Welcome to Avalon! It is surely the first thing you and your character will hear. We are a canon Panfandom RP. We are an open sandbox set in a modern-fantasy like setting. We allow members to be very plot driven and follow along with events and main plot changes to their own level of comfort. Possibilities are almost endless and we allow almost all genres of characters. Many characters have a hard time accepting their lives in this new world while others embrace it.
FORECAST: 24 hours of nighttime and cold every day.
set in Winter, 2017

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 Locations, Around the World
Race: Crow Birb
Age: 9000
Job: Cheese Birb Overlord!
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Dustbirb - Central - Online

Sanctum City
Welcome to Avalon

Sanctum City

The floating city of Sanctum is a utopia for most people who arrive in this world. It is the largest and most advanced city offering a more comfortable home to those of modern or later worlds, and is always welcoming of others. The city floats high above the ground connected by five monstrous chains as if the island could float away. the island is connected to the rest of the world below via winding train-stations, two in total. The city does have fairly limited room though as the city continues to grow, but accommodates life really well for now. Schools, a clinic, and a sports arena that can accommodate any type of sport, are just a few things it has to offer. The city itself floats located somewhat in the center of the continent, and is surrounded by a wall to keep people from falling off the edge.

The northern most area of the city is where the sizes of buildings shrink and there is more room to move around. Here there are often houses for sell in small neighborhoods with small patches of land as compared to other areas of the city. There are also a few smaller business, apartments, cafes and an outdoor market.

--- Residential District
An area where multiple houses are set up, you can also find hotels and apartments here, be wary though your new neighbor maybe more then he seems. The Residential area is split up into three parts first having the larger nicer homes, the second the medium sized, and the third the smallest.

--- Fortune's Bakery
A small homey little bakery located – well, just close enough to home for many. The small place sells anything from bread, to donuts and cake which could serve as a bit of a problem for some people. Walking in you are instantly hit with the delicious smells of homemade goods and it is nearly impossible to leave empty handed. There are also a few tables where people may sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and chat over a fresh donuts!

--- Lone Fox Tavern
A simple tavern with a wood finish that is fairly popular in Sanctum City. The building is of moderate size with a good mix of modern and classic design to appeal to more people. It’s made of mostly maple wood with a lacquer finish to protect it from the elements. On the inside, it appears larger. There are plenty of booths and tables placed all around with easily enough space to move between them and have privacy. Those who want more privacy can claim one of the few booths set off towards the back. On the right wall is a long bar for those who want to eat alone or have a drink. The very center is a bit more open than the rest for late night dancing on weekend nights.

--- Quill and Candle Book Shop
It's a small shop nestled into the row of small businesses in Dathus. Upon entering, you'll be assaulted by the soft aroma of burning candles (well out of the way of the books) and the even softer scent of old book. The newer the book is, the further back into the shop it'll be found. Oh! If you're allergic to cats, I wouldn't advise taking a trip in as the owner keeps around a small black cat named Kel. The shop doubles as a home for the owner, which is up the stairs to the right of the entrance.

The north-eastern corner of the city is mostly reserved for the military or 'Guard of Avalon' and its units. While civilians are allowed in the district most of the HQ is off-limits for their own protection. Many of the buildings are very large allowing for plenty of room for the soldiers. This district is also home to the moderately sized prison.

--- Avalon Guard Headquarters
Taking up most of Praesidio is the headquarters for the Guard of Avalon. A fairly large area is walled off and houses many large buildings, some for storing weapons, and others serving as soldiers barracks for those who wish to stay close to work. A large building in the center serves as a neutral area where civilians can come visit or file complaints, with a fence along either side of the pathway leading back to the street. There are plenty of open grounds surrounding the central building with room for practice with most forms of weaponry, though the shooting range for all firearms is kept inside one of the buildings to the far back.

--- Police Station & Jail
The police station is small as they only deal with minor situations, anything major is dealt with by the Avalon Guard. There is a small reception area, and behind that is the entrance to the cells. Of course there is also some office space for those with higher ranks.

--- Hero Tower
Located in the Praesidio District Hero Tower undoubtedly stands out due to its taller structure over most of the other buildings. The tower allows plenty of room for heroes to store their costumes, weapons, and other devices. There is also a somewhat extensive training area or two, as well as dorm-like rooms which can be used. The height of the building offers a good view over the city, as well as a large flat rooftop where people who can fly can easily come or go.

