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 Creature Index
Race: Crow Birb
Age: 9000
Job: Cheese Birb Overlord!
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Dustbirb - Central - Offline

Creature Index
Wild Creatures
Here is a list of creatures that appear in Avalon, most of these will be monsters. To add a creature to the list please fill out the form at the bottom and post it, one of the staff will then add it to the list if it is approved. And then your post will be deleted. These are all considered NPCs

Much like other planets, Avalon has a variety of mundane animals. These consist of anything from dogs, cats, horses, chickens, wolves, bears, and other animals both wild and non. They exist as they would in the normal world and live in appropriate in their areas.


An enormous turtle-like creature while some have short legs others have more of an elephant-like body the creature can easily step on and kill them with ease. They have long necks with small heads that have protective tusks. They also have almost fin-like tails and of course protective shells on their backs which are said to be unbreakable. Luckily these creatures are neutral most of the time but their size can make them a problem to deal with. {Image}

--- Grasslands/Rare

Air Elemental
Air elementals are swift and agile creatures they appear as amorphous shifting clouds. Darker parts of the swirling mass give the form of eyes and mouth. Air elementals attack swiftly; they can form tornados and whirlwinds to lift its target into the air then dropping it from a height.

--- Anywhere

Large woolly cattle-like animals with large horns. Beefalo are usually neutral unless provoked or someone one gets too close to their babies. The only time they go out of their way to attack is during breeding season. Otherwise their fur, milk, and meat can be used in the same ways one may use a cow.

--- Grasslands

Behemoths are large, color varied, canine-esque creatures with two or more bull-like horns and flowing manes. Depending on the type Behemoths may be quadrupedal or bipedal, and when bipedal, often wield weapons. Due to their great power, Behemoths usually attack alone, but occasionally attack in small groups of two or three. Behemoths use strong physical attacks and often counter attacks with an attack of their own.

--- Plains/Forests

Bokoblins are short, anthropomorphic pig-like creatures. They are a tool-using species that travels in groups and have the ability to build basic structures and make campfires, as well as cook. They are hostile and will attack on sight, and their weapons of choice are bows, spears, and clubs, but they will use swords if dropped by humans. There are four known colors of Bokoblin; the common red Bokoblin, the significantly stronger blue Bokoblin, the elite black Bokoblin, and the extremely rare and extremely powerful silver Bokoblin.

--- Anywhere {IMAGE}

Hulking behemoths that call the underground their home, they are serious threat for any miner or brace soul who venture down the depths. Armed with thick skin, a brutish skull, and the strength to knock down buildings with ease there have been stories about strange lizard like humanoids riding Brumaks and mounting weapons on them to become walking arsenals but no evidence is conclusive.

--- Mostly Underground

Cactuars are little cacti, typically depicted having stiff arms and legs, three black holes for their faces, representing two eyes and an oblong mouth, and three reddish quills at the top of their heads. Cactuars are usually very fast, and tough to hit, and most often don't want to fight and would rather run away. Beware their 1000 needle attack.

--- Desert

A friendly (unless provoked) sort of half-cat and half-racoon animal that typically lives in birch wood forests. They are typically a gray color with black stripes and often live alone or with their small families in hallowed out trees or stumps. Their diets include mostly small prey such as birds, butterflies, snakes and so on.

--- Forests

A massive creature with a very long neck enabling it to grasp things underwater, using its tusks to rustle plants. Almost looking part giraffe, elephant, and rhinoceros. To support its long neck while searching for food, Catoblepas uses its front leg muscles, long backbone, and low center of gravity to balance its neck like a suspension bridge while walking, and it has several large ears it can flap to control its body temperature. It's coloring depends on each region so it blends into its natural environment; in desert regions, Catoblepas have a sandy color, while cold regions it will have a bluer hues. They are a neutral creature unless provoked. {Image}

--- Wilds/Rare

Several different kinds of Chimeras exist. Ranging from the kinds from lore with miss-matched animal body-parts; with only one of each. And the type that have three heads; most commonly that of a lion, ram and some other animal with a snake tail, and large wings. They are solitary creatures and normally stay away from towns but they will attack anything that comes into their territories and aren't above eating humans.

