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Beatrice Santello
 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 07:19 PM
College Student
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Beatrice Santello

I Guess Proximity

Counts for a Lot

While she had been able to get a dorm room thanks to the college being rather understanding of the nature of her situation, she still had essentially arrived in this town with just a couple bucks in her wallet. In short, she was broke and had only whatever she was carrying on her at the time. Even if running a business had eaten up a lot of her time, she had still maintained an online presence, even if was just to chat with friends or post political opinions on Internet forums…she really needed to cut back on that though. It was kind of stress inducing, and she had enough of that in life.

Point was, she was broke, had only her wallet and phone, but she wanted to mess around online a little bit. That was what brought her to the library. She had some books she’d need to check out soon anyway for summer reading, but there wouldn’t be wrong with a little web browsing first. Making her way inside, she headed towards one of the computer areas. Fortunately there were some open spots still, and she slid on in. Probably got a few looks for being a crocodile but, eh, whatever, she was used to technically being the weird one in this world. Well, weirder: for Possum Springs she was considered a little odd anyways.

With the computer fired up and ready to go, she headed online and started checking on social media. She had made some accounts for the networks here on Avalon, mostly to keep up with college stuff, like news, deadlines, etc. Couple friends here and there too, but not too many. Overall, as weird as her situation was, just sitting her browsing the web felt pretty normal. As long as she didn’t sit here too long. From her experience at the Possum Springs library, librarians usually didn’t like people lingering on social media for too long if anyone was waiting…

My life felt like running after something that kept moving away


Star Butterfly
 Posted: Yesterday at 12:01 pm
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Star Butterfly

The library was no fun place for Star Butterfly to be. It seemed like any school library but just bigger for the public to come to. Her homework had brought her here and the fact Glossaryck had kept mentioning to her how important an education is. Although he would always add in “or not” for telling her things on what she should be doing. As if he didn't care what she did with her life as long as she was learning her spell book.

She groaned as she entered the building and found a table to sit at. Digging out her books and notebooks from her backpack to work on. Without Marco around to help her with terms she didn't fully understand, Star just did her best with things. Her wand handle turned into a pencil as she began to work. Half way through her math homework she was starting to get bored. She had finished her English homework and history homework, but it was the math that she disliked the most.

So after getting a couple of questions done, Star let her head drop on the table top with a small thud. Trying not to interrupt people next to her with her complaining. Too bad she just couldn't use magic to get her homework finished. She tried it once but the teachers here seemed to notice. Clearly she made the mistake to make her homework perfect instead of making a few errors so it wouldn't be too noticeable.

Star took a few more minutes on trying to finish her math homework before giving up.

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