The eastern most area of the city is home to the train-station, ever welcoming town hall, a few small cafes and businesses with a small apartment or two looking over. But most of the area is reserved for the train-station and giving people and objects enough room to be loaded on and off.

--- Train Station
The station consists of a moderately sized area where people may board on and off or wait for the next train. Most of the area surrounding the station is covered and has a small vending machine or two tucked away for easy access to food and drink. There is no mistaking the sound of the train whistle when it comes near or is leaving the station.

--- Chance Encounters Cafe
A small cafe nothing fancy it is a nice homey place to bring first dates or just hang out. It is a medium sized building with tables near the windows and a small bar to the back. The service is friendly and they serve a variety of things on the menu.

--- Green's Curiosities
A small curio shop located in the Solum District. The walls are lined with shelves or glass cabinets, the half of them filled with books, and the other half of different odds and ends from all over the world, or worlds all things considered. It has a small counter toward the back of the shop where transactions take place, and a room off to the side which serves as an office. The shop also has a second floor which serves as the owner's residential dwellings.

The central-most area of the city and home to only a few things, namely being the park and the council's HQ. It is perhaps the most open area of the city, people here are often friendly and helpful.

--- Council Headquarters
This nicely sized building with a lot of security is the council's HQ where they meet to discuss any recent events that need their attention or even help to decide what laws may need to be made to keep the city safe. Good luck getting in without an council's ID though unless you're a guest.

--- Welcome Hall
Located in the central district is the Welcoming Hall for all newcomers to Avalon and Sanctum City. It is a moderately sized building where new people can come to find information on this new world. They also offer a small welcoming pack to help people get started and offer a room for those to stay up to the first three nights here to help them adjust. This is also where currency is exchanged and people's IDs are added to the Sanctum database.

--- Sanctum Park
Located in the very center of the city is a patch of land where trees and other plants grow beautifully, with plenty of room for family picnics, walking your dog, or just hanging out.

--- The Library
With so much history to be told, Avalon's library is a sight to be seen Upon entering the building you are met with a large hall, to each side there is a large spiral staircase leading to the upper recesses of the building. The library is divided between three floors, the ground floor is dedicated to Avalon's little known history and the collected history of other worlds, whilst the second floor hold varying literature, from scientific texts to flights of fancy. The third floor is where you will find the newspaper archives, they are all filed neatly by date order. Whilst you may borrow any of the books, the newspapers must not be taken from the building

The southern half of the city and the most known for more cramped spaces because of the larger buildings filling the area, it is buzzing with busy life most of the time and is home to many of the business and office buildings,schools, and multiple other locations.

--- School District
Of course this world wouldn't lack some kind of educational system for almost all grades. Finding teachers to teach is almost harder than finding students. You will find everything from an elementary school to a tiny college.

--- The Sweet Shoppe
If you have a sweet tooth, then the candy box is the place for you. The shop is large and runs far into the back, with a step down to an area with extra seating. There is an array of different ice creams, from peanut butter to blueberry! If you're feeling adventurous, try one of their creations, a delicious ice cream dessert shaped like a teddy bear, or a pirate ship! Alternatively, simply make your own custom order and add on some of the various toppings just waiting to be tried! They also carry every candy you can imagine. Every Thursday they offer a sample of some of their fabulous fudge. And naturally they'd be located so close to the school zones, these kids need their sugar!

--- The Hospital
Avalons hospital is top of the range. There are a few specialized Doctors who deal specifically with anyone new who comes to Avalon, this gives them a chance to note anything particular about their physiology that could help others in the future. The building is rather large with multiple stories and more than enough room to help the usual patients.

--- The Mall
A building which stretches out over a fairly great distance with two stories serves as Sanctum's Mall. Within are all sorts of shops both large and small and it is it where many of Sanctum's people do their shopping that isn't food-related. Clothing stores, electronic stores, small cafes you name it and there is probably a small corner for it. Not to mention a few specialty stores which carry weapons and some armors. There is also a movie theater connected to it.