--- Caves/Mountains/Anywhere

Chocobos are large flightless birds frequently found in plains or sometimes forests. They can be vicious when attacked, but are usually peaceful creatures. They can also be tamed and ridden. Chocobos come in many different colors, although most of them are yellow. They are most known for their speed, and in some worlds they are used for racing. Their main diet is consists of Gysahl Greens.

--- Plains/Forests

Its appearance resembles that of a cat, cheetah, or leopard, often with very large whiskers. Coeurl is renowned for using a move called Blaster, which does large amounts of damage or, in some cases, and can can Paralyze its prey. {Image}

--- Wilds/Rare

A strange creature that has earned itself an infamous reputation with hunters, adventurers, and anyone that lives outside of Sanctum. They stand around average male height and armless with 4 legs and black eyes. They have black eyes that can see fine in the dark as well in light. Dubbed the Creepers for their infamous hunting technique, they are silent creatures that stalk their targets (humans and humanoids). Once they get within 3 meters of the target they start to emit a loud hissing sound and soon begins to inflate. When they inflate they quickly explode, for a normal human being 3 or so meters from the blastzone is lethal. Its unknown how they are born with their suicidal tendency, but there is always a constant population of them.

Normally found within forest and caves but have known to wonder to other regions.

Devils or demons are hard to pin down to any one particular 'kind' as many different worlds have their own versions and types. Demons are often monstrous in both nature and appearance, taking on gross mutilated forms of all sizes and shapes, or even appearing human sometimes. There are also types of demons that can only appear a a black smog in this world until they take control of a human host. Most demons are weak to light or holy energy while other weaknesses vary vastly from demon to demon.

--- Anywhere

Dire Spider
A large spider that usually can be found in darker areas or deep within forests. The Dire Spider stands about twelve feet tall and behaves much like a normal spider only much more deadly with its size, and plates of armor which have grown over it's body for protection. Its poison is deadly most times; it can also quickly produce very stick web, and give birth to smaller Dire Spiders (which are more commonly found than the larger strain) that stand only about two or three feet tall with the same attributes.

--- Forests/Dark Areas

Dire Wolf
It looks much like a normal wolf only larger in size and much more dangerous. they prey on anything smaller than them and prefer to stay in packs and are known for having a great deal of tact in battle.

--- Mostly Forests

For every world has its own variety of dragons with varying definitions. Dragons do appear in Avalon, from flightless ground drakes, the serpent-like eastern dragons, to the differing flying wyverns and regular dragons. Regardless what kind they might be they are often scaled reptilian like creatures that can breathe some form of elemental damage onto their victims. Some will attack on sight while others would much rather be left alone. Though the flying sorts are often rarely found in Avalon. Examples are the dragons from Skyrim, and other npc dragon type monsters.

--- Almost anywhere

Earth Elemental
Earth elementals are strong and tough by nature, they are all brawn. Their appearance often resembles a stone humanoid, its color and toughness depend on what sort of earth rock was used to summon the elemental. Earth elementals are slow and smash their targets to bits they also have earthquake attacks to damage the target.

--- Mountains/Anywhere

Feral Croc
A massive crocodile-like monster in all ways the only differences being that this creature is much larger and tends to grow a large amount of wiry fur. Its head has split upper and lower jaw, and it is from between these that it keeps careful watch on prey through well protected sunken eyeholes. It is aggressive, yet wary, threatening potential aggressors with displays of its wide-open maw. Different types may be colored differently or have thicker hair to help them survive their environment.

--- Around water.

Fire Elemental
Fire elementals are fast and agile; they are like a fiery humanoid or a sheet of flame. They can set objects alight with their touch. Fire elementals are weak against water attacks. They attack their targets either physically touching its target or by launching balls of fire at them.

