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 Maybe I am Haunted, {Ask}
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Oct 12 2017, 07:05 PM
Maybe I'm Haunted ...
even great men rise and fall

NOTES: This was better in my head, -throws trash- But lets go with someone NOT losing their head probably?

Dreams, they rip asunder, The otherworld, it hates you
Go into the sand, and the dust, and the sky.
Go now, there's no better plan, than to do or to die.

“It'd be easier to take up drinkin again. Actual drinkin...” he hissed feeling his heel slide against the ground as another powerful blow echoed off the blunt side of his large sword. Behemoths the bounty said, not that he cared about that, Jecht chalked it up to needing something to do and of course helping the town out. But these Behemoths were not like the ones from his world, in fact he was pretty sure they were twice as strong, with more spines and over-all more dangerous looking. Did he regret taking up the hunt? Well no, not yet at least.

The job also said there was only one of them go figure.

Twisting the blade over in hand he deflected a powerful thrust of claws. Taking it in both hands he stepped forward and swung hard leaving a wide gaping wound in the creature's side. Immediately being rushed by the second as the first recovered he threw a ball of fire into its face and then slipped to the side of it and brought his blade high above his head cleaving its head off. Without much time to relish in his win he was forced to defend from the pointed horns and snapping jaws the other tried to gore him with, followed by more claws.

Ducking he managed to get the creature to ram itself into a tree and dashed away to gain some space. “C'mon! Ain't met no fiend that I couldn't handle!” he spat cracking his neck and rolling his shoulder back, preparing his sword out at his side. What happened next surprised the ex-guardian quite a bit. The creature stood on two legs, as if its whole anatomy had changed before his eyes and.....ripped some kind of sword from the back of its head and rest of its body. 'Well, that's new not used to em having swords.' Jecht dangled his head forward able to sense the beast's new status buffs. Slinging his sword over his shoulder he prepared and grinned back.

Gritting his teeth and tightening his grip he defended himself from the creature's large weapon. His blade shook in protest, this monster was strong. They weren't wrong putting a bounty on its head, but they were very far off on rating the strength of the beast. 'Still probably better than someone inexperienced taking it on.'

He threw the sword off his own and then managed a few heavy strikes on the beast's sides. Doing his best to stay out of range of his weapon as he did so. This eventually led to it attacking much more fiercely. But the fighter managed to slip under and hook his sword around its wrist, twisting and ripping it off before spinning his blade and thrusting it forward. Claws raking against his shoulder and side left deep streaks of crimson but quickly fell limp when Jecht pulled his blade from the creature's middle with a few drops running down his face.

Jecht wiped the sweat and some blood from his brow with the back of his arm as he watched the beast fall still. The hunt hadn't gone quite according to plan, but at least it was over. At lest it should have been until he heard something come bursting through the trees and underbrush. Getting drunk was starting to sound really nice right about now...

“Sh-” he choked sliding back into one of the trees hard enough to have the air knocked from him. “Can't die here......” he pushed back managing to cause the creature to recoil, but it quickly countered with a swift spinning attack throwing the man several feet back and tumbling across the forest floor. Where? He quickly looked for his sword only to find it sticking out of the ground several feet away. Scrambling to reach it he felt something sharp against his back and then fell. It was the last thing he could remember before darkness consumed his vision.

The next time he opened his eyes the creature was lying with his sword through its skull. Darkness quickly became him again. Blinking awake again the older man let out a loud growl of pain as he stood and retrieved his blade. Vorick Town... he tiredly thought.

Dragging his blade beside him Jecht stopped and hung his head back with a low guttural growl and narrowing his eyes as he heard movement behind him. Raising the blade he swung it hard enough to easily cut someone in half if they didn't duck, dodge, or somehow defend themselves. Unless it was another monster.

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