--- Minors Boarding Home
A home built to help house the minors who would otherwise be orphans in Avalon. The home is free to any and all minors who find themselves far from home and with no guardian to care for them, effectively sheltering and feeding them. It is a large building with many small-sized rooms already furnished with simple necessities such as beds, dressers, and desks. Some rooms are a little larger and accommodate two or three. There are large, shared bathrooms and showers for both genders on each floor. The showers and toilets are in separate stalls for more privacy. There is also a large eating hall for all and a shared lobby in the center of the main floor with plenty of couches and chairs to relax at and socialize. It is a rather nice building and is well cared for.

The South-Eastern corner of the city is a bit different the area is a little more spaced out than others. With larger homes and expensive shops and cafes the Impetus district is by no doubt the most lavish part of the city. People tho can afford to live here are often councilmen, the top of the guard, or have some other well-paying job. Other people though are of course free to visit the many shops and diners; if they can afford them.

--- The Bell
A fancy restaurant located in the Imptus district. The Bell is one of the fanciest places in Sanctum city, great food, and perfect atmosphere for dressing up and taking a date. Of course its also rather expensive too and depending on the night you may require a reservation to get in. So it isn't the place for everyone but is sure to please others. The building itself appears to be somewhat simple on the outside but on the in the floors are well-polished and the surroundings decorated elegantly. The service here of course is also good.

The western half of the city is well known for being where most of the entertainment is located. It has the most to do out of any other area if you're looking for a day or night on the town it is always buzzing with life here. Here you will find a small number of apartments, but a large number of attractions from the arena, bars, arcades, and more.

--- The Stadium
At the center of the area in this part of the city is a massive stadium with countless rows of seating. The place is not only build sturdy but with the highest possible technology which allows it to transform slightly to allow for just about any sport imaginable.

--- The Theater
A large building located in Luix made of bricks and a somewhat higher-class looking décor. The Theater as it is known does not only show traditional movies sometimes, but has a very nice extending stage for traditional plays as well as doubling as an opera house. There is no doubt anyone who puts on shows here puts their heart and soul into it, and most who some seem to enjoy the upper-class appeal as well as the talent.

--- Velye Bar
A bar that is very lively, especially on the weekends. It is rather small but that doesn't stop people from coming to party! There are a few tables located on one side with the majority of the room open for dancing. The dance floor is lined with speakers and lights on the ceilings and walls. There is always a DJ in control of the music who keeps the mood up for anyone looking for a good time. Just be careful choosing when to come, it can be crowed sometimes.

--- Sanctum Recreation Center
The Sanctum recreation center (or SRC) welcomes anyone in its doors as long as they do not openly seek to cause trouble. The building is relatively large with multiple areas inside. A gym, a skating rink, a pool, as well as small classes where people can teach or be caught different activities from yoga to some small craft classes. Fun for the whole family, or alone.

To the north-western corner of the city the buildings slowly shrink in size. Inops is a poorer district compared to the other areas of the city though not devoid of housing and small businesses, though often businesses here tend to ignore some of Avalon's laws when they feel like it. Depending on the day the area can be a little dangerous as well. And, there is no telling what one might find when traversing Inops' slums.

© darren criss

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Race: Crow Birb
Age: 9000
Job: Cheese Birb Overlord!
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Dustbirb - Central - Online

The Wildlands
Welcome to Avalon

The Wildlands

Avalon's wildlands are just that; wild and untame. There is much to be learned and new areas being found ever so often still. One should be very careful traveling away from the city or towns as there are monsters or maybe even dangerous people lurking within the darkest areas of this world.

Vorick Town
Located not far from the city is a small town where the train stops allowing people and things passage to and from Sanctum. It is a moderate sized down with a few small business and houses but not much else. It is a good place for those who dislike the loudness of the city without abandoning all modern privileges.

--- Rusty Brew
A small cafe owned by, a friendly older man named Rusty, of course. Originally called Rusty's Brew people found humor in calling it 'rusty brew' so the name stuck. It is a tiny little shop with only a few tables indoors and far more outside. You can order at the window or go inside. The place is known best for its specialty coffee, tea, and its sweet snacks and breakfast served early in the morning.