--- Desert/Anywhere

Guardians are large, cone shaped ancient machines with about 6 legs and a single heat laser equipped "eye" on a free rotating head. They are aggressive and will attack anyone who comes within range. They come in three "classes". Stalkers have at least 4 of their legs left, and will relentlessly track down their opponents until they lose sight of them. A decayed guardian is a stationary, more broken down version of a stalker, and a scout is a much smaller variant that wields weapons and seems to favor them over their lasers. A guardian's biggest weakness are it's eye and legs; striking it in the eye will disorient it for about a minute, leaving it open for attack, and cutting off it's legs will leave it unable to move and in some instances, flipped onto it's side. A guardian's laser will lock onto it's target for a few seconds before firing, but it's travel speed is relatively slow and can be dodged or even shot back at them to deal damage.

--- Anywhere away from civilization -- Stalkers are extremely rare, decayed are uncommon, and scouts are the most common. {IMAGE}

The Haunt are dog like creatures, they are usually black. Males have two deep set red eyes and female's two dark blue eyes. They live in caves deep in mountains and can live with little food and water. Every full moon the males come down into nearby cities and towns to hunt. They have Poisonous saliva and claws that can drip with poison.

--- Caves/Wilderness

Pureblood Heartless are generally shadowy creatures about three to five feet in height, with claws and glowing yellow eyes. Smaller ones (shadows) are considerably weaker than their larger comrades (Neoshadows), but considering they can steal hearts (which will cause anyone but a Princess of Heart to lose their human form) they pose a certain near-lethal threat. They appear more animalistic in nature and are bad at planning, generally attacking in small groups but without regard for strategy, and a lone Heartless won't hesitate even up against an obviously superior foe. Their hunger for hearts drives them, so they're drawn to people (especially those with darkness in their hearts), but since they don't naturally occur much in populated places, they're mostly found out of the way in caves or anywhere the darkness clings particularly close.

--- Caves/Anywhere (rare)

Ice Elemental
Ice Elementals are swift and powerful creatures, they appear as humanoids made of solid ice. They attack with a chill attack that drains the life out of the target. They also can attack with spears of ice that it can fire at its target. Ice elementals are weak against fire attacks as they melt away into a pool of water.

--- Snowy Areas

These robotic lifeforms were originally the denizens of Cybertron's under belly. Very primitive compared to those in the surface only a few have developed the ability to transform while many stay in their big forms. Eventually some migrated to the cosmos after Cybertron's core shutdown and have arrived on Avalon making their homes underground.

Possessing the unique ability to indigest organic and non-organic material into Energon they have acclimated to the planet's underground and some snag a few unsuspecting prey that peer into their holes. There are many breeds of Insecticons most varying in average human sides at length to few matching a school bus. They maybe made of metal but they aren't as durable as normal Cybertronians and there goes a Decepticon saying, "Stepping on a few Insecticons a day, keeps the Autobots away."

--- Wilds/Underground

Sly, silent, and very lethal Kavats are descendants of felines in shape and size. Similarly to their ancient counterparts they are very intelligent creatures and have taken stealth to a whole new level able to naturally turn invisible thanks to their fur. They are non-hostile until provoked but if they find interest in whoever they encounter they have been found to follow them to their home and make it heir "permenant" stay.

--- Anywhere

Massive octopus-like creatures that live in the ocean coming in all sizes and even some with armor attached to their bodies. A neutral creature swimming deep within the oceans though some come up and have attacked ships in order to eat fishermen. they are often a cause of all kinds of legends.

--- Oceans

A canine like egg laying species, they were once genetically groomed creatures from another world but now they have become feral and hunt in packs of 8. They live in fashioned nest where they keep their eggs protected until hatched. Adaptable to almost any environment they are fiercely loyal to their back and will never betray them. if someone manages to capture an egg and properly train it, it can revert back to its former domestic state and will get a proud and dutiful guardian that will protect them for the rest of their lives.

