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 Occupations, Work to live, live to work
 Posted: Sep 18 2015, 02:31 PM
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Job Claims
The jobs listed are merely to help give people ideas on what kind of positions are available. A character can have more than one job within reason, or none at all. This list also helps keep in mind how many we may already have of one particular position. We can also add jobs if you would like merely post your ideas below if you wish.

*The Council
Ever since people began appearing in this world they've wanted to keep at the very least the city safe and under the usual laws that most agree to be fair. The ones who helped form the council are some of the people who have been here the longest, while new ones are always welcome to try and join. However they have to be adults 21+. (Positions open 7 )

Group Plotter

Bruce Wayne
Mateus Palamecia

Advisor: Ardyn Izunia

*The Avalon Guard
Along with the Council, people have stepped up and tried to do their best to help protect their new home. The Sanctum guards half serving under the Council, do there best to protect the city and towns of Avalon to the best of their abilities. Their captains are some of the most tactful warriors, and everyone under their command is carefully chosen. There are five brigades currently.

Group Plotter

1st Captain; Steve Rogers
2nd Captain; Luke Skywalker
3rd Captain; Schwann Oltorain
4th Captain; Open
5th Captain; Grant Ward
Alm "Albein" Rudolf
Noel Kreiss
Yuuichirou Hyakuya

*Minors Boarding Home
The Council wanted to help the now orphan children in Avalon and so built the home to help care for those minors. The home is free to any and all minors who find themselves far from home and with no guardian to care for them, effectively sheltering and feeding them. They are always accepting help.

Group Plotter

Staff Caretaker; Anna Orelov

Caretaker; Alexander Anderson
Daniel Fenton
Stiles Stilinski

*The Welcome Hall
Assassin's Brotherhood
With the threat of Templars in Avalon, Assassins through the ages are still trying to gather and keep the balance as they have for centuries. Any are welcome to join as long as they pass the test to prove themselves of being true to the creed, "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." Which can be found in the plotter. They are determined to keep the people of Avalon free from the control of tyranny even if it means staining their blades with blood.

Group Plotter

Master Assassin; Ezio Auditore
Advisor; Henry Green

Record Keeper; Malik Al-Sayf
Assassin; Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
Assassin; Arno Dorian
Assassin; Connor Kenway
Assassin; Edward Kenway
Assassin; Evie Frye

Atlas Corporation
A corporation dedicated to making the world a better place, Rhys is actively seeking out employees to make it better and maybe even help find a way home. Atlas is for the betterment of everyone, through science, military, financials, and discovery.

Group Plotter

CEO; Rhys
Head Science Officer; Charactername
Head Military Officer; Charactername
Head Financial Officer; Charactername
Head Discovery Officer; YoRHa No. 9 Model S

Blitz Team
Chance Encounters Cafe
Flower Haven
A modest little shop sits a little ways off the beaten path of Vorick Town that holds a variety of flowers. It is obvious that all the plants are well cared for and the shop gives a sense of peace to those who walk through its doors.

Owner; Aerith Gainsborough
Assistant; Mikleo
Assistant; Yuna Yuki

Fortune's Bakery
Fortune's Bakery is small, but it's pastries are so tempting that it does quite a lot of business. There is a small seating area inside for customers to sit down with their food, and a display case filled with every cake you could imagine. The bakery is run by a friendly old woman, who is always looking for help in the shop.

James Barnes
Yuuri Katsuki

Gaston's Tavern
Located in Luix, Gaston's Tavern is a moderately sized bar. It's walls are decorated with plenty of antlers, giving it a rustic hunting lodge feel. The tavern's patrons always have a good time when they come here, and it's guaranteed to be even better when the owner is around.

Owner; Gaston

Bartender; Sam Winchester

Bartender; Open
Bartender; Open
Waiter; Open
Waiter; Open

Green's Curiosities

Green's Curiosities is a small curio shop located in the Solum District. The walls are lined with shelves or glass cabinets, the half of them filled with books, and the other half of different odds and ends from all over the world, or worlds all things considered.

Owner; Henry Green
Assistant; Elia Martell
Assistant; Jace Wayland
Assistant; Jacob Frye

Hero Tower

What is Hero Tower? Simply enough it serves as a large HQ for your classic heroes, super-powered men in costumes, or otherwise. A place of refuge as well as a a sort of legalized standing where your heroes can do what they do best without worrying about trouble. Hero Tower is located in the Praesidio District.