--- Flower Haven
A modest little shop sits a little ways off the beaten path of Vorick Town that holds a variety of flowers. Just a little farther ahead in the wilds than some people would like to venture but something still compels them to come and go at times if they are in need of more than plants to brighten their home. A few vines here and there with tiny blossoms wrap around an old white fence that sits in front of the shop with other assortments of blooms lining each side of the cobble pathway that leads toward the door of the shop decorated with a floral symbol. A worn-out sign hangs from above the doorway reading "Flower Haven" as simple as the name is. Of course, there are more plants sitting on the outside and inside of the windows with many of them kept neatly organized within the shop on tables, racks, and other things. There is a faint blue color of paint accenting every inch of the mainly white colored shop, flowers being the only other color adding to the place but it is obvious that all the plants are well cared for and the shop gives a sense of peace to those who walk through its doors.

--- The Cemetery
Just outside Vorick Town and slightly to the west is a large and seemingly old cemetery. Surrounded by iron bar fences that somehow seem to keep land-monsters out the place has an over-all spooky vibe to it with skeletal-like trees and winds that howl when they hit the stones just right. Though over all it is considered a safe place to visit if you're into that kind of thing.

Northern Lands
To the north is a large stretch of land which is somewhat difficult to traverse, continuing from the chasm surrounding the underneath of the city the land then turns steadily upward and more hilly before becoming snowy mountain peeks and Taiga forest with only a path or two weaving through them. It is a dangerous place, but is also thought to hold many areas people have yet to explore. There is also an area where the mountains to the northeast thin out just enough to hide a hidden grotto. And traveling even further north there is a thin line of beaches.

--- Salutem Village
To the North-west is a small village located along the edge of the continent. This tiny little town serves as an outpost in the north but is often easily looked over. Of course the people choosing to live here need to have a higher tolerance to the cold. The town is protected by a tall stone wall and gate and backs up to the ocean where ships can dock. It has an Inn and multiple buildings for housing but is overall very simplistic with an old feel to it. It is the smallest town in Avalon.

--- The Hidden Grotto
There is a grotto hidden around the shore and mountain line, mostly hidden away by rock if one manages to find the entrance they'll be greeted by a small paradise of overgrowth, small waterfalls, and pools of water when it isn't flooded by high-tide. There are also remnants of a building here but they are easy to miss and covered in vines and moss.

Eastern Lands
To the east is a large stretch of grasslands with a few rolling hills and patches of trees between, but a lot of open space to be explored. There are a few massive jutting rock formations here and there and the river winds through the area and branches off. If one continues to the south-east you will find yourself coming face to face with a moderately sized desert landscape which can be somewhat dangerous if you're not careful.

--- The Great Plains
Just outside the city is a large stretch of plains and countryside. A few have dared to build homes here with farms still somewhat close to Vorick Town, but there is still much of the land to be explored. It is also common to find monster roaming the plains so traveling far from the path may be a bad idea.

--- The River
A massive river which runs through the land and connects to the ocean is wide enough for most moderate sized ships to travel easily, and this is another way of travel through the world below. There are also bridges that cross it allowing land-travel. Of course the calm-looking waters aren't always what they seem.

--- The 'Sea' of Ghosts
The 'sea' of ghosts is an area located to the south-eastern area connected close to the river. The 'sea' of course is actually no more than a dense swampy area overcrowded with trees and that seems like endless marsh and swampland. Sailors are careful not to venture down the wrong water canal or else they would end up stuck. Its easy to get lost here and what is worse that the fog never seems to clear. It was given its name because its claimed that you will hear whispers around you and the faces of loved ones will appear in the mist...

--- The Tower of Babalon
While its names are as vast as the rumors surrounding it the tower is a massive structure that reaches past the clouds and out of view. The most spread rumor is that this might be the only way off of this strange world; but of course that has yet to be seen. It has very few windows and appears to go straight upward with its outside being mostly smooth it would be impossible to climb up all the way. The inside is made up of one stairway after the other and then the occasional floor which contains a powerful monster which isn't willing to let anyone pass. Often people come back wounded ....or not at all The tower stands to the eastern side of the land.

Southern Lands
The south and south-western lands are more well known for their rise in temperature. There is also a large 'petrified forest' where the trees are turned stone, and rocky valley which then splits leading to a plateau area which hide some lava and tar pits with some smaller mountains and the desert. The other direction continues into a deeper set valley with sheer drop-offs and jutting stone which becomes hard to navigate.

--- Petrified Forest
The petrified forest is just as its name states a forest that gradually turns from green to a cold dull shades of gray and brown. Many believe its just because of its proximity to the desert, but this really can't be explained. The forest itself isn't dangerous but there isn't much life here to sustain yourself on should someone get lost for a while, the temperature is also on the warm side.