--- Anywhere

Lizalfos are anthropomorphic lizard like creatures. They are typically sword-wielding, though they can also use their toungues and spits of water as weapons. They are extremely agile and hostile, attacking enemies on sight, and they will camouflage themselves until enemies are near. There are many variations of Lizalfos, from weakest to strongest they are; green, blue, black, silver, electric, ice-breath, and fire-breath. As the names imply, an electric Lizalfos has electrified horns that can be struck to discharge them, thus shocking the Lizalfos, or can be used to strike at enemies to shock them, ice breaths can spit out icicles at enemies and prey, and fire breaths can breathe fire to burn enemies and the environment.

--- Near rivers, lakes, and on beaches. Fire variety in deserts and plains areas. {IMAGE}

Large reptilian beasts that hunt anything smaller than them aggressively and with the intent to drag their prey back to their den and devour it. Regardless of variation, their heads are armored and glow ominously. They come in seven variations, indicated by their color. The bulky green and purple lizards, differing only in the green's bravery and the purple's mobility, are the most common. The blue and white variations can travel on nearly any surface and possess a grabbing tongue along with a camouflage ability for the white variant. The black variant, with its lack of eyes, should not be underestimated with its keen ability to sense sound and vibration before descending on the unfortunate prey. The orange variant, sometimes called "drakes", hunt in packs by using its antennae to communicate and shows more intellegence than the other varients, as they dont fight among themselves and are dangerously proficient at hunting. Finally, the rarest variation sometimes called an outright "dragon" is the red variant, highly dangerous and intelligent, it is not recommended to face them and expect a simple fight. Strangely enough, when fed, these creatures show a surprising tendency to be tamed and become passive to said feeder.

--- Anywhere

Large scaly lizard-like people who walk on two legs and usually work in groups. Though their sizes vary slightly, they usually stand around the same height as a full grown man with a tail to boot. Scales protect them slightly, and they have grown fond of using makeshift weapons to attack. Sadly they aren't very smart and usually fight until their deaths.

--- Anywhere

A lynel is a centaur-like creature with the face, mane, and "hands" of a lion. They are extremely powerful and resistant to close combat, and mostly wield axes and bows. They stand at about 12 feet tall and can also charge enemies to attack. Their coloring gives away their intelligence and strength, from weakest to strongest; red-maned, blue-maned, white-maned, and silver colored.

--- Mountains {IMAGE}

Malboros are large, green, tentacled plants with an anemone-like head and large mouths. They're usually around fifteen or so feet tall and very dangerous. Their signature move Bad Breath can inflict many status ailments on its targets, crippling unprotected parties. They are weak to fire.

--- Forest/Swamp

Microraptor gnarilongus is a small, ferocious predator of any creature smaller than it. Approximately the size and appearance of a peafowl, this small feathered dinosaur comes in a variety of colors that help it to blend in with its environment, with males being more brightly colored than the females, although slightly smaller in size. These small predators rely on speed above all else, and can rapidly overwhelm a slower opponent. While not quite capable of sustained flight, its wings allow it to stay aloft for several seconds while jumping. This allows Microraptor to attack its prey's vulnerable areas, as well as search for small river fish. Despite small size, a single microraptor can still cause some damage to a lone human, though they prefer to only dive and attack enough to stun before fleeing. They become more aggressive if a person crosses into their nesting or hunting territory. A flock of them can be potentially deadly to the unarmed.

--- Plains/Forest

Moblins are anthropomorphic pig-like goblins that stand at around 9 feet tall, and appear to be extremely lanky. They are a tool-using species that seem to travel in groups, and their weapons of choice tend towards clubs which can be used to bludgeon enemies. They are hostile and will attack on sight. They're coloring can reveal how intelligent and strong they are, with red Moblins being the weakest and black Moblin's being the strongest. In order from weakest to strongest, they are red, blue, and black.

--- Forests/Mountains {IMAGE}

Simple pig-like creatures which are often pink with a variety of brown spots. The only thing that sets them apart from their cousins are their long rabbit-like ears. They are social creatures that live in small packs but are also non violent making for good pets. Of course wild ones are likely to run away. They can grow to be about the size of a farm pig and are said to have a taste between pork and rabbit which is favored by many.

