Welcome to Avalon! It is surely the first thing you and your character will hear. We are a canon Panfandom RP. We are an open sandbox set in a modern-fantasy like setting. We allow members to be very plot driven and follow along with events and main plot changes to their own level of comfort. Possibilities are almost endless and we allow almost all genres of characters. Many characters have a hard time accepting their lives in this new world while others embrace it.
FORECAST: 24 hours of nighttime and cold every day.
set in Winter, 2017

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 Member Groups
Race: Crow Birb
Age: 9000
Job: Cheese Birb Overlord!
Series: Lyfe
OOC: Dustbirb - Central - Offline

Member Groups
Pure, kind, strong-hearted, innocent, helpful, creativity, sensitivity, reflection, persuasion, effectiveness, and desire for life. They value family and social contacts. stable, practical, reliable, industrious, empathetic, honest, kind, prudent. They value friendship. These individuals do well to meditate and nourish themselves and others physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The emotion associated with them most is sympathy, pensiveness, thoughtfulness, and reflection. Don't make the mistake of thinking they cannot fight or protect themselves and others.
Strong, High spirited, hot-headed, strong-willed, battle hardened, heroic, just, charismatic, outspoken, comfortable, loveing, passionate, leadership, spirituality, insight, dynamism, aggression, intuition, reason, and expressiveness. They are often direct-right out front. Experiences of love, compassion, fun, joy, and pleasure are healing for these individuals. It is often easy for them to share joy and laughter without thought of reward. But some of the downsides are also vanity, jealousy, frustration, regret, and hardheadedness.

Some are old, wise, and heroic, while others are young and headstrong or even hot-headed. They have a fire burning deep inside of them and most refuse to ever give up.

Intelligent, thoughtful , an often strong person helps to accept fate and expand one’s circle of knowledge. The expert, scholar, detective, advisor, thinker, philosopher, academic, researcher, thinker, planner, professional, mentor, teacher, contemplative. Sometimes these people are also schemers, and manipulators. They can use their intelligence in many different ways. Some may go on to eventually join the Ordo group or are happy just fiddling among themselves. These people can be incredibly kind and understanding of others or only care about and crave knowledge.
Neutral, balanced, and often uninvolved. Despite their deeper personality and what they may think of themselves these men and women choose to remain neutral under most circumstances they root for neither party. These beings are sometimes very powerful and thought of as being selfish for keeping it to themselves. Some of these people are often viewed of as balance keepers who can be just as just as they are unjust depending on which way the balance shifts believing they are doing the right thing.
Dark, weary, mysterious, untrusting, some are unstable at times, deeply scared, sometimes chaotic but more chaotic-neutral or even sometimes chaotic-good when the muse strikes them. They are not often easy to approach and don't go out of their way to seek companionship and when the accept it from others they often do not open up easily. Many are closed off while some others are twisted if not a little morbid when it comes to humor. Regardless how they act they often feel differently deep down but never share their thoughts. They are a complete mystery.
Lawful, orderly, enforcers, just, strength, independence, focus, intensity, righteousness, and fluency in speech. They are very determined and powerful. Bold actions, planning, initiating new projects, idealism, imagination, compassion, and competition. They possess decision-making skills and the ability to create change.The go-getter, do-or-die. They learn to control anger and channel it into positive work that benefits most or all people. But, don't make the mistake of thinking all of these people are for the good of all people, or that their idea of order and justice is the same as yours. Leaders, kings, queens, figureheads, businessmen, important government figures are some examples of this group.
Anger, tension, somewhat unstable, criticism, discouragement, unforgiving, regret, excitement, dislike of self and others, negative judgment, and repressed anger related to affection. These characters are often chaotic and act out on feelings and negative emotion. They do not trust others, and not good at making friends. Often they have their own belief or justice system that they will try to force others to bow down to. They are often dangerous, but not always, keep in mind some people cannot help that they are this way and might still be a good person deep down.
The anti-hero, the joker, the wanderer, explorer, independent, realistic, these people aren't tied to much of anything and often are only interested in their own personal affairs. They can be great at making friends or terrible at it, in the long run their personalities and interests very greatly from one person to the next. Some only have personal interests at heart and decide to bend in good or bad favor depending on their beliefs and goals, while others are neutral or heroes under a rough shell. They are often very understanding of the world and how people work. Some of these people have been so wronged by the world they have a hard time completely trusting others, while some are lonely or just fleeing from their problems.
This will be used later.

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