--- The Devil's Bones
If you continue through the petrified forest you will be faced with a massive desert of golden sand. The desert stretches on for miles and miles in what seems all directions. Your only companions here might be cacti and heat-loving monsters looking for an easy snack. There are also massive formations located deep within the desert that gave birth to the rumors that island-sized monsters roam the sands, or maybe it is just whats left of them. For weary travelers there is an oasis where a few buildings have been built to aid the lost, that is if you can find it. If you keep traveling through you will eventually find the coast.

--- The Jungle
A massive jungle that completely covers a small island to the south. It is made up of huge trees and all kinds of unique plants not found anywhere else in the world. There are also a few steams that run through the area, as well as large rocks covered in moss. Be careful though, it is very easy to get lost here, and there are also other dangers lurking deep within, such as man-eating plants, and dangerous bugs, and poisonous fruit. Though there is an old stone bridge connecting the island to the mainland that appears to be thousands of years old, but at least it is sturdy.

Western Lands
To the west we have some more grasslands, but most of the western region is covered in a thick forest which is a bit difficult to navigate through. You never know what could be watching from the tree canopy, and there are many areas yet to be explored. The ground here takes all sorts of different elevations so watch your step. Continuing to the west you will find another area of grassland, town, and of course more of the winding river.

--- The Arcanum
Located to the North-West is a castle-like structure with three tall towers. The Arcanum Association is a government-approved mages guild of sorts. The structure itself was found abandoned when some of the first people arriving in Avalon made use of it. It is surrounded by an invisible magical barrier of sorts that monsters cannot enter. Within those walls are grounds for magical practice, and immense garden with almost every plant imaginable. And some dorms are available for those seeking to stay as long as they follow the rules.

--- Forest
A very thick forest that resides not far from Vorick Town. The main roads run through the thinnest part of the forest, and are mostly safe but straying from the roads though is ill-advised, you could end up getting really lost or ...worse.

--- The Ruins
Located in the forest are some old ruins that appear as if they've not been touched for centuries. Old stone pillars stand weathered with moss and vines growing around them. If one travels deeply enough within though, there is a hidden door here which leads deep into an underground labyrinth and more unexplored ruins.

--- Caves
Deep within the wildlands you may stumble across many caves, but some of them when explored deeply enough will reveal much larger areas that open up underground and connect to some of the other caves in the area. No one knows what these were used for but there are remnants of ruined pillars and carvings on the walls. The place has its own natural light given by glowshrooms which can range from tiny to huge and glowing flowers. Be careful though there are many creatures whom like hiding in dark forgotten places. But some caves are just normal caves too.

On the other side of the continent is a moderately sized countryside town which is far less modern than any of the others, it offers indoor plumbing but little else. It is a haven to those wishing to escape or just are not accustomed to modern life. You can get her by ship or by following the path through Avalon's wildlands, the train-station here has not yet been built.

--- The Harbor
Ravenswood harbour is very much the hub of the town. It is always busy with both passengers being dropped off and cargo. Though the town itself is small, it does pull in quite a bit of business, particularly due to the convenient location of the nearby pub, which is frequented by sailors.

--- The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest is a fairly sized tavern located near Ravenwood's harbor. Its often a sanctuary for sailors needing a warm meal or drink after a long trip at sea. Of course anyone is welcome and the workers here are very friendly. If needed they also offer a sort of inn-like survive to a few guests at a time, but only handful.

The Avalon Coast
Avalon is a large island continent with no other known lands nearby, and as such it is surrounded by beaches with golden or sometimes pure white sands. Of course the ocean surround Avalon seems to also stretch far beyond the horizon and there is no telling what its depths hide. The island of Necrocia is also located off the southwestern coast.
© darren criss

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Race: Crow Birb
Age: 9000
Job: Cheese Birb Overlord!
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Dustbirb - Central - Online

Necrocia Island
The Island of Misfits
The Island

Necrocia, an island settlement off the coast of the main continent constantly shrouded in fog from the surrounding ocean. Prior to the arrival of people from different worlds, Necrocia was a maximum-security prison housing no less than Avalon's worst. It was eventually abandoned by Sanctum's government after newcomers took over, allowing the inmates to create a settlement of their own. The shell of the prison still stands as a sinister centerpiece to the growing city around it, serving as a base of operations for the mobs that have asserted themselves as Necrocia's leadership. There is no police force in Necrocia, only mob rule and an understanding that only the strong can make themselves a name and a fortune off of the ever-profitable criminal industries running rampant.