--- Forests/Plains

Rhosgobel rabbits
These closely resemble ordinary rabbits, except for the fact that they are larger, about two feet long, and are also quicker. The species also has at least a canine level of intelligence and a decent amount of strength. A peaceful breed, they will likely flee when startled, and fight when attacked. They can be trained to pull sleds if one is patient enough with them.

--- Grasslands/Forests

Sea Serpents/Dragons
Sea Serpents/Dragons hunt in the open oceans and are well known for attacking any vessels that happen to sail through their territory. These creatures are large and ferocious, some resemble a form similar to that of a giant snake, others resemble large dragons that snake through the water at top speed. Be warned, these creatures are highly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs if at all possible.

--- Oceans

A species of large elephantine animals with long trunks usually kept rolled up when not in use. They are friendly and usually would prefer to run away even if attacked. If someone knows what they are doing these creatures are tameable and can be ridden, they are often used to carry heavy packs or groups of people. Shoopuf milk is also said to be very sweet and thus sometimes the creatures are farmed. They usually stick close to rivers and swamps.

--- River/Swamp

a creature of death and destruction and bad luck. The Sphinx was portrayed as a female creature as a winged lion with a feminine head, and sometimes a snake tail. They also seem to often be made of stone or gold. The Sphinx is sometimes seen as the guardian of temple entrances. Standing about as tall as a horse these creatures don't seek trouble but often will attack if provoked.

--- Deserts

Stalkers are fierce creatures that appear to be feline in nature. Giant, with tough armor-like scales protecting their bodies, and massive claws, as if being roughly nine plus feet tall wasn't bad enough. They are highly aggressive and can be dangerous foes once enraged. Stalkers appear to have an ability where they can power themselves up with a roar that reduces damage done to them. {Image}

--- Anywhere

Stymphalids are similar in appearance and size to Cranes. They are man eating birds which their beaks and claws are made of brass, that can pierce armor. Their feathers are also made from brass which they can fire at men like arrows.They are normally peaceful unless approached.

--- Plains/Islands

Few can match the savage strength of the Trauma. The chains that once bound them hang loosely from their hands and neck. These colossal beasts have mammoth claws on each hand that can shred steel as easily as flesh. They stand at least nine or so feet tall and can easily throw cars or rip up trees. Their brutality is fearsome to behold; all they know is how to destroy, devour, and torment others. These demons, though not stupid, favor brawn over brains and have no ability to speak or act like anything other, essentially, literally, demonic animals.

--- Rare

Trees that have gained a mind of their own and protect the forests of old. Treemen are gigantic tree looking like creatures they have trunk like legs and have great branches for arms. They have a tough woody skin. Treemen have a fear of fire as this can do much damage to them and their forest homes. Normally they are peaceful unless someone has caused harm to the forest without reason.

--- Forests

Trolls are not especially intelligent and are often associated with an element. A Troll is a tough ugly creature with tough skin. Trolls have the powers to regenerate even if hacked apart. The only way to stop a Troll regenerating is burning the monster. Trolls diet is unusual, as they will eat anything including metal, bone, wood and rocks.

--- Anywhere


There are many different breeds of vampire, or vampire like creatures. There are those that resemble grotesque animal like beings, having lost their original form and 'mutated' into something else entirely, these creatures cannot be reasoned with and run on instinct only, becoming more like the animals that they have twisted in to, they are driven only by their incessant thirst for blood.

The most common type of vampire however is a human that was turned by an already existing vampire. This process is not quick however as it can take anywhere from a few hours to a whole day, depending on the person in question. Vampires look like any other person until they 'change', their faces becoming gnarled and animal like when they show the true demon within.

--- Populated areas

Water Elemental
Water elementals appear as a ferocious wave, they are often powerful and ferocious elements. Water elementals can't venture very far away from a water source. Water elementals attack firstly by drenching their target this is very effective at damaging fire based creatures. The second attack is using a vortex or whirlpools to drown creatures underwater assuming that the creature is an air breathing organism.

--- Oceans/Lakes

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