Welcome to Avalon! It is surely the first thing you and your character will hear. We are a canon Panfandom RP. We are an open sandbox set in a modern-fantasy like setting. We allow members to be very plot driven and follow along with events and main plot changes to their own level of comfort. Possibilities are almost endless and we allow almost all genres of characters. Many characters have a hard time accepting their lives in this new world while others embrace it.
FORECAST: 24 hours of nighttime and cold every day.
set in Winter, 2017

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 Awards List
Race: Crow Birb
Age: 9000
Job: Cheese Birb Overlord!
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Dustbirb - Central - Offline


1. Post below requesting the awards needed.

2. Only request awards once you are approved and claimed.

3. OOC awards will be placed on only one account and only OOC awards can be moved.

4. Your group plotter entry must be filled first before adding the award.

5. Please link completed threads for easy reference.

6. Plotter awards are only counted on your posts on other people's plotters and one toward your own. This is to help inspire plotting with other people.

7. For post-count awards, the majority of those posts need to be IC, staff will be checking.

Be patient.

Site-Wide !

Welcome to Avalon
You have been approved and done your claims! Welcome to Avalon!

Getting to know you
You created a plotter to get involved! A great way to summarize your characters demeanor. More people can reach out to you for interactions now.

You brought a friend to Avalon! The more the merrier!

Awarded to members of the staff. Anyone with this icon can help you with any questions! Now they can't hide.

Helping Hand
Your contributions have not gone unnoticed! An award given out by staff to those that have gone above and beyond!

You have been on Avalon for a year! <3

The hero we need
You created a character from a want ad! You have absolutely made some one's day.

You have a character in every membergroup! Congratulations on your varied cast!

Employment !

High Seat
You are a member of the Council. Try not to abuse it.

Law Enforcement
You are a member of the Sanctum police.

Battle Hardened
You are a captain of the Avalon Guard.

Battle ready
You are a soldier of the Avalon Guard.

You work for the hospital.

School of hard knocks
You are a student ( A ).

School of hard knocks
You are a student ( B ).

Put ya guns on
You are a member of the Azure Dragons.

No shirts allowed
You are a member of the Blitz Team.

Nothing is true
You are a member of the Assassins.

you will conquer
You are a member of the Templars.

You are gainfully employed. Steady paychecks and all that.

Sleight of hand
You are a criminal. A fresh start and this is what you do with it? Awarded to any character that makes a living through more shady means.

User Groups !

The purity
Completed a thread with a character in the ANIMUS membergroup.

The fire
Completed a thread with a character in the IGNIS membergroup.

The intellect
Completed a thread with a character in the ITER membergroup.

The neutral
Completed a thread with a character in the VIRTEUS membergroup.

The mysterious
Completed a thread with a character in the TENEBRIS membergroup.

The power
Completed a thread with a character in the ORDO membergroup.

The tension
Completed a thread with a character in the MUTATIO membergroup.

The anti-hero
Completed a thread with a character in the PERDITIO membergroup.

Posts !

Post Get! 25
Have 25 posts on one account.

Post Get! 50
Have 50 posts on one account.

Post Get! 75
Have 75 posts on one account.

Post Get! 100
Have 100 posts on one account.

Post Get! 150
Have 150 posts on one account.

Post Get! 200
Have 200 posts on one account.

Post Get! 250
Have 250 posts on one account.

Post Get! 300
Have 300 posts on one account.

Plotted with five other characters. Way to put yourself out there!

Household name
Plotted with ten other characters. Everybody knows your name.

Plotted with twenty other characters. Is there anyone left to meet?

Completed one thread.

Completed five threads.

Completed ten threads.

Completed a thread with a member of the Avalon Council.

Battle Prowess
Completed a thread with a member of the Avalon Guard.

Endless Potential
Completed an alternate universe thread.

Time turner
Completed a time gate thread.

Tech Savvy
Completed five tech threads.

It's dangerous to go alone
You created and completed a bulletin board request! Can't exptect things to get done if you can't lift your own weight.

Seek and Destroy
You accepted and completed a posted bulletin board request! You've helped someone a great deal.

Budding Journalist
You wrote a newspaper article!

Have a thread on every current forum. (Dathus, Oriens, etc.)

Development !

You have shown hostility or rudeness to at least five characters. Did you have friends back home? Because you don't have a lot here.

You have shown kindness or compassion to five characters. Who wouldn't want to hang out with you?

Trial by combat
You have been in an altercation with another character. Did you win?

Do you bleed?
You have been fataly wounded in a thread. Maybe you'll pull through!

Shoot First
You have caused another character harm, emotionally or physically. Hopefully it was a last restort.

You have healed another character, emotionally or physically. Avalon needs more like you!

Look at you! You've gone on a date! Romance is in the air, even here in Avalon.

You're in a relationship! To find love in a place like this: you were born under a lucky star.

What's this?!
Your character has evolved via roleplay (changed jobs, membergroup, drastic change, etc).

Something something times five!!
Your character gained a new power or ability via roleplay. Combat skills or life skills apply.

Staff !

Completed five threads with Dust.

Completed five threads with Kitty.

Completed five threads with Kiya.

Completed five threads with Silence.

Completed five threads with Curio.

Completed five threads with Luna.

Completed five threads with Peri.

Completed five threads with Ysa.

Events !

The Frozen Maze
You completed the Winter Event of 2016.

Wrapped in Fear
You completed the FEAR EVENT of 2017.

Santa Caws
You completed the SECRET SANTA of 2017.

You completed a thread during Summer/Fall of 2017. You survived the heat! Remember it always gets darkest before the dawn. Sometimes literally.
To quality: any thread started in JULY - NOVEMBER of 2017. The date it completes is irrelevant.

The Long Dark
You completed a thread during winter of 2017 when it was dark 24/7. It is dark and cold all the time. Will it end?
To quality: any thread started in December 2017 - TBD of 2017. The date it completes is irrelevant.

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