Group Plotter


Law Enforcement

Police Officer; Judy Hopps
Police Officer; Sans
Police Officer; Takashi Shirogane
Chief Prosecutor; Miles Edgeworth
Defense Lawyer; Athena Cykes
Defense Lawyer - Phoenix Wright
Detective; Theron Shan
Lone Fox Tavern
Bartender; Joel Miller
Odd Jobber
Paradiso's Delights
Located in Imptus, Paradiso's Delights is a store of high-quality fashion for anyone of any age. The prices are very inflated, but are renowned as some of the best-looking clothing in Avalon. There's even a small bar at the back for socialites to gossip and meet up. There is an entry to an area upstairs, but it is said to house the store's owner, Bayonetta - so don't just go sneaking about, unless you want to die...

Owner; Bayonetta


Shopkeeper; Open
Outfit Designer; Open
Bartender; Open

Papyrus' Pasta Emporium
A medium sized building located in the Dathus area of Sanctum. This unassuming building is home to Papyrus' Pasta Emporium, Papyrus' home in Sanctum with the kitchen renovated to function as a restaurant. It resembles his and Sans' home from the Underground especially with the snow covering the roof. Here Papyrus serves his special spaghetti and other pasta dishes.

Head Chef; Papyrus

Quasi's Carpentry Stand
A small stand in Oriens that sells random knick-knacks all made by hand, painstakingly by Quasimodo.

Owner: Quasimodo

Quill and Candle Book Shop
It's a small shop nestled into the row of small businesses in Dathus. Upon entering, you'll be assaulted by the soft aroma of burning candles (well out of the way of the books) and the even softer scent of old book. The newer the book is, the further back into the shop it'll be found. Oh! If you're allergic to cats, I wouldn't advise taking a trip in as the owner keeps around a small black cat named Kel. The shop doubles as a home for the owner, which is up the stairs to the right of the entrance.

Owner; Merlin Emrys
Assistant; Ivor
Assistant; Wanda Maximoff

School District
Scientists & Researchers
Spirit Medium
Ballerina; Meg Giry
Composer; Erik
Conductor;Märchen von Friedhof
Prima Donna; Christine Daaé
Stagehand; Alice Liddell
Stage Magician; Trucy Wright
Tactician for hire


Templar Order
The Templars seek to create a peaceful world through order. Templars hence believe that order, purpose and direction are key in the construction of a perfect world. More moderate Templars would try to influence humanity to have discipline and restraint, as well as opting for tighter and more centralized governmental control. The most fanatical Templars, however, would aim at nothing less than the total destruction of free will, and absolute control over humanity. Though this changes between each person. They are still want the artifacts as much as the Assassin's Brotherhood does. The Avalonian Rite of Templars is much more subdued compared to most of their other-world counterparts and have done their best to remain at peace for the time being.

Group Plotter

Grand Master; Haytham Kenway
Assassin Hunter; Shay Patrick Cormac


The Arcanum
Located to the North-West is a castle-like structure with three tall towers. The Arcanum Association is a government-approved mages guild of sorts. The structure itself was found abandoned when some of the first people arriving in Avalon made use of it. It is surrounded by an invisible magical barrier of sorts that monsters cannot enter. Within those walls are grounds for magical practice.

Group Plotter

Enchanter; Dorian Pavus
Magizoologist; Newt Scamander
Magnus Bane
Tamamo no Mae

The Bell
A fancy restaurant located in the Imptus district. The Bell is one of the fanciest places in Sanctum city, great food, and perfect atmosphere for dressing up and taking a date. Of course its also rather expensive too and depending on the night you may require a reservation to get in. So it isn't the place for everyone but is sure to please others. The building itself appears to be somewhat simple on the outside but on the in the floors are well-polished and the surroundings decorated elegantly. The service here of course is also good.

Waitress; Pearl

People who work with their hands and understand the way that moving pieces connect to other moving pieces, but don't come up with the designs themselves.

General Mechanic; John Winchester

Traveling Entertainers
Tactician for hire



A small odds and ends store.

Shopkeeper Vivi Ornitier

A person who enforces their ideas of justice, with no ties to any official government enforcement.

Daisy Johnson
Daniel Fenton

Wanderers, Explorers, & Unemployed
the codes
To add a character to an existing job;
[*code] Job Name - Position   <a href="profileapplink">Charactername</a><br> [/CODE*]

To Add a Job:

[code*] <div style="height: 20px"></div><div class="bgender">Job Name</div> <div style="height: 0px"></div><div class="btext1"><div style="width: 255px; height: 50px; padding-right: 5px; overflow: auto;" class="bapps"> a bit of information/descriptions here,  remove this if the job is self-explanatory same with group plotter.<p> <a href="link"><u>Group Plotter (Optional)</u></a><p> <br> [b]Name of Position;[/b]  <a href="profileapplink">Charactername</a><br> </div></div> [/CODE*]
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