Welcome to Avalon! It is surely the first thing you and your character will hear. We are a canon Panfandom RP. We are an open sandbox set in a modern-fantasy like setting. We allow members to be very plot driven and follow along with events and main plot changes to their own level of comfort. Possibilities are almost endless and we allow almost all genres of characters. Many characters have a hard time accepting their lives in this new world while others embrace it.
FORECAST: 24 hours of nighttime and cold every day.
set in Winter, 2017

Ishida Mitsunari
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"You rob me of my allies, isolate me and then reproach me for my want of brotherhood!? Make sense of this hypocrisy if you dare even try! On that day I died. You, you run away to save yourself and you continue to flee. I can see in your eyes the hatred I feel in mine. Fall to rot! I will see your life end by my blade! TOKUGAWA IEYASUUUUU!!!!"

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