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#1020 Shouted By: Xayah
Yesterday at 10:56 pm

#1019 Shouted By: Ritona Reighnvhasta
Yesterday at 09:28 pm

#1018 Shouted By: Mara Sov
Yesterday at 07:28 pm

#1017 Shouted By: Mara Sov
Yesterday at 04:23 pm

#1016 Shouted By: Cinna
Yesterday at 04:11 pm

#1015 Shouted By: Vergil Sparda
Yesterday at 02:57 pm

#1014 Shouted By: Henry Green
Yesterday at 01:42 pm

#1013 Shouted By: Nikolaï Andreievich Orelov
Yesterday at 01:11 pm

#1012 Shouted By: Dust
Yesterday at 12:09 pm

#1011 Shouted By: Dawn Summers
Yesterday at 08:30 am

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