Necrocia City
The city is in a constant state of disarray--twisted metal and destroyed buildings telling stories of violent gang fights and troublemakers. It's like an urban nightmarescape, but the money to be made is far too good, keeps people coming back again and again to take their share of corruption. There are regular ferries carrying people en masse from the main land looking to make a quick buck without the chains of the legal system holding them back. Climb aboard if you're brave enough, desperate enough, or simply corrupt enough to find what you're looking for in the lion's den.

--- The Swindler's Laugh
Affectionately referred to as "Swindie's" by the regular patrons, the Swindler's Laugh is Necrocia's premier bar and party location. It's located in an abandoned warehouse deep in the bowels of the city, lit up from all angles by buzzing neon signs. Criminals and lowlifes are drawn here in droves, either for the cheap liquor or for the prominent gambling scene. It's split into three floors: first is the bar, which spans along the entire back wall. All available tables and seating hug closely to the walls, leaving an open space in the center that often becomes a makeshift fighting arena in the late hours of the night. The second floor houses the gambling scene--pool, blackjack, poker, anything with money at stake. As for the third floor...the bartender suggests strongly that you don't find your way up there. From the frequent sound of gunshots echoing down the dimly lit stairs leading there, it seems some sound advice.

--- The Zoo
The Zoo is Necrocia's centerpiece--a hulking, almost arena-shaped building that at one time had served as a prison for Avalon's most dangerous criminals. Its original name has been lost to time, but its new branding comes from the frightening array of people that the cells now house. Necrocia's most powerful gang, Circus, has claimed the building as its makeshift base, and their enemies populate the cells that once had housed criminals of their ilk. They say that there's no escape from The Zoo, that nobody except members of Circus can possibly leave with their lives intact. By the tall guard towers surrounding the perimeter and barbed wire fence encircling the perimeter, that much isn't hard to believe.

--- The Black Market
You can find anything you need here. You can find anything you want here. There is no such thing as an illegal trade in Necrocia, and that much is fairly obvious after a short stroll through the Black Market. Located along the wide main road that cuts through the center of Necrocia, it's set up almost like a farmer's market, though with a much more macabre twist. There are stalls that sell everything from basic food and amenities to creatively twisted weaponry, or human body parts strung up on casual display.

--- The Docks
The Docks are the first thing any newcomer sees when stepping into Necrocia, and they do well to set the mood of the island as a whole. The actual docks are made of weather-eaten wood--creaky underfoot and cracked in places that threaten to spill unsuspecting people into the ocean. The ferries connecting Necrocia to the mainland run twenty-four hours a day, so the docks assuredly never sleep. The line of abandoned buildings marking the entrance to the city often hide lowlifes looking to pilfer money and goods off of newly arrived people.

About Circus

Circus has assumed a role as the most powerful gang in Necrocia. Their reign has remained unchecked ever since the repurposing of the island from a prison to a city, largely due to the fact that their member base is ever-growing, attracting the most ambitious of criminals into its ranks. They have a very loose hierarchy based upon their most principle rule: survival of the fittest. The strongest members of Circus make up a tightly-knit group of commanders, serving under one leader who pulls the entire gang's strings behind the scenes. This leader is subject to frequent change, as the position has no guarantee of security. Anyone strong enough to take down the current leader in one-on-one combat then assumes the title until someone stronger comes along.

Circus is volatile and merciless, always quick to flaunt their reign over Necrocia by wiping out rival gangs in near effortless massacres. Enemies that aren't simply put down are brought back to the Zoo and housed in one of the cells. Those that end up in The Zoo often wish that they had been killed before being dragged to the belly of the beast. Circus also often goes on "scouting trips," wherein they seek out and kidnap other criminals that they believe could be of use within the gang and house them in The Zoo until they comply and join the ranks (or, of course, until the torture they undergo ends up killing them. Whichever comes first).

The first advice given to any newcomers to Necrocia is simple: steer clear of Circus.

© darren criss

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