liv's codes

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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

Oops. I made another thing.
Asseylum and Slaine hurt me.
And I kept thinking of them when I listened to this song.
So. Here we are.

Lyrics from Moondust by Jaymes Young
which is [here]

user posted image

idk why my computer insists on making things so blurred x-x

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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

my hand slipped ok?
i have no excuses for this.
i just had a thought after the other one
'what if i found RL actors to edit'
so i found some and i'm official trash
i was in a graphic mood, ok? (should do the requests >.>)

Lyrics from Northern Lights by Jaymes Young
which is [here]
asseylum -> kerti pahk
slaine -> lucky blue smith

user posted image

watercolor galaxy - taxmaj
galaxy - goddess selene gomez
galaxy - resources photoshop
set 18 - 9 liters of art
(all found on deviantart)

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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

i have no shame
Lyrics from Let You Go by Katie Herzig
which is [here]
asseylum -> kerti pahk
slaine -> lucky blue smith

look at how cute he is smiling thou

user posted image

edit the text got a little blurred and eh
it says "i'll take pain to know this love"

nefarious - ravenorlov
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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

i found scanned and translated pages of slaine's side-story manga and i'm shrieking
[someone join me in feels]

[this] is a master list of all the extra episodes.

[scars] is a one-shot about Asseylum seeing Slaine's scars.

[blue roses for aesthetics]

[so many icon choices]

art (some are pain):
[x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x]
[x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x], [x]

art 2.0 (slaine ft animals)
[x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

[MEP PART - Lies] - Aldnoah.Zero
[MEP PART - Without You] - Slaine/Asseylum
[MEP PART - Broken Pieces] - Slaine/Asseylum
[Honest] - Slaine/Asseylum
[Demons] - Slaine/Asseylum
[Alive] - Aldnoah.Zero
[There are no miracles] - Slaine
[Where I Have To Go] - Slaine/Inaho
[Run] - Slaine/Inaho

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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

we're all aware by now that slaine is my son
so no one should be surprised i made another thing.

lyrics are (again) from Amanda Lee's English cover of aLIEz
they don't all come right after each other in the song, but i wanted to do it with them like this.
also wanted to do a gif version, but that's too much work and i have no patience.

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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

hüzün (n.) a melancholy resulting from inadequacy
or failure and weighing so heavily that
it becomes communal, resigned, almost poetic.

Through his reflection he could see the pain in his own eyes, the sadness mirrored in the stoic expression of his still youthful face. It was apparent that he was no longer a child, in just the misery of his cyan eyes. But it was also in the set of his bones, the down turn of his lips, the sigh when he was alone.

litost (n.) regret and remorse and repentance;
a state of agony and torment; or sorrow said to be
"created by the sudden sight of one's own misery"

For so long he had been sure he had made all the right choices, done all the right things but it was clear he had been forgetting one very important thing. Or maybe it wasn't just "one" thing, perhaps it was a multitude of things that he had forgotten. He could have been better, he knew that and had known it from the moment he fell, but it was too late to go back, so he continued forward - the only way he could go.

zugzwang (n.) a situation where every possible move
is a bad one, or one that will result in damage or loss.

He had just gotten her back, in this new world, and now he could lose her again and he knew that there would be blood across the beach, but it would not be her's. The world would have to come through him to get to her. So he stood before her and faced down their enemy, a man who had claimed him as a son, ready to let his own heart cease to beat if it meant hers would continue. There was no way out of this and something had to give, so why not him?

rasasvada (n.) the taste of bliss in the absence of thoughts.

There was that distant sound of thunder, an echo to the kick of his own weapon, the crack against the slapping of the waves. There had been words, but they were useless now as the pain exploded across his abdomen. His arms were about her, his voice whispering to her ear. It's okay. He said the words over and over, slippery on his tongue as his knees went to jelly and slid out from beneath him. Even as her frantic hands cupped his face and arms stretched around him, leaning his body backwards, falling into her shoulder, his lips continued on, fumbling over those two simple words. It's okay. There was a thought of panic, but she was there and looking into her eyes was peace.

aspectabund (adj.) letting or being able to let
expressive emotion show easily through one's face and eyes.

His eyes were shining and even as he murmured for her not to cry, salty tears made slow, tumbling tracks into his hairline, vanishing into the silver of it, shimmering in the light of the sun. There were tears there, burning in her own eyes, though he was smiling, that gentle soft smile he had reserved for her eyes alone. When he raised his hand, there was a tremor to it, a shake that hadn't been there before. It was a different kind of shake from the nervousness and the shame that had overtaken him in his past when holding a firearm. No, this was the weakness traveling through his body. Do not cry for me, princess. It was a chore, getting out those words, even in his breathy tones, though his knuckles grazed against her cheek bone, brushing at the crystal tears, sliding, sliding, sliding from her emerald eyes.

súton (n.) twilight;
the approach of death or the end of something.

It was harder to focus on the words she spoke to him and the press of her palm both against his abdomen and his face. Her thumb rubbed across his skin, her words soft and gentle as they had been for all time. It reminded him of the beginning and his small smile didn't deteriorate at the worsening pain. It grew in remembrance. One weak hand slid up to hers, holding on where it cupped his face, his own thumb weakly brushing comfort across her knuckles. He spoke once more, truth falling from his lips before his hand slid out of hers.

sophrosyne (n.) a healthy state of mind,
characterized by self-control, moderation, and a deep awareness
of one's true self; resulting in true happiness.

His smile remained.

(all words are from [here]
this is avalon au. saazbaum appears in avalon and tries to kill asseylum.
the rest is self explanatory. i'm sorry in a not sorry sort of way
i found a [picture] like this and i am ashamed)

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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

idk friendship
they're gunna be bffs, ok.
and happier the next time they meet. <3
(also praise the gods, these gifs were super similar in number of layers)

yuuri -> yuzuru hanyu
slaine -> lucky blue smith

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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

do you guys see a difference?
because i literally cannot.

asseylum -> kerti pahk
slaine -> lucky blue smith

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Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Job: Hospital Volunteer
Series: Aldnoah.Zero
OOC: Silence - Eastern - Offline

this started out as something else,
but then i heard this lyric and I couldn't help myself.
i just want to edit A/Z to this entire song. oops.
it's called mars, how can i not?
they also have one called earth
aka: this started out as me trying to pick lyrics
from both the songs to do a image collage thing with.
but this one was too slaine for me to pass up.

lyrics are from Mars by Sleeping At Last
which is [here]

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